Earrings For Spring 2017: False Pearls, Gothic Style And Rose Gold

The earrings are very feminine and attractive. Since ancient times, women have had more grace and beauty in their looks thanks to the earrings.

This accessory stays in demand, changing shapes and styles. Very often we are faced with the fact that our business suit does not fit our necklace or sometimes the bracelets are not what we are looking for. So today we are going to talk about the most fashionable earrings, especially for the spring season 2017.

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Perfect Engagement Ring For You

The perfect engagement ring for a unforgettable marriage proposal

There it is actually not there or it, the perfect engagement ring? He is a symbol of eternal love and to forever commemorate one of the most beautiful moments in life. The engagement ring is the main character of the proposal and can it be unforgettably beautiful and perfect, or raise but also in doubt when the beloved.

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Pieces of Jewellery in Blue

Luxurious ethno-look at Brahmfeld & good call. Long earrings with diamonds and turquoise.

The blue hope diamond is regarded as saying umwobenster gemstone of all time. Stolen, lost, again detected and fought over – the 45,52 Carat object of desire was for decades. But also this blue sparkling jewels of noble jewellers are desirable. Continue reading →

Hello October! We Are Looking Forward To The New Fall Styles!

We welcome the love October now official.Because now it’s so far, and the fall season is now in full swing. While there are still often late and thus warm days in September, it is still cool from October and the Sun is also not quite as much. Above all, it always past dark in the evening and the day is shrinking. The trees and plants shine now in rich autumn colors. And since nature does change something, there for all fashion to discover again many new girls & boys.

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Men’s Bracelets: Get To Know This Trend

Among men, accessories are elements of representation. And their use is part of the history of mankind: in Egypt, the use of bracelets dates back to 5,000 BC and had a strong religious significance. According to the study “Object of adornment: male consumption “, by the Portuguese Carla Susana Mendes Silva Rodrigues, the need to differentiate from others and to identify with their tribe is linked to the use of ornaments. The Indian headdress is a good example of this practice, as are the jewelry of soccer players and rappers.

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Classic Tiffany Solitaire Ring

The name Tiffany & co. might be a term to many by the classic movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in 1961. Audrey Hepburn is the party girl Holly Golightly, that plays after danced through his breakfast jeweler business Tiffany nights regularly before the window displays of the New York & co. takes up – hence the title of the film. Fame reached however much earlier – the precious jewelry through his unique jewelry creations, among which also the design of the Solitaire ring in 1886.

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Two Pearls Capture The Celestial Jewelry Earrings

Most of you have seen this great Pearl ear studs sure somewhere. Maybe even at a celebrity like Jennifer Lawrence, Cara Delevigne or Emma Watson? You can see many more celebs ear plugs since last year with the fashionable trend. Of course the celebrities wear the exclusive version of Dior. Sure, they have for even the larger purse or earrings get probably even for free so we can see it in them and thus become the must-have. In this regard I’d like a celebrity just soo.

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How to Make a Special Bracelet

Distortion, distortion, my bracelet shatters a little when I work on the computer or me makeup in the morning. And each of the small Klimper pendant is a special memory for me. This is exactly why I love my Charm bracelet also.

In German, the popular bracelets with many small charms Bettelarm tapes hot. The bracelets were popular mainly in the 60s. No matter, where you made vacation, anywhere there was a little reminder in the form of a trailer for the charm bracelet.

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Recommendations to Bring Pearl Necklaces in Casual Look

The pearl necklace is one of the most classic and popular jewelry jewellery. The cultured wire continues to be a gift of some importance for future brides or for girls who reach important milestones, such as 18 years, graduation or the birth of their first child.

The briolette is one of the most precious of jewelry. This does not mean, however, that the rocks are not suitable to accompany briolette casual look.

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Zeaplus Seawatch G2 Smart Watch

Although quite commentators to appearance of smart watch Apple’s Watch, creation of famed American giant has already won several design awards. Knowing the battle against Apple’s plagiarisms, we can determine that even without such distinctions, Apple Watch will become a model for copying by Chinese corporations have. We’ve already seen several low-quality imitations (for example AW08 look at Google), but will now introduce a better replica.

