Remove Stains from Baby Clothes

Is the baby is slowly converted to solid food, the one or the other spoon ever goes wrong porridge. And also when playing outdoors and in kindergarten clothing test is provided. Because babies tightening matters and stains are often inextricably linked. And young parents often pose an insoluble conundrum: How can we men the stains and how can the unsightly discoloration be removed best again? It’s not always the chemical mace, also tried and tested home remedies help the fight against the stains and save also environment and baby health. Continue reading →

How to Use: Sports Shoes

Do you know the sneakers you use to go to the gym and walk? Well, it will also suit your day-to-day looks! Well, at least that’s what Vogue says. Among the trends that will rock next spring/summer in the Northern Hemisphere, sneakers, kicks or trainers will be present, as well as cropped length, pastel shades, neon colors and pencil skirts. Continue reading →

Fall Fashion Winter Clothes

For the feminine world the  fall winter fashion just like in other seasons, for 2013 is with many novelties to leave options for all tastes and styles. This fashion promises a lot of excitement, because the basic and cool colors like black, white, brown, beige gray and others now also give room for the lively and colorful like green, blue, yellow, orange, red, wine, rose, and other , in addition to the varied prints such as floral, Japanese geometric, and psychedelic will be present in prints and embroidery in many pieces. Continue reading →

How to Wear: Sweater

The sweater is an entire garment that protects the trunk and arms from the cold. It is usually made of wool or knitting, but we also find other synthetic materials. Sweater is always that piece that reminds us of a time in childhood that we did not have the autonomy to choose our own clothes. I remember using some of these and dying of shame these days of some photos … Glad that the way to use this piece evolved!As an example, I can cite D & G’s 2010 winter parade. Continue reading →

How to Change the Spring of Pantaloon Pyjamas


Each passing season brings with it different temperatures, and with these changes, also changes the garment that used to go to sleep. Often, the Pajamas that already used the previous year, have suffered an unpleasant surprise, the spring of the pants has expanded and the slumber falls. Here is a simple guide on how to replace the Pajamas pants spring.

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Leggings Plus Size, Neon And Shirt Creeper

Hello dear, yesterday I received a question about how to use plus size legging pants. I never found it hard, in fact, didn’t even know it was an issue, but I think the whole question is valid! So, I’m not staying here pooping, but I can say as a rule I think more beautiful use leggings, especially for someone who is more voluptuous like us fatties.

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Best Protective Motorcycle Pants

For your motorcycle pants, you hesitate between reinforced jeans and leather pants? Today, synthetic fabrics have become more efficient, since the creation of the aramid. Yet, on motorcycle racing circuit, the leather equipment is mandatory. So, what is the best choice? In terms of equipment, the best choice is one that brings you safety and comfort, based on the use of your motorcycle.

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How to Wear Skinny Trousers

Skinny Trousers elegant or sports, how to match ? Every woman in their closet a nice skinny pants, a model that has marked the history of fashion and has long since been replaced, unfortunately, from the most fashionable and skintight slim cut, not least with regard to denim. But what is the difference between skinny and skinny jeans? The first is tight from top to bottom and then tightens the calf and ankle, the other is straight and the bottom does not stick nor is flared, as it might be a bell-bottom pants.

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Autumn Fashion for Plus Size

Even with a few extra kilos you can become autumn fashion Queen. Don’t you believe? We’ve picked a few pieces in which easily hide each špíček and trends!

Are you trying to cover up the bigger and wider thighs? Suit up in the airy blouses with Ruffles, harémových pants with low crotch and don’t worry or knitted dresses. The taste is also a furry cabin vacushape Olga sleeping Max fall in love with sweaters, oversized coats and have fun with stylish ponči.

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Fashion Trends Spring / Summer 2016: The Culotte Pants

Among the fashion trends for spring / summer 2016 once again we find the culotte pants, leaders must have clothing of all these seasons. Now all know what they are, what is their condition and have all the brands make them. He has no excuse but to still feel insecure on the proper look. To refresh a little ‘memory, we remind you that match the shorts pants is very simple, because you can choose adherents shirts, crop tops, blouses and pullovers even slipped and slightly oversized. The same applies for shoes, since you have wide choice among those with heels or the most simple and comfortable sneakers.

