Dect Phone Peaq PDP250 in Test

With the DECT telephone Peaq PDP250 media-Saturn-holding, which sends the first cordless phone brand equity building in the race. Is it competitive?

Not uncommon – is not that trade offers private label, only right when you can assume to use appropriate amounts. This hope is justified when the owner of retail chains Saturn and Media Markt, and so they called the House brand Peaq recently. She leads, including cordless phones, including the Peaq PDP250, that is to have a set with two handsets for 60 euros. Continue reading →

Prada Phone by LG 3.0 in the Test

The Prada phone by LG 3.0 wants is for technically how visually demanding customers recommend – with success, as our test shows.

The cooperation between the Korean LG Electronics expert and the exclusive fashion label Prada to fruition since its inception in 2006 now already for the third time. After a touchscreen and a keyboard phone there is also the first Smartphone LG 3.0 for 699 euros now with the Prada phone by. No wonder that we have immediately asked the designer piece for laboratory testing. Continue reading →

BlackBerry Curve 9380 in the Test

The curve 9380 presents itself as a cheap alternative to the pure touchscreen device torch 9860. We have tested the Smartphone.

  1. BlackBerry Curve 9380 in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Who wanted to have a pure touchscreen Smartphone without sacrificing the efficient and safe infrastructure offered by RIM, has resorted to the torch 9860, the fully in the test could convince. With the curve 9380 Canadians bring out now an over 100 euros cheaper model is also equipped as the 9790 bold and the curve 9360 with built-in NFC for the next payment and identification services. Continue reading →

Porsche Design P9981 in the Test

If this company a product takes, it is noble. But can convince the new smartphone by Porsche design and in use? The test of connect is the answer.

  1. Porsche Design P9981 in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The Porsche 911 is one of, if not the style icon amongst the sports car. It was obvious that Professor Ferdinand Porsche anno 1972 created an offshoot of the Streaker forge with Porsche design, which provides the discerning clientele with sunglasses, travel accessories, watches, pens and more – where the focus is obviously on an exclusive design and high-quality materials. It had developed at an early stage at the time even a cell phone in the program, with Sagem. Also the new smartphone is too complex a number to be ripped by an ancillary undertaking alone, RIM to the page was developed. The son with his full name is logical Porsche Design P’9981 smartphone from BlackBerry. Continue reading →

Google Hastens the Pages of Plans for Companies on Google+

By opening its newest attempt at social network Google +, the Google specified that it would initially be focused on meat and bone users. That did not stop the creation of company profiles, which were promptly deleted by network administrators. But these profiles might reappear in the near future now that the testing program got a foot on the accelerator. Continue reading →

Facebook Collaborated with the Justice Before Having R $ 38 Million Blocked

On Friday (31), the Facebook managed to reverse the blockade of R $ 38 million obtained by federal prosecutors of Amazonas (MPF-AM) with an injunction granted by the Federal Court of the 1st Region, in Brasília. In a statement, the social network said it has “deep respect” for Justice Brazilian and cooperating with the investigation. Continue reading →

Osama’s Death Has Generated More Than 4,000 Tweets Per Second

As I said last week, when Twitter would have prepared the servers for the royal wedding, a big event always attracts a large audience. In terms of social networks, it can be a problem by significantly increasing traffic on the servers. And that’s exactly what happened with Twitter: he had another unexpected increase in traffic after the US president announced that he would make a live announcement last night. Continue reading →

WikiLeaks Supporters Drop Mastercard Site

The thing is ugly to the side of Julian Assange, the founder and editor in chief of WikiLeaks. He surrendered to police on Monday and goes through a trial in which is accused of rape – which has nothing to do with the case of WikiLeaks, it is what they say those involved, but I do not believe much in this story. To make matters worse, several institutions are closing the ways that exist to offer donations to the cause of the site.

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Google Will Combat Piracy More Actively Than Ever

It is not today that Google shows results search containing torrents. Even if this is part of the mechanics of how a web page indexing works, the film and music industries do not want pirated files are easily found in the largest search engine in the world and so constantly pressuring Google to change its policies. It seems that the pressure was effective. Continue reading →

Swedish Court Condemns Pirate Bay Again

When the case of Pirate Bay was first tried in Swedish courts, the owners of the site were considered guilty of copyright infringement and encouraging piracy. This happened in April last year and at that time the four responsible for operating the site were sentenced to one year in prison and payment of almost $ 1 million in fines for each. They then appealed the decision and the outcome of that appeal was released by the court today. Continue reading →

Twitter Opens Analysis Tool for More Users

The rumors that Twitter would release a tool analysis have circulated since the beginning of the year. Shortly after, one of the company executives confirmed that it existed, but did not give many details. And yesterday the social network called for a “select group of users” to test the tool, which is still in alpha state. One of these users, @mogoonsemetrics, sent two screenshots tool for the blog Mashable. Continue reading →

Wales Announces Wikia 2.0, Redesigned and More Social

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and pop star in his spare time, yesterday announced a “complete overhaul” of its mix of social networking with collaborative portal sites Wikia, founded in 2004. Known for hosting pages on various topics updated constantly by “over 2 million users “, the service never took off the way its creators predicted, mainly overshadowed by the success of his older brother. Continue reading →

US Agency Examines Whether the “Googlepólio” Really Exists

Remember the time consuming and complicated process that Microsoft faced in the United States due to the dominance of the PC market? The Google endangers face similar situation. It resides in the office of the Commissioners of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission or the Federal Trade Commission) a memorandum with over a hundred pages reporting uncompetitive practices of internet giant.

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New CAPTCHA System Will Ask You to Enter Feelings in Place of Numbers and Letters

The systems CAPTCHA were invented to prevent automated bots from using a particular service, often to spread spam. A person proves that it is a person to read and type the sometimes complicated sequence of numbers, letters and symbols on the screen. There are ways to circumvent these, but is relying on a group of human rights defender, this task will become more difficult. They created a CAPTCHA system that requires typing the right feeling. Continue reading →