Look of the Week #70

June-month of shirts. At least one could be of this opinion, considering the current editions of the Look of the Week in June 2016. In my opinion, however, is not so wrong. Looks good and is comfortable, what more could you want? Otherwise you can see that the current style is a little higher temperatures and this is also good, considering that we already have mid-June. Continue reading →

Jeans: Pants, Shorts, Buy Online, Site, Prices and Discounts

A brand that appeared in May 1995 and today with 17 years of existence is one of the largest textile/jeans of prompt delivery of Brazil. Is already in countries of Europe, USA and in Lebanon, bringing releases and world trends, and always providing the best for their clients.

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Cheap Beauty 2-Pharmacies

Pass the door of Sephora/Ricky’s life in the United States is a temptation, but try to avoid a pharmacy that is impossible! Walk through all the aisles looking for news it’s not just tourist program – even I, after living some months in New York, I couldn’t get away from that trip to Duane Reade weekly & cia.

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Models of Shorts with Glitters

The tendency of sequins and the glitter has reached all the garment. The glitters are bright, modern, original and give it a touch of out site  to the looks. It is a very good way of wearing them with shorts and there are many designs of shorts with glitters so you find which suits you. Then models shorts with glitters, so be sure to see them:

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How to Wear Shorts Without Looking Trashy

Wear shorts is very simple. Okay, not everyone is born knowing compose looks , so you have to train and train. The best way to mount looks with shorts always unerringly is to observe the visual around. You need, as every good person with style, visual repertoire to learn how to properly and so it is important to note photos shows, compositions that fashionistas approve the red carpet, and watch parts that can match in the windows. But above all: trust your instincts. If you like to be seen with the look with short riding with you, then you are on the right track.

Looks Models with Fashion Shorts

The short model to be chosen is also one of the factors that can decrease or increase the hits on the visual. One is about the correct length if low cut or not. It depends. If you are chubby and united, thick thighs, the short ones will be uncomfortable to wear and do not wear well in the visual as well. It will look like you are using something not ideal for your body.

Other long shorts, a compromise between shorts and short, are not cool because they do not match the more modern look. They are out of fashion, even though cool to use eventually. In a look with style, forget it.

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Get the New Shorts

Coming warm days, it’s time to shorten the pants favorable length – what about the new shorts? We bring on new types of pieces that will enhance your wardrobe.

According to data on the calendar Spring is in full swing ahead of us now only warm days and it is time to replace long pants for something more comfortable – what do you think should be on new shorts? Today we focus more on types of shorts (refer to http://www.mbakecheng.com/how-to-choose-the-right-shorts_18/) suitable to the city to work or more in society.

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