American Style Wedding

Ready to arrange a marriage American style? So here are the best tips for wedding with stars and stripes from the clothes to the details, from the location to the car and interests for a perfect reception.
The wedding reception is something we are determined by the tastes of the couple, that’s why the wedding planning develops more and more to satisfy the many needs that the market of the spouses requires and offers. Continue reading →

The Battle of the Tablets

I saw an interview with Steve Jobs, some years ago, in which he makes an analogy between computers, smartphones and tablets. According to him, in a near future personal computers will be as trucks; have iPhones and iPads, as cars. “Some have to use heavier duty trucks,” said Jobs, “but most will use cars, lighter and more versatile.” This phrase of former ceo of Apple hit me like a thunderbolt. Without a doubt, was the highest-placed analogy I’ve ever heard.

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You Should Change Your Iphone by Galaxy SIII?

The British magazine Stuff, a reference when it comes to technology, elected the Galaxy SIII the gadget of the year. He defeated the iPad, the iPhone, the Nokia 920 and the Nexus 7 to keep the title. But will the device from Samsung really deserved that honor? I think what were the criteria of choice. Maybe the amount of features implemented? Who knows the number of sales of 30 million in a few months? Or the design? No doubt it was an amalgamation of everything.

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Vodafone Is Offering a Free Book Each Month to Users of Line 2 of The Metro De Madrid

If you are one of those who often travel in metro in Madrid and also passionate about reading, a new initiative which this morning announced Vodafone will please you. Through the application Vodafone L2 (at the moment will be released for Android and iOS), and whenever you travel on line 2 of the metro, you can download a new ebook every month. Continue reading →

Vodafone Records His Minor Loss of Lines Mobile of The Last Years in The First Quarter of 2014

That network operators are not having in recent years the best results in its history is something we all know. The search for savings and new competitors entered the market, virtual operators, are making the most veteran of the place losing customers every month.

But despite this and with the resounding success of the convergent offers, few virtual can be replicated, we are seeing as the tendency is that both Movistar and Vodafone, operators with greater leakage of customers, which their numbers are less bad. Fact that is demonstrated with the presentation of results for the first quarter of 2014 from Vodafone. Continue reading →

Google Wins Legal Battle to Oracle: The Implementation of Java on Android Is a “Reasonable Use”

Good news for Android, finally ends one of the most important trials that Google faced by Oracle demand against Java use in Android that put him in 2010 for violation of copyright.

In the end everything has been solved as many wanted, Google has won the legal battle to Oracle. The jury said that Google has made a reasonable use Java on Android system, which despite being convicted of infringing the rights of author of Java you won’t pay the 9,300 million dollars that Oracle demanded as compensation. Continue reading →

Prices Huawei Ascend G6 with Vodafone and Comparison with Movistar and Orange

After the Sony Xperia T2 Ultra and Xperia M2 to Vodafone has this month joined its smartphone portfolio, another of the novelties for may comes with the Huawei Ascend G6, which have also known as Huawei Ascend P7 mini.

Highlighted by its thinness of 7.85 mm and to integrate 4G connectivity on devices with more reasonable prices, in the G6 Huawei Ascend also find a processor Snapdragon 400 of Quad-core to 1. 2 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory expandable with microSD, 4.5-inch density screen 245 DPI, 2,000 mAh battery. and cameras 8 Megapixels on the main and 5 megapixel camera on the front. Continue reading →

What We Expect from The Google I/O 2016: Android N, VR, Google Play in Chrome OS, Home Automation and More

Update: Today from 19.00 (Pacific time) finally start the developer event Google I/O. From Engadget we’ll tell you all live through our direct and our Twitter page.

Live broadcast:

  • Google I/O 2016 – Keynote
  • Google I/O 2016 – Keynote at 360 °

Missing less to get it to boot the Google Developer event most important of the year. Of the 18-20 may We will know all the innovations that the parents of Android we have prepared the Google I/O 2016. Continue reading →

Will Able to Nokia Regain Lost Ground Be in The Difficult Market Android?

The return of Nokia mobile devices market is the news of the day. The Finnish mark will return to the sale of mobile and tablets thanks Foxconn International Holdings. Make it betting by Android.

