Anita Footwear and Accessories: 10% Discount on Online Purchase

The Anita Shoes and accessories is a network of shops for over 24 years offering the best products from various brands. With 14 stores located in the Central-West region of Brazil, the network also has a website for online shopping where you can place orders from anywhere in the country with unique advantages. Continue reading →

The Right Sandal for the Wedding on Hot Days

There are so many preparations for the wedding turn the dream planned that the bride must think of every detail, even in sandals that will wear on the big day should be comfortable and stylish. It is essential for the bride to get comfortable on the wedding day, this is one of the biggest concerns of brides, bridesmaids and even invited, the choice of the right shoe is essential. As solar season and this time of year is quite hot a good choice is to bet in open sandals, because the closed shoes increase the feeling of malaise. Continue reading →

Flatforms on Moleca Models

Successful in the 1970s and 1990s, the flatforms constructions came back with everything this season! The trend, which dominated the catwalks at fashion week in New York, has returned like a fever and has taken over the streets of the world. Comfortable, charming and megaversatile, Moleca’s models are the face of what’s happening in street style! Continue reading →

Shoe Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Evening shoes studded with beads from silk and leather, which were made around 1960 in France. Designed by Roger Vivier for Christian Dior.

Museum displays the famous London Victoria and Albert 13 June 2015 an exhibition of the most beautiful and most unusual shoes from all over the world. Under the title ‘ shoes: pleasure and pain ‘ more than 200 spectacular specimens are presented: Golden Sandals from ancient Egypt on iconic fashion models and shoes great personalities – up to the latest designs from the 3-D printer… Continue reading →

Worpel Sporty and Casual Spirit Sets the Tone

Combining the natural footprint of the streets with more casual references, Worpel bets on men’s shoes inspired by the concept ‘worker’ – focused on productions for all times of the day. In this season, the sports spirit appears in sneakers and boots with a more daring aesthetic, escaping from the obvious and valuing new possibilities within the sneaker culture . Continue reading →

How to Use: Sports Shoes

Do you know the sneakers you use to go to the gym and walk? Well, it will also suit your day-to-day looks! Well, at least that’s what Vogue says. Among the trends that will rock next spring/summer in the Northern Hemisphere, sneakers, kicks or trainers will be present, as well as cropped length, pastel shades, neon colors and pencil skirts. Continue reading →

Swimwear Cangas

Great bath output or perfect for giving that ride on the sand, the cangas, although the invasion of dresses, little monkeys, kaftans, trousers, tunics and other current parts used on the beach, also the sarongs continue firm and strong in fashion. And Yes, many devotees who don’t need no time to cover the corpitcho after that energizing sea bath. Continue reading →

Winter Footwear

Powerful, the shoes can lift in a matter of seconds, the most basic looks. So, are increasingly valued in parades and anticipated by the women who, in addition to the clothes, yearn for their favorite brands to see which new reserved about fashion shoe. Check out some of the trends already in advance for winter 2012: Continue reading →

Do You Wear Shoes Inside the House?

The practice is not at all new in countries of Eastern origin and increasingly finds supporters in the Western world.Taking off shoes to enter the house, according to the Japanese tradition, for example, avoids dirt from the street and bad energy entering the environment of the residence.

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