Do You Wear Shoes Inside the House?

The practice is not at all new in countries of Eastern origin and increasingly finds supporters in the Western world.Taking off shoes to enter the house, according to the Japanese tradition, for example, avoids dirt from the street and bad energy entering the environment of the residence.

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Oxford Shoe

The oxford shoe is classic and chic. The traditional oxford is all leather, including sole, besides being characterized by laces and by prey. Are extremely chic shoes.

The oxford was restricted to the men’s shoe for a long time. With the passage of time all that changed and the sets played this male influence in

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Guide – Shoes Combine

As promised in the previous article, there is today a small Guide to the combine of shoes. The possibilities of combinations are so versatile just for shoes that I limit myself here to some Schuhstyles, even in my basic article happen to make it all a little clearer and you get ideas and inspiration for the most important styles.  Continue reading →

Summer Shoe Sale 2013

The summer sales: last-minute purchase for those leaving or consoler gadget for those who have already returned. As the mini-collection “Jungle Fever” by Castañer…

The summer brings not only sea, sun and beach. But brings with it a dowry also the sales period that, as time every year, lead us sixty days time to seize opportunities and take advantage of opportunities in search of the must-have for our upcoming vacation or gadgets to console the fact these are already past. In fact even throughout August, and almost everywhere even for the first week of September, are in full swing the summer sales of which benefits now you can not only enjoy in shops or department stores, but also online, as evidenced by the Mini -campagna commissioned for the occasion by Castañer, the Iberian-known company that for over one hundred years dedicated to footwear and conceived for the occasion a brand new mini-collection with the jungle theme. On sale, of course.

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Adidas Launches New Shoe For Marathon Of Viña Del Mar

UltraBOOST Uncaged was modified and perfected to meet the needs of both athletes and the virtual community. It will be one of the shoes to be worn at the next Viña del Mar Marathon, on October 2nd.

Adidas launched Ultra BOOST Uncaged, a model that presents an adaptable inner foot skeleton, using technology that has been developed for the best athletes in the world, in order to deliver a highly technical support and comfort within the elegant new look inspired by the Fanatics

UltraBOOST Uncaged maintains the high standard of the UltraBOOST franchise, which chose to redesign it from a co-creation work between athletes and fans. The experts at adidas Running then proceeded to create a high-performance version of the simplified shoe.

The adidas Primeknit upper was modified with adaptable woven collar to provide ventilation and flexible movement through each step. A new multi-step lacing system allows riders to customize style and fit, while specially designed flat strings optimize comfort and stability. “Adidas offers innovators the creativity of their fans to meet the needs of both athletes and their fans,” said Nicolas Canessa, PR & Events Manager adidas Chile.

Increased technology and performance

Three new elements give UltraBOOST Uncaged its advancement: an internal support structure, a top with an adaptable collar and an ideal lacing system.

  • Internal Support: The internal support skeleton replaces the outer case, welcoming technology developed for competitive athletics, providing impeccable support and comfort for the middle foot.
  • Adidas Primeknit Top: A redesigned adidas Primeknit upper wraps the foot with an adaptable fit that allows natural movement with every stride.
  • Staggered lacing system and performance laces: The multi-step lacing system allows each runner to customize his fit for optimal performance and style.The flat strings are specially designed to work together with the innovative lace system for comfort and stability.
  • BOOST midsole: The celebrated midsole UltraBOOST maintains its high-performance structure, providing an unrivaled “Return of Energy” and creating the most responsive running shoe from adidas.

More about Marathon of Viña del Mar with link of NewvilleOutdoor


5 Must-Haves In This 2014 Male Footwear

Today I’m going to talk about the year it shoes, you know what? They definitely are the slippers, while style is giving turns over the past years, have become to be taken in a much more casual look than in former times. Neutral colors are one of the best options, but to make the best impression Gets a few showstoppers in contrasting colours and with striking embroidery as this Cricket & Pancho in black and gold, are definitely a must-haves of this 2014.

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Leighton Meester In Jimmy Choo-“Style Diary”

March 31, 2015 fashion “Gossip Girl” Star Leighton Meester has their favorite pieces from the spring/summer collection by 2015 by Jimmy Choo selected and photographed himself for the British designer label created is a “style diary”, which the actress gives it an interesting Bohemian chic.

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How To Choose Winter Boots

Winter comes and with it the eternal problem of choosing shoes that allow us to keep our feet tucked away from the cold and rain and at the same time be comfortable and be able to walk long distances without the weather is a problem. In addition, the footwear should adapt to our everyday needs and, depending on your use, be of greater or lesser quality, so it’s important to know how to choose boots for winter according to your routine and activities.

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The Footwear in the Winter

The falling leaves show it clearly : The golden autumn is in full swing and the icy winter approaches with great steps.

Frost and difficult weather do not mean that you have to do without chic shoes in the coming season. But on the contrary!

To help you find the latest winter models, I have compiled the great trends of the coming season for you. Discover now, wonderful boots , boots and pumps, which will guarantee you style and confidence through the coming months!

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Roberto Cavalli Men’s Shoes

The collection menswear fall/winter 2011-2012 by Roberto Cavalli has paraded during the prestigious event dedicated to men’s fashion, Milano Moda Uomo. Refined and elegant garments on the catwalk inspired classic revisited with detail and nuance. Our site attended the splendid show and then, besides showing you some outfits from the collection signed Roberto Cavalli, we would like to inform you our impressions and some photos we took during the big event.

We at Stylosophy were there, watching from near the splendid shoes proposals of Roberto Cavalli. It was an event truly beautiful, great excitement, great expectation for leaders dedicated to next winter. Continue reading →

How to Choose Men’s Wedding Shoes


We must know that the men in a ceremony, play a fundamental role and for this reason, you should spend some time to choose the ones that suit our and, especially, completely functional for the occasion. Very important right away, is to try to focus on those shoes by DIY (see how on that match more closely to the clothes we’re wearing, to make our clothing is perfectly in harmony in the different parts that compose it.

Let’s start by saying that man cannot disregard for its ceremonial shoes, black, which as we all know, is notoriously symbol of extreme elegance and refinement. Once we have chosen the color, we can then move on to the lacing. With regard to this area, we must know that according to certain protocols of elegance, the choice should fall on a shoe that is concise, but you can also use a shoe with the buckles, as long as it is simple and no flashy logos. Another good alternative to these proposals so far, is the moccasin, no strings, is a less formal and which retains a touch of elegance and style, now we are going to live.

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