The return of Nokia It is possible thanks to the Microsoft has sold its division of simple phones to Foxconn and to that Nokia is going to license its brand to Foxconn. Under this agreement is born the new Finnish company Global HMD which will be responsible for launching new mobile and tablets of brand Nokia. Continue reading →

Vodafone Will Ensure Mobile Repairs in 5 Days with The Service Never without My Mobile

Well-known is that incumbents do not just want to compete on price with the other operators if not wanting to offer an added value with proposals like that today we know in Vodafone through the new service Never without my phone.

Is a new Vodafone commitment with customers that have purchased a smartphone with the operator and who for whatever reason need to send it for repair, the operator will ensure that they will return to have it repaired to pick it up in store within a maximum of five working days (or seven days if you are in the Canary Islands or Ceuta). Continue reading →

The Difficult Challenge of Android Manufacturers

When Google unveiled Android seven years ago as an open operating system with few associated costs I think a great opportunity to manufacturers: they could devote resources to the hardware and get almost free software features, without having to dedicate resources to create an ecosystem around it. The experience was very good, and some manufacturers, such as Samsung, have flourished leaving behind Nokia, for example. Continue reading →

Vodafone Smart 4 Mini, The Information

Vodafone renews the basic family of smartphones of white mark range replaced the previous Smart III and Smart mini by the new Vodafone Smart 4 mini manufactured by Alcatel that arrives to join the Vodafone Smart 4G.

Vodafone Smart 4 mini is a terminal basic and compact, ideal for those who want to make the leap for the first view into the world of the smartphone into the universe WhatsApp, Youtube and everything around mobile applications connected to the internet from the Palm of your hand, to House younger, elderly and all those who do not seek great performance in your new phone to adjust spending. Continue reading →

Prices Sony Xperia Z2 with Vodafone and Bracelet Gift SWR10 Smartband

It seems that other manufacturers are taking advantage of the day of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 to begin selling also their respective vessels logo and if a few hours ago we presented price of HTC One (M8) with Amena, now comes the Sony Xperia Z2 with Vodafone that will be on sale from April 15 to yoigo and whose prices you already are. Continue reading →

9 Questions and Answers to Understand The Mess Java-Android-Oracle-Google

9,300 billion is the figure that Oracle will require Google to use Java in Android on April 27 in a hearing prior to the trial, which is scheduled to begin in may.

Google will face during the next few months before one of his most important judgments of the company, before the legal dispute remains with Oracle for nearly six years by the so-called violation of the rights of author of Java that violates Android. Continue reading →

Prices Sony Xperia Z1 Compact with Vodafone and Comparison with Movistar, Orange, Yoigo and Enjoyable

After you learn about the prices of the S5 Galaxy Samsung and LG L70, Vodafone continues in April with the addition to its portfolio of smartphones of the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, a high-end compact size virtually without rivals.

Characterized above all by its 4.3 inch screen 342 ppi, the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact density (see analysis) also stands out for its Snapdragon 800 4 core processor at 2.2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB of internal memory expandable via microSD, camera’s 20.7 megapixel with 1080 p and 30 fps video recording, front camera of 2 megapixel, Android 4.4.2, NFC, connectivity Up to 150 Mbps LTE and a battery of 2300 mAh. Continue reading →

IPhone Is: a Threat to Android

Yesterday Apple introduced a new mobile, the iPhone is. Basically it’s an iPhone 6 / 6S in 4 inch and free 3D Touch. The most striking? Its price, $399 (in Spain stays in 489 euros). Apple has dropped here a step in price and I think that is a threat to Android.

We all think that the market in which we live will be eternal. Smartphones? Android and iOS, there is space for more. And so, it seems it. A decade ago nobody could deal with Nokia, in 1990 nobody made shadow to IBM in the PCs market and before that Japanese cars were a mere imitation of the Americans. The humans it costs us to see the changes, we believe that everything is eternal but technology changes are very fast. Continue reading →

Nubia Has The View in Europe and Mexico, Although to Spain Still You Touch Wait

Nubia It is a brand of phones that I probably sound to many but that probably have not had the opportunity yet try or see in stores. That will probably change soon, and Nubia has in plans to land in Spain soon.

Within the framework of the past MWC had the opportunity to chat with GAO Dakun, co-founder of the brand and Deputy Chairman. We got some of the keys of the manufacturer and its deployment in Spain, where we have a time with eyes like dishes with some of their phones. Continue reading →