Iced Manicure by Cherish Angola

Why settle for the reconstruction of nails with gel, artistic decorations, nail enamels tatoo or unavailable?

Is there a way to displace all the friends that show off their proud nails always perfect … it’s called Iced Manicure and is an ultra-luxury treatment that embellishes the nails with 10 carats of diamonds.

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Dior “Nail Glow” Instant French Manicure Effect Whitening Nail Care

In the currently available “Chérie bow” by Dior Spring collection can be found in addition to pallets, lipsticks, abstractions and co. even two “glow”-products. To the one the “Lip Glow”, a gloss, the pink toned is (so like at this Nail Polish here), but only gently stresses the lips and it leaves a slight stain. I’ve linked you already in the last outfit post the great review from → Nani , it would like to mentioned but here, because I can sign their review in all points and pass this on its own, again. So check back with her! For me, the “Lip Glow” in any case is already one of the best products of the year – and that already end of January! Continue reading →

Beauty: Jefferson Kulig

Jefferson Kulig presented their bets for summer 2013 at the latest edition of Swill Paulo Fashion Week. And, as always, leave your mark. He made the more minimalist fashion show this season and launched the technological fabrics to create various asymmetrical cutouts, leaving out the yourdesign characteristic. In the midst of cold tones, which put up sandals, Kulig merged pink strips, to give up. The beauty was under the commands of the tops Mario New, in her hair, and Cayo Lanza, in make. The duo is from Studio W.

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Highlights of Day 3 Beauty

The third day of the largest fashion week in the southern hemisphere was punk. Some parades (the event takes place in Parque Villa Lobos), a lot of running around and anticipation. And it wasn’t for less, right? As everyone knows, yesterday did your last Gisele catwalk and your decision to retire of the walkways left people in a frenzy without size.

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The Five Best Nail Arts of the International Fashion Weeks

I’ll start this post by saying that I’ve never been very much a fan of nail art, so I have not said anything about them until now. However, after months of seeing pictures of celebrities, it girls, bloggers and now even models in the parades, I felt that I could no longer avoid the subject.

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Learn How to Do Nails Decorated for the Party

When we have a party to go to, whether it’s a wedding,prom or special event, we want to stay beautiful for that day, isn’t it? And in addition to choosing the dress, themakeup and the hair , the nails also deserves special attention. After all, what’s the point of being with everything perfect for the party and her nails badly made?

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Nails Decorated Heart Step by Step

The sets of nails decorated still having success with women of all ages and styles. After the success in the nails francesinhas, twits, an only child, among other types of techniques, the decorated nails heart turnedtrend. Also known as heart nails, that kind of decoration of nails comes along in social networks, mainly on Instagram, since the technique does success with various celebrities.

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Review ARTDECO Ceramic Nail Lacquer in the Color of 294

This ceramic nail lacquer by ARTDECO was in my GlossyBox beauty February 2012. A golden hue with extremely many shimmer particles in gold, silver, and pink is the color of 294. The nail polish should especially hold according to GlossyBox and provide radiant brilliance for beautiful and manicured nails. Continue reading →

New Year’s Nail Polish

In the last round we went Christmas and you showed us your top 3 Christmas products . Many thanks to all participants! So if you are still looking for inspiration for your Christmas look, you should definitely take a look at the participants. Even if Christmas is still far from over and no one is currently thinking of the turn of the year, I would like to dedicate this round to thetop 3 New Year’s nail polish! The topic we had already last year and many great contributions came together. I am already very curious, which nail varnish you favored for your New Year’s Manicure For me this year it can glitter and sparkle again.

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YSL Lacque Couture Nail lacquer – “Taupe Mauresque”

Recently, I received this sweet package from Breuninger – in addition to the delicious chocolates and even a Rouge was the gorgeous Polish Volupté shine in the next time, I’ll show a make-up. Yves Saint Laurent has created exclusive paint – “taupe Mauresque” – and the lipstick for Breuninger in an edition of 100 pieces (both finds → here or in the main house in Stuttgart) and a few bloggers were surprised to the occasion with a pack. :) I am incredibly pleased me – because this is my first YSL paint! And I’m thrilled so far been hard! Covering with a layer, super fast drying time and the color is of course gorgeous! Continue reading →

Fashion Jewelry – Easy with Nail Polish

You know this certainly also – here times a new bracelet bought, there a few earrings ordered … really nice parts. But at home the old jewelery of the shopping tours of past years pile up. The one or the other piece just does not like it anymore after a while, some jewelery has started and is no longer beautiful. Making the jeweler is quite expensive – but it does not have to be. Here I will tell you how to make your fashion jewelry and create the “cupboards” great, individual pieces!

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How to Dry Curly Hair

To a man, having curly hair definitely is a valuable element of seduction, as they are particularly appreciated by women as they are a symbol of elegance, charm and vivacity. For this, to know how to dry curly hair after washing is essential for those who wish to never appear unkempt, how they can instead be with the hair natural, especially since curly hair tend to be particularly unruly. Continue reading →

Revolutionary Hair Dryer

From England comes a new dryer that promises to revolutionize the way we get dry hair. It ‘was designed by the English Dyson, who has decided to combine the best technology of the moment in an instrument that is present in all the houses and that we use virtually every day. What’s so special about this new hair? First, the design is very special, but it is also more quiet and controlled by only the heat will damage more our hair. In short, it is the perfect hair dryer. Continue reading →

Review Dior Jelly Lip Pen – “Carioca”

The jelly lip pens, which will be available in the summer collection → “bird of paradise” by Dior, are a novelty product at Dior. Of course no beauty-novelty, because they have me immediately (even if I have not) remember the chubby sticks by Clinique. I have indeed no comparison, can create but in good conscience this beautiful Jelly lip Pen at the heart of you – not least because of the name, because in me, yes a little slumber “Carioca” * (Cariocas are the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro – my whole family comes from there and therefore myself included too, although I was born in Germany) , thus exactly this lipstick is perfect for me – “Copacabana” would be but certainly also not wrong (I must look at live color me)… Continue reading →