The Most Stylish Outfits

The out let most season of the year is approaching with great strides – Oktoberfest is coming!Stylish fashion professionals make at least now thought to their Oktoberfest wardrobe.

Discovered here, the great costumes Trends 2016 and convinced soon in a guaranteed stylish dirndl look! These trendy it-pieces you are sure envious looks. I wish you an enjoyable read and nachstylen!

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Street Style Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014

Seductive and refined, elegant or reinterpreted in more urban romantic version, the lace is one of the trend this spring-summer 2014.

I see, I see. Sometimes the more I see that I do not see. Emblem of an alluring sensuality that gives a nod to transparency and embroidery, fine craftsmanship heritage, former star of lingerie and a mood a bit ‘retro a bit’ romantic, in the spring-summer 2014 lace also won the ‘women’s outwear and stands out as one of the trends of the season.

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Design Your Own Skirt

One of the absolute coolest by sewing his own clothes, is that one can decide how it should look.

In other words, designing his own clothes.

And it should, therefore, not be intimidated by. Although many are thinking “Yes, but I also am not designer”, now not so much before it actually is its own designer. A single change on a purchased pattern, and then you have already created your own design. So simple it is actually.

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Skirt with Buttons

One of the fashion trends of the summer 2016 is the skirt with buttons, a real must-haves combining modern style with the style of the past. This piece of clothing, in fact, has its roots in magical and whimsical anni ‘ 70. To date has been revisited, at least in part, by several maison, who inserted inside of their collections by playing with fabrics, with materials, suggesting strong contrasts or unexpected details. The model that certainly goes for the higher that featured a central row of buttons, but there are also asymmetrical, side and even double variants. Let us see what are the skirts with the buttons of the summer 2016 that is worth sticking in their wardrobe.

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How to Iron a Pleated Skirt


The skirts are the item of women’s clothing for excellence. Several in the cut, the fabric and color, are a “must have” that never disappoints. Obviously, some more elaborate models require special precautions in the step of washing and ironing. To preserve them over time, in fact, it is appropriate to use a little of grace. Specifically, let us see how to treat and ironing a pleated skirt, to get a perfect result. Continue reading →

How to Wear a Fabric Skirt

Skirts, who does not love them? Some say that a beautiful skirt is all the difference between a man and a woman dressed for work. Few people know, but there are courts in the United States that allow lawyers to use only skirts , you know? This is even a prized piece, even by law. And they are stylish, no?


Fabric skirts are versatile and can be worn both day and night. The tip is to enhance your body above all. So do not abuse the short length if you are out of shape or have legs together, is to have thick thighs or walk anyway. It takes almost perfect measurements with those of cloth mini skirts.

Try always to use medium length skirts at formal events and will never commit errors in the visual. Based on Heartattackskirts, the ideal length for work and social events is a skirt to the thigh end, near the knee. The closer your skirt is also cooler and behaved will be your look.

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Maternity Summer 2010 Collection

Dear mothers, today I present the new 2010 Benetton collection. When it’s hot, and the belly is plentiful it is not easy to find something to wear, even to go to the sea. I do not like a lot of the maternity clothes, I prefer to choose clothes or large mesh, maybe empire and try to create a look suitable to my personality. It must say that it is not always feasible and perhaps it can be a fun choice in leisure. Who must necessarily go to the office and maybe even took many kilos, it is best that you purchase some head for the occasion. A dispassionate advice: do not be fooled by synthetic clothes. In pregnancy you still sweat more and you better be wearing natural fibers.

Benetton collection is the solution to your problems. Meanwhile, because clothes are not typically Maternity, are meant to highlight the belly. They are clothes for all, modern and youthful. You can see the colors: pastel shades, floral prints, very contemporary.

The Maternity collection of Benetton follow fashion this year, with the classic baggy sweaters that then you can weave in our pleasure and top with V-neck very colorful. Almost everything is cotton or linen, sometimes wrinkled or with aretro effect. For clothes, much to the sea and free time, come proposals atmospheres “ethnic” lived on a journey of rediscovery of ancient traditions to enhance the fantasies, the drapes and flounces. And then there are costs.Benetton will also caters to this. Photos taken from

Beautiful Big Size Skirts for Sale

When you as a consumer are standing and must have made you a purchase of new skirts, it is obviously important that you receive chosen you a delicious product, which has a fat and attractive design.

Skirts are of all time were produced in a variety of designs, and there are many manufacturers of skirts. If you want to get hold of a good product in a good and solid quality, there will be plenty of opportunities to get hold of one or more tidy and presentable skirts at

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