Antique Style Chandeliers

Wood, iron or with luxurious multifaceted Crystal pendants, anything goes at modernism chandelier. Offers style and elegance to your home! Register for free: daily online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style.

Antique chandelier: retro essences

What is the true meaning of “modernism”?

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Magical Children’s Rooms

Light is an important element for a child. Proper lighting is not only necessary to study better or play outdoors during the darkest days, but also during the night, when shadows are turned into monsters and the light is a valuable ally to defeat them. The lamps for the bedroom
Our site will delight your children and transform their rooms into a fun place.

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Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Soft light or intense, hot or cold: go for the lighting for the bathroom that you like and enjoy relaxing moments. Contemporary chandeliers and wall lamps in metal or traditional wooden furniture give the room the right light and create a relaxing allure. Register for free: every day online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Get inspired by Dalani!

Bathroom lighting: atmosphere and relaxation

Nowadays, the toilet is the room no longer just dedicated to personal hygiene–is also used as a place to regenerate body and mind–this is why you must carefully choose the lighting for the bathroom. To create the right atmosphere in this environment you will need to adjust the lighting

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Benefits of Using Chandelier

The chandelier is a light tendency. It was much used in the old days at the time of the Kings. However, in the era of the XXI century, the chandelier is still topical. So why buy a chandelier?

The chandelier: real element of decoration

The chandelier is an original fixture. His old concept but which is renewed all the time gives an absolutely stunning decorative property. The frame of a chandelier often presents itself as a candlestick with candle holder. It is true that at the time, the chandelier was a candle lighting fixture. But today, this type of fixture is used mainly decoration. Have a chandelier is to opt for the chic and magnificence. In 2016, while the chandeliers still exist, they do have these kinds of candle holders. However, their structure remains the same. Articulated arms, in the shape of rounded arches, ending with a nerve to the bulb, replace older models. The design of the candlestick of the era is preserved!

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Vintage Lantern Pendant Light

The LED is by definition contemporary lighting. Quite recently appeared on the market, it is the result of technological progress. And yet! To delight those nostalgic, she can take the retro look by cleverly combining modern performance and retro look. Here is a small selection of products for a deco retro successful LED-based.

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Recommended LED Flashlights


Solar Force LED flashlights are water resistant down to at least 1 meter deep, the lights have several o-rings in rubber to ensure a smooth and waterproof function. The lights are not pressure-proof and are therefore not intended for diving or under water. It is important that the flashlight wiped and is not covered with running water when opened or the battery exchange to take place, water may get into and short function and destroy the lamp. Change thus batteries in a dry environment and avoid doing so in direct rain.

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Ceiling Night Lights

The ceiling night lights are a particular lighting system born for low-ceilinged space where became problematic to install a common chandelier, this also helped make small spaces well lit and to be aesthetically improved.

Ceiling Night Lights

Ceiling night lights serve to illuminate, due to their particular structure, and unlike the chandelier, they adapt very well to any environment and any space, no problem. It is a kind of wall positioned in the ceiling that instead of hanging down and therefore can have different resolutions that make it aesthetically pleasing in any space, from a modern setting in a classic. Get dirty with less ease and can be easily cleaned when removing it. Continue reading →

LED Illuminated Furniture for Home

In the furniture industry makes LED lights are increasingly introduced. The small lamps provide bright light, takes up little space and also consume little power. Its use allows furniture designers the opportunity to create many new effects and create new accents in furniture design.

Illuminated furniture new trend

In many furniture manufacturers, the LEDs currently handles on drawers or roll over because of light on the contents of a closet, cabinet or shelf. Illuminated furniture is a new trend that is catching on much. Cost, comfort and functionality while seamlessly with each other.

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LED Flashlights in the Test

We compare Mag-Lite with two no-name LED Flashlight: Saving energy ultimately depends on these devices along with the convenience.

Flashlights are very gladly offered by PiercingFlashlights – nothing eats even the most expensive batteries as soon as empty as a flashlight bulb.

If possible, cheap, bad switch constructions assist, the most popular are any dubious rotary or slide switch, the “natural” by itself turn on, at least a little, and so completely unnoticed empty suck the battery.

This then leads to the flashlight during a power failure, when you need them, prompt no more juice has – and with any luck the deeply discharged battery has leaked and has even dirty the inside of the flashlight. The good news (for the battery manufacturer):

If you are not very thorough dressing, the caustic residues will lead to leakage and drain the new batteries also.

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Tape LED Strip Lights

8mm Wide 2.5m Long LED Strip 60 Beads per Meter 12W12V Tape Light LED Tape Light 5M Strip Light DC12V 60pcs LED 3528 Beads per Mete

The tape LED described on is remarkably flexible, allowing a variety of its development so that it can be for example used for rounded or angular edges. LED strips are made of silicone, plastic, very resistant to heat and water. Thanks also to withstand heavy loads, it is resistant to tearing and can be easily and quickly fix. The appropriate degree of protection is preparing a tape for use on the outside. For example, the tape LED with 33 IP (IP stands for “Ingress Protection” or “protection against penetration”) is protected against foreign bodies larger than 2.5 mm and splashing rain or to 60 °.


Flexible decorative elements: LED strip

There are infinitely many types of application tapes LED: whether as lighting as a decoration of the garden or the highlight from the back of the TV screen. You can also do, for example, indirect lighting. Special lighting effects make the tape LED changing color, and some can even be comfortably controlled with the remote control. It is also possible to set different colors of light, so you can use them to create varied lighting. LED tapes also have variable length, so the implementation of their totally individual perceptions. Especially in commercial premises-for example for advertising at exhibitions-allow for great freedom to shape space. However, unlike plug-in systems tape LED strip can only shorten. That is to say: the tape LED does not can be divided into, and then reconnect. The advantage of LED strips is their compact design, which-in combination with a small heat generation – allow the lighting of the smallest space.

Harmonious Night Lights

A beautiful night light complements any bedroom. That night lamp should match the style of bedroom facilities, understands the same thing by now. However, by selecting the lamp at night you should also think about what you expect from it. If night light is distracting, cozy light during the sensitive hours or belong to people reading before bedtime, for which the day without several pages is not complete? In the latter case, it is necessary to type lamps friendly to the reader. And night light must still be able to, and on the website you will find certainly matching model.

Automatic Light Control Sensor Light Man Shape 3-pin Plug Auto Sensing

Night lights function

Before you make a lamp, which often referred to as a night table lamp, it should be clear for what purpose you need this night light. If you want it to be just the light of interest to at night to find their way to the bathroom and back to the bed, or whether you want the evening before bedtime also read a few pages from the book? For this purpose you need night lights for more power, which will be directly illuminate the book. If the night lamp is only to be used to create a cozy atmosphere, which only prepares the body for sleep, it is certainly reasonable to choose the night lamps with a lower power, which harmoniously adapt to equipment and mood.

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