Zeaplus Watch of Zeaplus is smart (we’ll see how on Vaultedwatches.com) clock, whose appearance says everything you need. So more interesting would be the technical characteristics. Full details have not yet been presented, but so far it is clear that the device will support SIM cards, which will allow making calls without the need for connected phone. There is compatibility with operating systems Android and iOS. An interesting addition is a built-in camera (2MP), but on the back of the casing, which means it will require downloading the widget by hand to a picture (perhaps video). Promised sensors are currently pedometer sensor and heart rate, but may be available and others. Zeaplus Watch will be before only in a version of the aluminum body (Apple Watch offers 3 collections with different housings of different materials), but in 3 colors (silver, gray and gold). There is also some protection from water, but specific rating is not yet understood.

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Summer Fashion 2011: Hair Jewelry Accessories

For summer 2011, the headpieces have turned into real jewels with Rhinestones and gemstones.

Wearing them or not, it fits or not to our look, we must admit that the accessories and hair jewelry for summer 2011 are extraordinarily beautiful! Increasingly precious and bright, are suitable for long and short tops and surround large flowers, butterflies, swarovski crystals, Rhinestones, sequins, buttons and precious stones. Any are truly innovative and showy, between small circles and bands, but also of classics and less whimsical. Continue reading →

How to Wear Maxi Necklace

The maxi necklace is the type of accessory that gives that “touch” in any look.

A lot of people have fear of use for not usual. How about trying something different in your visual?

No one is required to use any type of clothing or accessory just because “it’s a fashion”.

But, if you like is a great alternative to brighten the own way of dress.

Know that this kind of accessory combines with all kind of woman. If you want to bet on this idea, the site gives 6 reasons to use maxi paste.

  1. Change the basics. You know those clothes that we love? How about bringing a special touch? Just choose a maxi necklace that matches your personality. It is a fun way to turn the basic, simple into something more visually interesting.
  2. Renew the wardrobe without buying more clothes. A lot of people talk the talk that typical sentence: “I have nothing to wear”. How about using the maxi paste to create many possibilities with the clothes you already have? And, not to mention the use of the fashion conscious. No one needs to buy more clothes to innovate. With a maxi paste it is possible to create many looks cool. Test, create and innovate. For sure, it will be a lot of fun experimenting with the possibilities of your own sets!
  3. Draw attention to the region of the face/neck. The maxi collar is great for those who want to attract the focus of the look to the neck. A technique used especially to get the attention of the hips and the belly. Everyone is hypnotized in maxi necklace!
  4. More stunning on party! Generally, no one thinks of a maxi paste to compose a look party. How about a lovely dress with a maxi necklace? To exit the “commonplace” of combinations of clothes for the party.
  5. Sheer boldness. The maxi necklace is a great alternative for those who want to draw attention of elegant way. Colors, format, type of material … The maxi paste can be just what you want to dare in visual.
  6. Give color to neutral. How about using a maxi paste with vibrant color to give a colorful to look all neutral? If you love using those basic and neutral colors, you can use the maxi paste not to be all equal. Could be an interesting proposal!

For more about this accessory: wholesaleably necklaces

With a same maxi paste, it is possible to complement different looks. Innovate and mount your own sets. Nothing is mandatory. But, if you like that sort of accessory, you already have excellent reasons for adopting it in your visual!

Lulu Frost and Vintage Jewellery

Vibrant and eclectic, as its name implies, the creations of Lulu Frost do not follow any rule and go we are grateful for that!

The founder and creative head of the company, Lisa Selzer, inherited from your family love and passion for vintage jewellery.

It is an eternal collector and tireless imperishable treasure seeker, who gives new and renovated charm, amalgamating parts of different eras and impregnating them with a sophisticated and contemporary air.

The brand owes its name to the nickname of its creator and the maiden name of his grandmother, Elizabeth Rock Frost, whom Lisa learned the first tools to work successfully in this unique and competitive business.

Selzer took his first steps while studying art history at the prestigious University of Darthmouth. During those years, up-and-coming Lisa noted that their free time was divided between the pursuit of brooches, necklaces, bracelets and earrings collection and the process of division and fusion of the elements composing them to give rise to new Accessories.

These creations made furor among his peers. At the end of their passage by the University, it was very clear to Lisa that her career would revolve around these creative impulses.

Your designs are passports to an exclusive site, without space or time-definite. A place where different is beautiful, where the lines, colors and shapes converge and form a new aesthetic, unknown but familiar landscape.

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