The Treasures of H. Stern

The Luxury guess made a voyage to the bottom of the sea and rescued the Collection IRIS, a real treasure created by jeweler h. Stern. Are 46 pieces, in a collection able to make anyone dive headlong into the magic of the ocean! Ai ai ai… girls get ready because this post promises to rip sighs and leave us crazy, what woman doesn’t dream about having a treasure? Continue reading →

Earrings: 10 Solutions for Autumn

The earrings are very feminine and attractive, that is why this accessory has been in demand since ancient times. Often there are girls who do not find the perfect necklace, bracelet or hair ornament to match their business attire. Yes, such things happen, right? So today we will talk about the earrings for the Fall 2016 season, because this could be very helpful. Continue reading →

The Bridegroom Wears this Jewelery

Especially on such festive occasions, like their own wedding, many men remember to wear jewelry and very special accessories.And then, in most cases, all the pieces of jewelery that have just been bought or given away for such occasions are also shown.Which of these are and how you should select or combine them, you will find in this blogpost today. Continue reading →

What It Is and How to Use the Greek Eye?

Why Use Greek Eye Jewelry?

Although the Greek Eye forming part of an ancient culture, often associated with religious matters, he is still widely used today not only as a talisman, but also as a beautiful accessory. Nowadays, the Greek Eye is used as pending for different jewelry, such asnecklaces and bracelets, and also serve as a great pattern for garments. But you know the meaning and the origin of this symbol so appreciated and used? So here’s what the meaning of the Greek Eyeand learn a little of the history of this ancient amulet but as used these days. Continue reading →

Shambala Bracelet, How Do

Shamballa-Handmade Bracelet

Fashion is not made only of clothes, handbags and shoes, accessories like jewelry and jewelry have much value in time to assemble a look. Currently, the trend is abuse of colors and accessories, playing with several different styles to each production. There are, nowadays, a strong appreciation of style “boho chic”, which is a hippie evolved and to underscore. Entering in this wave, the “pulseirismo”, the fashion that uses several bracelets in hippie-style Swinger, combined with gold bracelets and watches. The hi-lo style, has been marked by the bracelets “shamballas”, a worldwide hit. Continue reading →

How to Differentiate Gemstone And Semiprecious

Can you tell a gem from a semiprecious? Have you ever suspected that that stone is not always worth its reputation? Want to improve your skills and knowledge on this subject? In this post we will show you the real difference between a precious stone and a semiprecious one, in this way you will not have to err when buying. Read below and find out how to make the best choice! Continue reading →

Ring Ideal for Each Type of Hand

Discover The Rings Suitable For Each Type Of Hand

The accessories are super high and everyone has them in the closet. Among the Favorites of women are the rings. But did you know that it is not enough just to build the fashion trends, are not always chosen ring is ideal for your hand shape?That’s right, there is a kind of ring for each hand. Here’s how to know if your hand accessories are suitable for you: Continue reading →

Women’s Accessories Bracelets

No minimalismos and discretion, the order is to call attention and the maxi accessories are the pieces of the time. Especially the bracelets, which are lush and in numerous quantities and used several at once. They appear huge, bright, colorful and super bold, with combinations of pieces in colors, shapes, patterns and sizes, indispensable in montação of a modern and sexy. Continue reading →

15 Accessories You Need to Have in Your Jewelry Holder

See how to assemble your basic accessories kit for the most diverse occasions

The accessories are a very important part in the look, especially when we choose to combine more neutral clothing in the visual. Items like necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are essential for every woman who likes to get dressed.

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Dior’s 24 Karat Gold Temporary Tattoos Simulate Jewelry

Novelty created by Dior is sold in a kit with bracelets, rings and earrings

A lot of people think about getting a tattoo, but you end up giving up because of fear of hurting or even the insecurity to always have a stamp on the skin. Alternatively, temporary tattoos emerged, such as henna, which lasted for a specific period, satisfy the willingness of those who wanted to have a drawing and disappear before the person Marie.

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How to Clean Up Jewelry and Tips to Preserve Them

Are your costume jewelry darkened or have you lost your glow? Check out simple tricks to recover the beauty of your play

It is not today that costume jewelry has come out of the category of dubious taste and have become indispensable items to compose our productions.

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Meet the Most Luxurious Jewelry Collection in the History

Launched just a few days ago, Dior’s new high-jewelry collection won the world media spotlight for being considered the most luxurious collection of the entire Maison history. Starting with the name–Dior to Versailles–a reference to the majestic Palace of Versailles, symbol of luxury and the glamorous French lifestyle.

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Meet the Accessories are the Bet for the Summer

The hottest season of the year and color is closer and, as usual, the Windows of stores in malls and shopping centers are already beginning to show what are the main trends of the summer 2016. All conscious and cool fashionista knows well that the best output to be always elegant and with a closet ready for all seasons is to bet on wild, versatile and good quality.

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Meet the Designers and Initiatives

In the stages of development of a jewel, the current time of the jewelry authorial gaucho corresponds to the solidification: The metal takes shape and body. The positive scenario is the result of the growing work that has been accomplished by professionals and artists, revealing strength, diversity and a receptive consumer. Committed to disseminating the production of authentic and handmade pieces, Alice Floriano, Marcos Rosemberg, Eduarda Cadore and Valeria Sá are some of the names you are worth knowing.

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New Line of Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Amp

Romantic movements suggest pauses for contemplation of the senses, light and shade, music and silence draw unimaginable and surprising outlines. Melody, the new collaboration of Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Co. Has just arrived in Brazil with jewelry created from interlaced hoops that gently change the shape while sliding through the body.

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Easy Tips to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Easy tips to take care of your jewelry, and te them beautiful sempreOlá friends, is there any woman who doesn’t like a jewel? The problem is we don’t always know how to take care of it as it is, so we seek these guidelines with the designer of jewelry Vincenzi. After all, they are older family jewels, and the more modern they deserve attention and special care at the time of conservation, since, much more than financial value, they bring with sentimental value and history.

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Mariana Rios Signs Exclusive Collection for Herreira

Actress Mariana Rios, who has invested in her career as a singer and songwriter, presents the Caribbean Dream collection

The Herreira semi jewelry makes a tribute to the Caribbean lifestyle. The brand bets on bold pieces, long and light shapes, full of personality, which reference the nightlife of the lively islands of the region. The Caribbean Dream collection features pieces with many stones such as turquoise, natural crystal and multifaceted zircônias in the shades of Emerald, onyx and Acqua Marine. Earrings and rings of silver and black rhodium, in addition to 18k gold bath, arrematados by colorful and cheerful productions bring the Caribbean climate to the campaign.

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Carnival is Coming: How about You Smash the Jewels?

Carnival is one of the most anticipated times by the Brazilian people. Synonymous with feast and joy, it makes people want to always demonstrate beauty from the small blocks of street, passing through the great electric trios and even the elegant carnival dances. The important thing is to make the most of it, but that doesn’t mean we need to leave the style on the side.

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