Chanel Les Automnales Fall 2015 Makeup Collection

Chanel inspired warm neutral tones of autumn for its new limited edition called “Les Automnales”.

Entrelacs Palette

Flowers, leaves and shoots are the inspiration of origins of this palette. Nude colours and sophisticated, this palette lends itself perfectly to create simple look by day with lighter shades and makeup and more sophisticated and strong, without ever compromising on elegance.

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How to Make Matte Lipstick Glossy?

If you thought you’ve seen it all in your makeup case and items to rechea it, not yet. The fashion for make up can still reinvent itself, so much as to put between the new trends for makeup matte lipstick. Different, no? If you were used to using lipsticks beautiful with brightness or ultra brightness and is a big fan of gloss, you can create a resistance to lackluster lipstick. It’s different, but also very cool.

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Best Mascara 2016 for Length and Volume

Volumizing lashes to the maximum, thick and long? Discover the best of 2016 mascara.

Who does not want thick eyelashes and deployed? The luckiest girls, those who have long and thick eyelashes naturally, they will not have trouble finding the perfect mascara because the final effect will always be very intense and glamorous. Most people, however, has normal cilia and, sometimes, also quite short and thin. No worries though, just use the right mascara to have a look the type false eyelashes and with the proposals of the latest generation are spoiled for choice (for optimal effect by also try the primer for eyelashes).

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Omen’s Intense Cats Collection

We women have the power, with the help of makeup, to get out of very embarrassing situations. Just one  more detail in our look  to go from behaved to bold, discreet to enlightened – It is this cat leap that intrigues both men  that inspired the concept of the new collection of O Boticario, eye .

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Makeup for Evening, the Advice to Avoid Mistakes

Evening make, lots of tips and advice to avoid mistakes, and a lot of ideas to copy for your evening make up.

It is said that a trick by day does not go well for the evening, especially if you don’t have time to go over to the case for a fresh look, but a trick in the evening to go to the Office would literally out of place: for the day, in short, it’s better to focus on the nude make up, in the evening, we may allow ourselves to be carried away by a trick a little more intense. Today we want to give you some tips and some advice to appear at the top and turn a trick from day one.

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Makeup Tutorial: Makeup for Eyeglass Wearers

Often women who wear glasses do not know how to make up the eye area, for fear of deeper tone with an extravagant makeup.

In fact the first thing to avoid if you wear eyeglasses, is to load the zone eyes. First of all we must avoid doing a trick that bait out of the goggle frame and secondly you will need to consider the color of your pair of glasses.

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Kiko Summer Collection 2016

Summer is coming and with it the beautiful Kiko Games The Beauty makeup collection rich in colors and original products, inspired by the Olympic Games in 2016!


The Milan cosmetics company has always been attentive to the tastes of its consumers but also to current events and what is the style of our time.

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New Benefit Brow Collection

Abracadabra! The magic of the brows leaves us open-mouthed with the new, renewed and expanded line of products for the Benefit Cosmetics eyebrows!


Milan for a day has turned into Las Vegas, complete with magic shows and surprises to no end,twists and fantastic encounters: here we are discovering the new Benefit Cosmetics Brow Collection arriving this summer!

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Makeup for a Beach Party

The summer party in spieggia or pool, at dusk or at night are occasions when we must not give up makeup, which can be simple, waterproof and warm, but at the same time effective.

Choose a makeup suitable for a party on the beach or pool is not always easy, there are many products that can be used but also some small attentions not spoil.

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How to Get Acrylic Nails Step by Step

If you like taking care of your nails and have them short at the moment, but look after she eventually breaks, on the very day to go to the wedding of a friend? or because that week is important at work?

It is very easy and cheap to make they go on more compridinhas again, take care of the hands is essential.

Learn how to put fake nails

First remove any residue of the nail polish with acetone common

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Best New Perfumes Autumn

Surely, with the arrival of ‘winter, it is easier to wear perfumes, in fact, during the hot season you prefer to spray some gooccia of scented water that are undoubtedly much more fresh and light, also they tend to have milder scents that do not bother during the day. Let’s see some of the innovations, as regards the perfumes, which we will be pleased to hear during the autumn winter 2015-2016.

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Set of Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Are you starting in the world of makeup? Do you want to buy acrylic nail brushes, but don’t know where to start? This post is essentially a makeup guide for who will buy the first brushes.

No one needs to buy all the makeup brushes in the face. Even for that, not always the money is left over for that. The brushes that I list in this article are the essential, the “must have”, which make the difference when put on makeup. The others that exist on the market can survive for a time without them.

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Nail Care Tips at Home

Bonita nail is not a miracle and it needs care.

There’s no point buying the most beautiful enamel on the planet, if they are not well cared for.

A lot of people complain about brittle, weak and opaque nails and they are easy to chip.