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Cargo Pants Style Guide

A cargo pants cut tapered

It was THE big challenge of this trousers: keep leg adjusted characteristic military trousers, while having a good male silhouette.

And as you say, it was not possible with thighs as tightly as a raw denim!

Because the goal was also to have a relaxed figure.

Cutting the most suitable for our requirements is the so-called tapered, with volume on the thighs, but fittées legs. This is a more advanced cutting than we usually do, and that can bring variety to the classic cup semi-slim you begin to know well!

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Latest Maternity Wear Trends

In today’s world no one is saying that the mothers had their pregnancies survive in XXL dress. Maternity wear of modern retail Happymum clearly shows the suitable direction to which it is possible to lose. Take a moment for a little while and see virtual gallery extensive menu featuring everything from T-shirts to jackets becoming.

You just understand that maternity clothes are governed by completely different principles and presents all potential expectant mothers sensational collection from summer to winter models. All exposed shirts, leggings or Capri pants or sweaters from BESTAAH are subject to a strategy when thinking about the beauty of the belly and the safety of the fetus.

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How to Wear Leggings with a Skirt


Convenient and flexible , a perfect casual head for the life of every day, we are talking about leggings . It is now available in every conceivable variation , whether it related to the color or fabric. There are in fact heavy and dark fabric , but also in light fabric and even floral. Therefore almost impossible not to find the perfect one for you. But if we wanted to match it and wear it in the original file so? Combine it with a skirt is the solution! But let’s find out how to do it, together.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • Leggings
  • Skirt

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How to Choose the Right Leggings

If you really Leggings stylewant, you should consider a few things. By combining unfavorable legs too short and the body proportions may otherwise affect inharmonious.

In principle leggings like tights without feet and no real pants. Accordingly, you should not they also like to combine pants, but rather style as tights. What you should note, can be found here.

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Must-have Autumn-winter: the Leather Pants

I am the chief rock of the winter season and are so well loved celebrities and fashion bloggers who like to wear Palazzo pants at events and secular parties. The leather pants are a must for the winter! There are models to wear skinny as if they were a second skin, broader ones to wear loose on the leg, the classic blacks leather pants but also the colorful proposals. If you like edgy look, you’ll have to just buy a pair this winter! You can wear them day in combination with sneakers and biker boots but also at odds with evening clothes definitely more feminine as tops, blouses and dancers. But we see in detail how to wear leather pants this winter!

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Leggings Army Style 2016

Leggings were once rural bodies of clothes in Russia and Eastern Europe. Winding and footcloths – close relatives leggings – were used in the army.

Sense of Footless Leggings

– Is long enough and wide strips of cloth used for wrapping legs, starting with the foot. The producers in Russia wore them to bast shoes, boots. In other countries, they wore leather shoes. Documents State Franks referred to the time of Charlemagne, this part of clothing. Windings can be seen on European miniatures of past. No most common leggings produced in Russia and many Eastern European countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, the Baltic countries.

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Support Belts for Pregnancy

The months go by and on the date in which you’ll finally see the face of your beloved baby. The expectation grows without pause as well as your belly, what can bring about discomfort and pain in the waist, pelvis and back.

Maternity support systems are designed to provide the necessary support to the belly and relieve the weight of the waist, back and up to the bladder pressure. This results in a greater ease of movement and a little less stress. Today they are a basic in the lingerie for pregnant women.

Types of maternity shapewear

Touring the lingerie and maternity stores you will see that there are basically three types of maternal sashes. The model you choose will depend on what you’re looking for (support for exercise, back and waist pain relief, etc.) and how you feel each model.

Maternity belt . It’s a piece that gives an average support level. Of course it is elastic and is placed around the lower back and below the stomach.

It adjusted by velcro snaps, which makes it easier for you to find the most comfortable point of support. This also allows you go setting it as your belly grows.

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