Look of the Day Make-up of Fernanda Lima

Makeup of Fernanda Lima

Fernanda Lima is always a great reference when it comes to style. The presenter has a very versatile and can be dressed each day in a different way. In your everyday life, outside of television, Fernanda invests in looks more robbed and comfortable, like basic blouses and jeans. Already, when the girl needs make appearances as a professional, the visual is always rock. In makeup, sometimes she invests in eyes and other in lips opinions posted. Continue reading →

How to Make Black Blur

How to make a make with black eye blur – step by step

The black makeup is one of the most basic, it can be used on various occasions. When light, serves to occasions during the day, when heavy is best for nighttime events. Fact is, she looks good on Brunettes, Blondes, redheads, black, anyway, all women. Learn how to make this make the Joker without choke at home: Continue reading →

Two Ways to Highlight the Concave of the Eye

The concave marked is trend already for a few seasons, representing the style of the makeup of 1960, decade in which gave particular attention to the stroke in the eye. Nowadays, makes some alternatives suggest to highlight this part of the upper eyelid, is evident, with graphics and creative strokes or more smoothly, just shading the area. How the effect looks more interesting-made with eyeliner or shadow? Check out the differences and vote for your favorite. Continue reading →

Eyeliner: Dash Lean to on the Outside or Inside?

The eyeliner is one of the items of makeup darlings of women and has already conquered place on travel case. However, to achieve the ideal track, close to the eyelashes and without blurring the entire rest of the make, it may not be an easy task. In addition to the steady hands needed, it is necessary to pay special attention to the dash type ideal for your eye shape, and may vary from the traditional “Kitty style” to the modern graphic traces in only part of the eyes. Continue reading →

Beauty Season in Miami

Miami, the paradise of celebrations and shopping, also is a benchmark in health and beauty care, so much so that the calendar of events of the city recently two months dedicated to the universe of aesthetic. From July to August the Miami Spa Month. On occasion, the best spas offer unique treatments with reduced prices. Among the highlights of the list is the Bliss Spa, one of the most famous of the city. Located in the luxurious and iconic hotel W South Beach, Bliss offers in 2017 Edition of the event four options. Continue reading →

Five Ideas for Combining Eyeglasses and Makeup

Considered enemies of makeup, the degree glasses are gaining importance at the time of composing the look.We’ve put together five good ideas to solve the equation frame + make

Retro:The classic turtle goggles are perfect when composing an antique look. To accompany them, the suggestion is a trace of subverted eyeliner: unlike that used by Hollywood divas in the 60s, drawn in the corners, bet on a more circular shape, which does not have the kitten and dialogs with the format of the frame. Continue reading →

Artistic Nails Feet

How To Decorate Your Toenails

Currently many people have betted on the nails with decorative designs. There are hundreds of options, each more different than the other. But we’re used to seeing this whole creativity only exposed nails of the hands, and the feet? We can’t decorate the toenails? We can see some options of designs and decorations. Continue reading →

Be Mother, Does Not Mean Style Will Be Your Life

By Miss ravings

They say that being a MOM is not easy, I don’t know, I’ve never been, but I’m surrounded by them… in the thirty (which is where I locate) all friends or have kids or are embarazadisimas and suffer oh yes! As any other female of the famous and transcendental everyday dilemma: and now, what to wear? Many divided time between office, home, children, school, husbands, family, social events, etc., and often set aside his person. In everyday life forget that soon to be Moms were, are and will be women and that the only person that is assurance that will be with them all the life are themselves! Continue reading →

How to Use Eyebrow Shadow

Many women are born with the perfect eyebrow, but unfortunately this is not for most. Even the beautiful, famous and filled and well drawn eyebrows, there is always the need for a trick for a beautiful finish, adding a little more color, maybe. The new trick to this is to use shadow eyebrow, their common shadow makeup case for a visual make up perfect. Eyebrow, for more than a few disparaging, makes all the difference Continue reading →

What’s New in Makeup Bag!

Hi Hi Hi guys!!! You’ve noticed that lately is going on several palpitecos of beauté here on the blog? Has muiiitas news from the world of beauty painting in the area and we’re piri piradinhas pipiri, counting the characters to share all the details with you. Hahahahaha! In fact the tip of today comes straight from the pharmacy. But chill, this post is not about drugs! You know that we are super duper mega curious, huh?! Appeared a novelty we ran behind. So, at least every 15 days we make a point of giving a “poke around” on the shelves of DRUGSTORE SÃO BENTO to check out what’s new on the block! Continue reading →

The Proper Skin Care in Winter

Not only the freezing air temperatures and cold storms do to create our skin in winter. At least as it suffers from the hot, dry air in the enclosed spaces. So that the skin without prejudice to survive the winter, you should care give her special attention and treat them with a consistent program of preventive and protective measures of care. Here you will find some easy-to-use tips and ways to keep the skin from drying out. Continue reading →

Bellaoggi: Italian Brand of Makeup!

Hello my loves! I was very excited about the idea of making this post for you, because today I will throb on a brand of makeup that I am “in love”: the BELLAOGGI! This line came from Italy and makes the most success there, was recently brought to Brazil by the Hinode Cosmetics. The Bellaoggi is produced by Eurostyle, same company that provides the active ingredients for products from MAC and Lancome. A breath, huh? Continue reading →