Korova Kustom: Create Your Pattern in the Korova

Talk TIME, everything okay with you?:) There’s nothing new here in male Fashion today, and it’s something I’m sure many of you will enjoy. The Korova, mark did a Review a few weeks ago, has just launched in your Virtual Store section Korova Kustom 2.0, for you your own piece, customise with the pattern you want!!! That’s right, a totally unique product. Good, bora pro post take a look and get to know all this? Explained in detail, Continue reading →

Here’s How to Dress Well Using Stripes

The striped print is always a good request for those who want to dress well, but do not want to opt for too basic and go unnoticed. Striped, even, is one of the most used prints in the world, either by them or by them. Just look around and realize how many men are wearing stripes: whether it’s polo shirts, social shirts, ties, t-shirts, sweatshirts, suits or pants. Continue reading →

Camisologia Features Your New Collection of Men’s Shirts-#Lançamento

Talk TIME, everything okay with you? :) OPA has release this Friday Coriander? Yes, Yes, Yes, and a collection of Shirts with designs that you always ask me where to find it. The Camisologia mining appears today here in male Fashion to launch your winter collection made up of Chess, Printed Shirts and other accessories. But I’m not going to advance much here right off the bat, right? Bora pro post NOW to view this full launch in detail? Continue reading →

Silk Shirts, The Most Chic Models For 2017

The silk shirts mark all 2017 collections with their classic style and always very feminine. In view of the new year, the luxury fashion house thought patterns in pastel colors, but also variants with more eccentric multicolor prints.Nevertheless, there are among the new arrivals of white silk shirts or other evergreen tones perfect to complete many kinds of different looks.

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How to Make Your Own Shirt Sports

From tailgating before the big game to cheer from the stands, sporting memories of your team is a must. Jerseys and t-shirts can be found online or at sports sites, but can be extremely expensive. Don’t let these high costs prevent it to represent your favorite team. Instead, make your own sports shirt in less than an afternoon. You can transform a simple t-shirt into a custom piece of memorabilia team spirit.

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Shirts Jeans For Spring 2015: What To Choose?

The denim shirts again become the protagonists of summer but what are the must-models? Discover them by following our advice

The shirt in this hot spring back to be one of the protagonists of the must-have of the moment. In fact, we have already seen that the blue one is among the most interesting, simple and sophisticated which nestles among the new collections of the most popular brands and there is also saying that even the clothes trying to imitate this style. Not surprisingly, at the moment they are very popular the shirt-dress.

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How to Choose Sexy Girls Shirt

There are women and there are women with a capital letter. And they differ from each other hair color, eye shape, or growth and nice linens. In particular – Shirts. They were different, it changes throughout its life, they were floor-length and protect us from the cold and let sweat dirty robe. They were used, and as a shirt or sleepwear used. You crazy members of the opposite sex. So, how to get the gender Girls shirt that you choose, the only, or not at all unique, a shirt that not only could give pleasure also to seduce its owner, but the object of their dreams?

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How To Use Social Shirts For Women

Although the name determine the social shirt is a social piece, your use is not just this. Some people use the shirt to fall in ballad and is elegant. Just combine with the right accessories and know how to value the piece in your body. The shirt when social well used, is one of the most elegant parts of the female wardrobe. And there are few possible errors with this piece so basic and so nice to use.

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Fashion:Skirt + Shirt

Hi, girls!

January is always that time of looks more relaxed, full of color and light fabrics, huh? Whether at work, at parties or on the beach, we need to be well dressed and comfortable at the same time to support the hot days. Dresses are always a great option, but I confess that I love the combo of Skirt + shirt. So I went there on store Zeus, in Taquari, and made my choices. Hope you like it!

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Cargo Pants Style Guide

A cargo pants cut tapered

It was THE big challenge of this trousers: keep leg adjusted characteristic military trousers, while having a good male silhouette.

And as you say, it was not possible with thighs as tightly as a raw denim!

Because the goal was also to have a relaxed figure.

