Jewelry As Fresh From the Forest

Shining like the magnificent morning dew on a cool autumn morning, playful like a young fawn or graceful like a noble fir – moment, what is the actual point here? Of course, jewelery – because this autumn is all about the forest and its inhabitants. The theme of “forest” plays a very important role in the coming season and sets new standards for trailers and coats. Originally, the new trend was dominated by the residential decoration and the corresponding design elements From its most beautiful side.

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How to Choose Her Engagement Ring

Diamond or Sapphire? Gold or Platinum? Classic or original? The choice of an engagement ring does not lightly. Here’s what to know before you choose this precious gem.

Who says engagement, says engagement ring. If the groom can choose himself the jewel, it can also let his wife choose the ring of his choice in order to avoid nasty surprises. In this case, it usually offers a cheap jewel to his dear and tender when he asks his hand. Then it’s the lucky one who chooses his ‘real’ jewel, and the choice is not made lightly. Before you choose an engagement ring, it is essential to have a well-defined budget because if the choice is vast, it is the same for rates. Depending on the metal and the stone chosen, the price can go from simple to double. Continue reading →

Choker Necklace: Check Out The Types That Value The Look

Straight from the 90’s and trend in recent times, chokers collars are in the looks of all girls.Versions range from those used in the grunge decade to the most current ones.With such a wide variety, anyone who thinks that such accessories are not versatile is deceived: they bring visuals for any occasion. Continue reading →

Cheap Nice Design Ring

For many, it’s not an option to simply wear jewelry of precious metals and diamonds and other precious stones. This is not something that everyone wants for the truth is that a piece of jewelry of real gold that has ugly design will not be as appreciated as a piece of jewelry made of stainless steel that looks stunning and has a unique shape. Actually, it is little wonder that we pay more for the rings of the “authentic” materials created in thousands of copies than for handmade jewelry that is only available in single copies.

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How To Use Thin And Delicate Necklaces Mix?

Stylish and stylish.Every woman who loves jewelry knows that a necklace is one of the best allies to give a look at the visual, making it feminine and delicate.The joker of the season is to use several necklaces with delicate and delicate chains, of different sizes, being able to mix styles and textures.The necklace lengthens the silhouette and leaves the feminine and delicate look.Cool is leaving the mix with your personality.

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Outlook 2014:Jewelery Is Getting More Filigree

The new year is here – and with it come a lot of new trends in fashion, accessories and of course jewelry. Especially in the area of ​​jewelery, a clear direction can already be seen: in the past months and years, large parts of the statement that attracted the eye, chains, rings, earplugs and co Filigree. The jewelery designers, however, do not only focus on finer designs, but also on new designs and refined variants of what you already know and have seen. We present the most important changes and trends for 2014 on time and in a nutshell:

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Self Concept Store Jewelry

When I think of purchasing a gem or accessory the first thing that comes to mind is to go to centres jewellers, living in Guadalajara where these places abound in the center of the city and I know that I can find a wide variety of products, it is where would be to get along with the detail I want to give; but the important thing in this post is to mention that we have an option where you will find unique pieces of important jewelry designers the place is called SELF Concept Store.

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Which Jewelry Fits the Business Outfit?

Jewelery evaluates every outfit, whatever the occasion. The office look can also be accented with accents and made even more elegant by means of great accessories. However, here it is necessary to select the jewelry carefully and to pay attention to some nuances so that the accessories are appropriate to the occasion and do not lead to an overloaded look.

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Jewels Of The Magical Peoples

The designer and artist in jewellery Isaac Pineda Damian, who now serves as director of the school of jewellery of the Tec de Monterrey Campus Laguna this by performing an event great since as part of their global vision wants to leave an acquis in the Tower of what is being done in jewelry design and that’s to take as inspiration to the magical and full of life Mexico our customs and natural resources; the sample has titled it “Jewels of the magical peoples”

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Earrings For Spring 2017: False Pearls, Gothic Style And Rose Gold

The earrings are very feminine and attractive. Since ancient times, women have had more grace and beauty in their looks thanks to the earrings.

This accessory stays in demand, changing shapes and styles. Very often we are faced with the fact that our business suit does not fit our necklace or sometimes the bracelets are not what we are looking for. So today we are going to talk about the most fashionable earrings, especially for the spring season 2017.

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Perfect Engagement Ring For You

The perfect engagement ring for a unforgettable marriage proposal

There it is actually not there or it, the perfect engagement ring? He is a symbol of eternal love and to forever commemorate one of the most beautiful moments in life. The engagement ring is the main character of the proposal and can it be unforgettably beautiful and perfect, or raise but also in doubt when the beloved.

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Pieces of Jewellery in Blue

Luxurious ethno-look at Brahmfeld & good call. Long earrings with diamonds and turquoise.

The blue hope diamond is regarded as saying umwobenster gemstone of all time. Stolen, lost, again detected and fought over – the 45,52 Carat object of desire was for decades. But also this blue sparkling jewels of noble jewellers are desirable. Continue reading →

Hello October! We Are Looking Forward To The New Fall Styles!

We welcome the love October now official.Because now it’s so far, and the fall season is now in full swing. While there are still often late and thus warm days in September, it is still cool from October and the Sun is also not quite as much. Above all, it always past dark in the evening and the day is shrinking. The trees and plants shine now in rich autumn colors. And since nature does change something, there for all fashion to discover again many new girls & boys.

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Men’s Bracelets: Get To Know This Trend

Among men, accessories are elements of representation. And their use is part of the history of mankind: in Egypt, the use of bracelets dates back to 5,000 BC and had a strong religious significance. According to the study “Object of adornment: male consumption “, by the Portuguese Carla Susana Mendes Silva Rodrigues, the need to differentiate from others and to identify with their tribe is linked to the use of ornaments. The Indian headdress is a good example of this practice, as are the jewelry of soccer players and rappers.

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Classic Tiffany Solitaire Ring

The name Tiffany & co. might be a term to many by the classic movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in 1961. Audrey Hepburn is the party girl Holly Golightly, that plays after danced through his breakfast jeweler business Tiffany nights regularly before the window displays of the New York & co. takes up – hence the title of the film. Fame reached however much earlier – the precious jewelry through his unique jewelry creations, among which also the design of the Solitaire ring in 1886.

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Two Pearls Capture The Celestial Jewelry Earrings

Most of you have seen this great Pearl ear studs sure somewhere. Maybe even at a celebrity like Jennifer Lawrence, Cara Delevigne or Emma Watson? You can see many more celebs ear plugs since last year with the fashionable trend. Of course the celebrities wear the exclusive version of Dior. Sure, they have for even the larger purse or earrings get probably even for free so we can see it in them and thus become the must-have. In this regard I’d like a celebrity just soo.

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