15 Accessories You Need to Have in Your Jewelry Holder

See how to assemble your basic accessories kit for the most diverse occasions

The accessories are a very important part in the look, especially when we choose to combine more neutral clothing in the visual. Items like necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are essential for every woman who likes to get dressed.

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Dior’s 24 Karat Gold Temporary Tattoos Simulate Jewelry

Novelty created by Dior is sold in a kit with bracelets, rings and earrings

A lot of people think about getting a tattoo, but you end up giving up because of fear of hurting or even the insecurity to always have a stamp on the skin. Alternatively, temporary tattoos emerged, such as henna, which lasted for a specific period, satisfy the willingness of those who wanted to have a drawing and disappear before the person Marie.

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How to Clean Up Jewelry and Tips to Preserve Them

Are your costume jewelry darkened or have you lost your glow? Check out simple tricks to recover the beauty of your play

It is not today that costume jewelry has come out of the category of dubious taste and have become indispensable items to compose our productions.

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Meet the Most Luxurious Jewelry Collection in the History

Launched just a few days ago, Dior’s new high-jewelry collection won the world media spotlight for being considered the most luxurious collection of the entire Maison history. Starting with the name–Dior to Versailles–a reference to the majestic Palace of Versailles, symbol of luxury and the glamorous French lifestyle.

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Meet the Accessories are the Bet for the Summer

The hottest season of the year and color is closer and, as usual, the Windows of stores in malls and shopping centers are already beginning to show what are the main trends of the summer 2016. All conscious and cool fashionista knows well that the best output to be always elegant and with a closet ready for all seasons is to bet on wild, versatile and good quality.

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Meet the Designers and Initiatives

In the stages of development of a jewel, the current time of the jewelry authorial gaucho corresponds to the solidification: The metal takes shape and body. The positive scenario is the result of the growing work that has been accomplished by professionals and artists, revealing strength, diversity and a receptive consumer. Committed to disseminating the production of authentic and handmade pieces, Alice Floriano, Marcos Rosemberg, Eduarda Cadore and Valeria Sá are some of the names you are worth knowing.

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New Line of Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Amp

Romantic movements suggest pauses for contemplation of the senses, light and shade, music and silence draw unimaginable and surprising outlines. Melody, the new collaboration of Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Co. Has just arrived in Brazil with jewelry created from interlaced hoops that gently change the shape while sliding through the body.

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Easy Tips to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Easy tips to take care of your jewelry, and te them beautiful sempreOlá friends, is there any woman who doesn’t like a jewel? The problem is we don’t always know how to take care of it as it is, so we seek these guidelines with the designer of jewelry Vincenzi. After all, they are older family jewels, and the more modern they deserve attention and special care at the time of conservation, since, much more than financial value, they bring with sentimental value and history.

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Mariana Rios Signs Exclusive Collection for Herreira

Actress Mariana Rios, who has invested in her career as a singer and songwriter, presents the Caribbean Dream collection

The Herreira semi jewelry makes a tribute to the Caribbean lifestyle. The brand bets on bold pieces, long and light shapes, full of personality, which reference the nightlife of the lively islands of the region. The Caribbean Dream collection features pieces with many stones such as turquoise, natural crystal and multifaceted zircônias in the shades of Emerald, onyx and Acqua Marine. Earrings and rings of silver and black rhodium, in addition to 18k gold bath, arrematados by colorful and cheerful productions bring the Caribbean climate to the campaign.

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Carnival is Coming: How about You Smash the Jewels?

Carnival is one of the most anticipated times by the Brazilian people. Synonymous with feast and joy, it makes people want to always demonstrate beauty from the small blocks of street, passing through the great electric trios and even the elegant carnival dances. The important thing is to make the most of it, but that doesn’t mean we need to leave the style on the side.