Cutting the most suitable for our requirements is the so-called tapered, with volume on the thighs, but fittées legs. This is a more advanced cutting than we usually do, and that can bring variety to the classic cup semi-slim you begin to know well!

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How to Match a Lace Shirt


The lace is one of the most widely used fabrics for the realization of skirts and especially shirts. In past centuries, it was used only for classical attires, but today proves very versatile, so you can even match it to a jeans, not even bothering most of the colors. In my simple and practical guide, so we try to identify how to properly match a lace shirt.

If we just bought a beautiful lace shirt be it long or short sleeves, silk or linen, smooth or finely worked with lace, it is very simple definitely match it, as befits every kind of trousers and jacket, and is suitable for many occasions. Continue reading →

How to Match Denim Shirt

The denim shirt is a men’s classic, although among all types of shirts is certainly one of the most difficult to carry and combine successfully with other apparel.

The denim is a fabric extremely versatile, an evergreen able to adapt to a large number of different situations; However, if the pants in jeans today are extraordinarily versatile, and can be fast also at events that require great elegance (as long as the dress code is not purely formal means), as regards the shirt there is actually some more difficulties.

Yet in recent years we have enjoyed a return to prominence for his shirt in jeans, both as regards women’s clothing, which for the male wardrobe. The fact that this head is back in fashion is probably a direct consequence of the “return to the shirt” which lately has affected many men, to coincide with the long wave of years ’80 and ’90 which is likely to wet the shores of second decade of the new millennium.

Yet it must be said that if lumberjack plaid shirts and shirts fantasy we can find them in prevalence on men, by contrast shirt in jeans has become much easier to wear for members of the fairer sex.

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Fashionable Sleeveless Shirts for Men

This site offers sleeveless shirts in numerous cuts and stylish colors. The shirts from leading brand manufacturers are the perfect complement to casual shorts and comfortable sandals. The current models of Trigema, OBOY, Bruno Banani are perfectly suited for leisure, strolling around the city and beach.

Men's U-neck Tank Top Horizontal Stripes Pullover Closure Cotton Blend Fabric

Sleeveless shirts from YP directory are the ideal combination partners to cool jeans or casual cargo pants. Super combed, skin-friendly cotton tank tops by OBOY or John Devin impressively comfortable materials such as 100%. Wifebeater quality trendy retro style makes the shirts to stylish base parts of the current fashion. Masculine muscle shirts by S.Oliver or Bruno Banani with decorative prints emphasize well-defined muscles. Sporty carrier shirts by Trigema are sturdy and easy to clean through high-quality single Jersey. Form-fitting athletic shirts from OBOY guarantee best comfort thanks to the elastic microfiber in network structure. Now, in addition to the offers for sleeveless shirts discover also fashionable sunglasses!

UMA Maternity Top with Kimono Sleeve

UMA top: A style from Mamaka with big beautiful kimono sleeves, who now have an extra color on the sleeves. It is just as delicious as the rest of the clothes from Mamaka and equally very plain clothes as nursing and maternity clothes.

Mamaka can just something that a great many fall for. And regardless of whether or not they are pregnant, nursing or not. Mamaka can design simple carelessness and yet classical elegance and in materials that are wonderful to wear.

Here is the model Uma, who is super nice with its large, open kimono-sleeves, classic boat neck and a length, you can vary, but which always sits for, because there is elastic at sides on the bottom piece of the top. It provides nice Wrinkly and gets the blouse to fall. Set the map or drag it all the way to the tunic/mini-a miniskirt dress and dare you to possibly just having leggings under as on photos and possibly some cool boots instead of shoes. It can of course also be used with pants. Black with sleeve edge in stone accented.

NB: the sleeves are pretty big and you can easily use the Uma (blouse) just with bra or Camisole underneath. But you will have the perfect set, especially if you are breastfeeding, all-day-tank-top in black (also from Mamaka) ideal to be under. It is in the same material and have a nursing function, so you can easily use the Uma as nursing. Is also available with long sleeves, see below.

