Pouch Is a Guy Thing

Until a few years ago, fashion was easily summed up in pants, shorts, shirts and t-shirts with their details like user-defined. Today, although the simplicity is maintained in most men, it is possible to see new models standing out and making the men’s clothing more diverse. But there is still a huge cause prejudice to your immediate membership in the female audience:the bag. Continue reading →

Find the Perfect Purse for You

If you have an attachment that is almost indispensable for the day-to-day, it certainly is a good bag. Some people prefer small models, just enough to accommodate the mobile wallet and house keys, and also who loves the bigger ones, that contain everything–absolutely everything! -We need to in a hurry. In recent weeks, the references for the autumn/winter season promise to please the Greek and Trojan women. To help you choose, we separate the bag trend that more matches each style.

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Kipling City Pack B Backpack

pWhat background take for a weekend: suitcase cabin at roulette or backpack? Remember, nothing beats a bag easily transportable to stroll and practice activities in complete freedom!

If you plan soon to go on a weekend without baggage in the hold, the Kipling City backpack is a better option that you can carry with you everywhere you go. As always, the great brand is famous for its quality luggage and their modern design. Stylish and practical, the City B is also to the sportsmen and students. With its many colours and elegant patterns, you will surely find the style that suits you. The details!

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Jansport Backpacks 2017

When we think of a backpack which is synonymous with comfort and durability, the brand that comes to mind is Jansport! The company offers multiple utilities bags and who have style.

During all my college and university studies, I used two Jansport bags and let me tell you that they have lived in about 12 years things! However, I rarely had as solid, comfortable bags… and virtually indestructible!

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Travel the World with Luggage By Tumi

Experience the Tumi difference: with the American brand founded in 1975 by Charlie Clifford, the bag department store expands its portfolio to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luggage. Now, the luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories from various series in the bag department store will be available, because good luggage is more than just a pleasant luxury. Continue reading →

Vintage Hermes Bag Auction

The “Kelly Bag” in jeans blue Epsom leather with the portrait of Grace Kelly.

Festival of fashionistas: “Artcurial-Briest-Poulain-F.Tajan” organizes an auction with Hermes’s one hundred vintage handbags on July 24th at the prestigious Hermitage Hotel in Monte Carlo. A Kelly bag that graces the image of the young Gracy Kelly is considered a very special item and is a unique rarity among the numerous highlights of this auction. Continue reading →

How Do I Choose The Right Child Backpack Carrier

The child backpack is a must-have accessory, whether you go on a trip… Every child needs for school: to go to kindergarten, school,… and for his hobbies: for the pool, activities, and with friends… Often we just found effortlessly and yet, it is not necessary to pay too much to have a practical and comfortable for your little backpack!

I’ll give you tips about How to choose your child’s backpack

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Discover The Climbing Cliff 20 Backpack

The Climbing Cliff 20 Backpack: Your Best Backpack

A year ago I bought backpack climbing Cliff 20 Simond, was looking for a wall that was light and the size backpack just to get everything you need to spend a day hanging on the wall but also large enough to carry at least 2 strings of 60mt and protect them in the approaches that had lots of vegetation. Continue reading →

Olympus Leather Bag

A Parisian designer invents leather bags!

Brands of handbags woman are numerous topics and articles on virtually inexhaustible.But the creators or designers of leather goods French interesting, unique or original are much less; more so if they offer leather bags beautifully made at reasonable prices. The right designer bag at all but downright elitist original!

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The Coolest Backpacks 2016

The backpacks will definitely be the trend this spring 2016 because they are comfortable, practical, roomy and, above all, timeless: it is precisely the most trendy accessories to complete the most of your look! The fashion backpack models for this spring summer 2016 are many and various. They range from the leather-covered studs that in demin, through the model in flowers.
Here then is the coolest backpacks for summer to wear with any outfit.

Backpack Flowers Adidas

One of the most fashionable models for this spring summer 2016 is the backpack to Adidas flowers. A real must-have for your outings! It pairs with any outfit, both for the day and for special evenings. What do you think?

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