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Maxibrincos: Stay within the Trend of Summer

The accessories with exaggerated sizes were the sensation of SPFW 2016, tipping off as the favourite trend for the next season. Accompanying the Maxi wave, the giant earrings gained prominence on the catwalks, being presented by many renowned brands such as Salinas, Juliana Jabour and coconut water. Trend of the summer 2016, the Maxibrincos bring the most diverse references, from the Art Nouveau, with lace and tassels, to straighter and geometric cuts.

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Basic Tips for Photographing Jewelry

Since I wrote the first article about tips for photographing jewelry, I’ve been receiving many messages from manufacturers interested in photographing their own product. I understand that digital photography has greatly facilitated that kind of work. However, if you do not have a vast knowledge of photography and lighting, you will hardly be able to venture into the tips I have spent.

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Jewels Matching Winter, See Five Tips on How to Use Them

Second gold specialist, Winter’s bet is the earrings and rings

The trend of winter view on the catwalks of the great fashion shows is to bet in colors sober as black, brown and wine, as well as belts strapped to the waist, sweaters and clothing inspired by the years 1970 and 1960. Another color that is also featured is white. With the absence of vivid colours, the accessories are the Transformers of the looks this time of year. “Neutral colours totally combine with the classic style of jewelry. For those who like the style hi-lo betting on gold in delicate earrings or themed pendants is a way to complete the visual, “explains Márcio Tamai, specialist in gold. According to Márcio, the winter’s bet is the earrings and rings. “Necklaces and bracelets end up hidden by long-sleeved clothing, coats and scarves, mainly in the south and southeast of Brazil, where the cold is more intense,” he explains. The specialist also alerts you that you need to redouble the care not to lose the pieces. “Rings end up getting slacker in the winter, because the fingers get thinner with the cold”.

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Jewelry As Fresh From the Forest

Shining like the magnificent morning dew on a cool autumn morning, playful like a young fawn or graceful like a noble fir – moment, what is the actual point here? Of course, jewelery – because this autumn is all about the forest and its inhabitants. The theme of “forest” plays a very important role in the coming season and sets new standards for trailers and coats. Originally, the new trend was dominated by the residential decoration and the corresponding design elements From its most beautiful side.

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How to Choose Her Engagement Ring

Diamond or Sapphire? Gold or Platinum? Classic or original? The choice of an engagement ring does not lightly. Here’s what to know before you choose this precious gem.

Who says engagement, says engagement ring. If the groom can choose himself the jewel, it can also let his wife choose the ring of his choice in order to avoid nasty surprises. In this case, it usually offers a cheap jewel to his dear and tender when he asks his hand. Then it’s the lucky one who chooses his ‘real’ jewel, and the choice is not made lightly. Before you choose an engagement ring, it is essential to have a well-defined budget because if the choice is vast, it is the same for rates. Depending on the metal and the stone chosen, the price can go from simple to double. Continue reading →

Choker Necklace: Check Out The Types That Value The Look

Straight from the 90’s and trend in recent times, chokers collars are in the looks of all girls.Versions range from those used in the grunge decade to the most current ones.With such a wide variety, anyone who thinks that such accessories are not versatile is deceived: they bring visuals for any occasion. Continue reading →

Cheap Nice Design Ring

For many, it’s not an option to simply wear jewelry of precious metals and diamonds and other precious stones. This is not something that everyone wants for the truth is that a piece of jewelry of real gold that has ugly design will not be as appreciated as a piece of jewelry made of stainless steel that looks stunning and has a unique shape. Actually, it is little wonder that we pay more for the rings of the “authentic” materials created in thousands of copies than for handmade jewelry that is only available in single copies.

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How To Use Thin And Delicate Necklaces Mix?

Stylish and stylish.Every woman who loves jewelry knows that a necklace is one of the best allies to give a look at the visual, making it feminine and delicate.The joker of the season is to use several necklaces with delicate and delicate chains, of different sizes, being able to mix styles and textures.The necklace lengthens the silhouette and leaves the feminine and delicate look.Cool is leaving the mix with your personality.

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