Maternity Clothes & Nursing:

UMA (http://www.abbreviationfinder.org/) is perfect for you, waiting for you, and the fabric is super stretchy, soft and pleasant with space. UMA is equally perfect for breastfeeding, since you just pull into the oversized kimono-sleeves and open up for whatever you have. Easy , elegant and discreet.

And so we must of course say that it is a top that just as Mamaka’s other designs also are suitable for general use and also designed for that purpose, so that it can last for many, many years, the quality is top notch!

UMA Maternity Top with Kimono Sleeve UMA Maternity Top with Kimono Sleeve

Striped Short Sleeve Blouse for Pregnancy

Fine stripes in lip Diocesan-red on a wonderful short sleeve blouse from Pomkins basic series Milkizzy. This means that you can use the blouse both as wait blouse and nursing blouse!

For the most part there will be colorful, print or, as here, when the vehicle is by Pomkin stripes. The two female designers is to party and colors even if it ‘ just ‘ is on an everyday blouse like this. A nice soft one can be wear at which you both can be pregnant and breastfeed discreetly in and use much longer, for who can see that the blouse has these additional features?

As you can see, the blouse has short sleeves and so is the design with a double layer of chest that makes it possible to breastfeed. It is soft and cute and cuddly and can easily be put together with jeans, shorts and skirt. So you need to pull the lipstick forward or lubricating the nails and take a blouse on that match, then this might matter?

Maternity Clothes & Nursing:

As mentioned above, you can use the blouse to both. It is soft and stretchable and when you need to breastfeed, you just pull down in the extreme carving and up in the layer before under.

All tops and blouses in Milkizzy-series are designed in Paris and produced in Portugal. They are also all Oeko-tex certified and comes in a small box.

Striped Short Sleeve Blouse for Pregnancy

Men’s Sport Shirts with Pockets

Not only for sports but also for leisure, we offer men’s sport shirts of many brands in the various designs. Whether teen or classic, body weight or casual, for each type of our online shop provides a wide selection of high-quality sports T-Shirts. Solid models are part of the offer such as men’s sport shirts with prints, applications or small embroideries. At us you will find both the well-tried Polo shirts made of cotton as well Funktions shirts with original prints. Different cutting and collar solutions, hooded, zipper, reflectors and other extras underscore the diversity of models.

Matching shirts for every kind of sport

Men's Distressed Denim Shirt Long Sleeves Chest Pockets Letter Prints

Whether for ball sports, walking or cycling, our BRIDGAT online shop offers the appropriate clothing for active women. While jogging in the summer, short-sleeved shirts, tanks or muscle shirts are the first choice, long-sleeved models available are for the cooler season. Many of the men’s sport shirts consist of a functional material that is easy, protects from bad weather, transport moisture away from the body and dry quickly. Men’s sport shirts for outdoor sports provide often additional UV protection.

The right equipment for football fans

Football men’s jerseys, which are suitable not only for training, but to express the enthusiasm for certain clubs or players through corresponding printing and applications we offer. The equipment for the next visit of the stadium is secured with such a shirt. Some of these men’s sport shirts are modeled after the original players shirts. Anyone looking for a very special gift for a football fan, I’m sure meets in the black with one of these jerseys.

Men’s sport shirts-fashion tops for every occasion

You will find a wide selection of men’s sport shirts. Whether long – or (short): all models are characterised by high quality workmanship and fashionable cuts. Popular brands such as adidas, Quiksilver, Nike and H.I.S. make their shirts with bold colors and trendy prints to the real eye-catcher. The processing of selected materials guarantees the longevity of the comfortable garments.

Men's Distressed Denim Shirt Long Sleeves Chest Pockets Number Prints

The extensive range on Bridgat.com ranges from colorful shirts with great motives to simple models in muted colors. These can be combined as well and can be worn for special occasions. In keeping with the sporty tops, BRIDGAT offers sweater for men, as well as articles from the range of accessories & equipment. Discover the wide variety of men’s sport shirts in our webshop by BRIDGAT and find the appropriate clothing for sports and leisure.