Really, it is worrying when the nails are ugly.

Everyone can have healthy and beautiful nails.

Improving the appearance of the nails is easier than you might think!

To have beautiful nails does not require a lot of time and money! With some simple and cheap care, it is possible to have amazing nails.

These tips are for people who do their nails at home or at the salon. Today’s post brings the simple care to have beautiful nails! Follow!

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Harry Potter Inspired Makeup

To do the Harry Potter spells do not have to jump through the platform 9 and 3/4: just wear the correct magic eye shadow! Discover the super glamorous collection of eyeshadows inspired by the characters of the saga and “haunted” the other party with a look! The more chic? What inspired Dumbledore!

Are you also grew up on bread and Harry Potter? So, friends , this is the right article for you, especially if you are fascinated by the magical world of make-up as well as from what is beyond the famous London Platform 9 3/4.

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Pupa Glittering Nail Art Kit

The lovers of nail art will appreciate the caskets gift launched by Pupa for this Christmas, the new Glittering Nail Art Kit.

It’s mini clutch bag containing three enamels combined. Four different versions to meet the needs of the most eccentric, but also of those who love the colors more classici.Infatti every Glittering Nail Art Kit Pupa  is dedicated to a color that one is paired enamel classic, which serves as the basis for the enamel glitter of same shade.

Together with two glazes, what gitter and the classical, Pupa has included in Glittering manicure art kit a transparent glaze to use as a base as well as a top coat that will allow glazes not splinter and stay long on our nails.

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Konjac Sponges for Skin Care

Hot Selling Natural Green Konjac Konnyaku Facial Puff Face Wash Cleansing Sponge Free Shipping M3AO Hot Selling Natural Konjac Potato Konnyaku Facial Puff Face Wash Cleansing Sponge Green MK0182

Konjac fungi are suitable for you, there goes up in your skin and will only offer the best products. Good skin care routines are important in relation to preserve skin’s radiance and purity. Konjac fungus prevents blemished skin and pimples, as it goes in and cleans the skin mildly. The face is often the first place you look and that is why it is important that the skin looks healthy and well cared for.

Konjac mushrooms are made of konjac-plant’s root and have a high content of vitamins and minerals which nourishes the skin. Konjac-fungus is therefore better for the skin than cotton pads. The fungus is 100% naturally derived. We also cover Konjac sponges for body. Use it to get the beautiful, smooth and more uniform skin. Buy Konjac fungus and feel the difference!

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Lovely Lip Gloss

Shiny Smooth Moisturizing Lip Gloss Refining Fine Wrinkle Multi Colors Lip Satin
The high-quality lip gloss from the  online dictionary provide a fresh lips look instantly. Lip gloss is a make-up all-rounder for the entire day. You can wear it purely or refine your lipstick with a lip gloss. The  online shop offers you a selection of high-quality lip gloss: the lip brilliance conjures up long-stick and brilliantly shines on your lips. For full kissable lips, they conjure up a gleaming touch of color on the lips with the Hydra lip booster. And the shimmering glamour gloss or the glam stars lip gloss with fine glitter particles gives you a glamorous, spectacular finish. The gloss left a comfortable fit and maintain at the same time. Small lip wrinkles are compensated. The lips are beautifully smooth and neat. For the perfect lip shape you drag with the lip contour before the invisible lip contour after and then apply the lip gloss evenly. The lip gloss from the  shop conjures up shines and cares on your lips.
Smooth Moisturizing Lip Gloss Refining Fine Wrinkle Multi MattePearly Color

Best Foundation Makeup for Oily Skin

Long Lasting Stick Powder Blush Double-ended Design Blush Brush Highlighting
Give your complexion with the foundation make-ups of the shop immaculate freshness! Beautiful skin starts with a moisturizing makeup primer. The perfect makeup bases from the  shop are perfect for the complexion and cares of pore-refining skin. Now, the skin is optimally prepared on the makeup and you can apply the foundation. The optimal condition for a perfect make-up result is the selection of the appropriate foundation. Here, not only the correct shade plays a role and this should be not darker than the own skin tone, but also skin type and desired opacity of the make-up. Tip: oily skin can leave darker are the Foundation. Vote the color of Foundation on your skin tone exactly. The nourishing BB creams from the online shop are opaque and gentle to the skin. There are liquid foundations, carrying the finger tips, a makeup brush or sponge. For the nose area use only a little foundation so that no makeup set traces the nose wings. To avoid a mask effect you blur the Foundation neck and ears gently in the direction. Mineral makeup, mineral powder, high definition foundation to skin perfecting BB creams with anti-aging effect, this online shop offers a wide selection of high quality foundation make-ups, which are suitable for all skin types.
Aloe Concentrate Moisturizing BB Cream Beauty Balm Blemish Balm Sunscreen