How to Blend Summer Jeans Pieces to Wear in Winter


The coldest season of the year has come-winter. Of course this does not mean that you will not be able to wear those summer jeans anymore, such as the shorts or the jeans skirt. On the contrary, these pieces can be protagonists to compose looks full of style and personality for this season.

Here we will show four easy tips on how to build looks of winter with jeans piecessummer. Let’s also give a little styling trick , leaving your look more versatile and funky. Then check it out: Continue reading →

Pants Legging Jeans, Pictures and Models

The perfect Union of our already so loved jeans, with the practicality and the comfort of leggings, is that fashion has designed the newest piece and must-have of the season, the jeggings. They arrived with all and guarantee absolute reign in fashion, both from there, as here in the tropics. Fans of a good leggings and beem set pieces to the body, the Brazilian fell into the graces of the pants, which also allows a multitude of looks and combinations. Continue reading →

Trendy Denim Trends 2017-These Jeans You Wear This Year!

For years now I have been wearing jeans, over the course of which, not only my personal taste has changed, but above all also the offer on the market has constantly changed. One reason for this is the fact that in the fashion sector, many fast-moving trends determine the offer in online shops, department stores and co-operatives.What was still announced in 2016 can already be out in 2017.

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Anti-Stress Jeans

Do you know the jeans with anti-stress properties thanks to aromatherapy? The novelty is all Italian and comes from a fashion company of Abruzzo that has developed a special washing technique that makes these jeans able to fight stress and giving energy and vitality to whoever wears it. Curious to find out what it is?

The frontiers of jeans are increasingly large and seem to end up so after effect used jeans and rumpled, with bits of cloth and lace, studs, with low crotch and high-waisted, among the models of jeans for the summer 2015 appear anti-stress jeans. Continue reading →

Maternity Clothes for Third Trimester

Once you have reached the third trimester of pregnancy, the demand for clothing has only one purpose – to feel comfortable in them, but not bad still present some style. Here are some tips for clothes suitable for third trimester that will help you finish your pregnancy in style.

Remove dresses! They are comfortable, pleasant to wear and save you nerves when combining pants and top. Watch the material is cotton or soft zharseta and cutting starts under the bust, so feel free to dress. A good example is maternity flutter-sleeve jersey dress, which costs about $ 29.50. But, can pregnant ladies wear jeans?

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