11 Best ROMs for Android

Android is a free operating system, what you want to say that its source code is available for anyone with sufficient knowledge can download it, tangle at will and even improve it by creating different forks or ROMS, alternative versions that others can download and install on their own devices.

Although sometimes we sin to speak only of the most popular on the Android scene we can find an enormous amount of ROMs, each one with its own unique characteristics. Here we show a list that, in our humble opinion, are the Eleven best which you can download and install on your phone. Continue reading →

OmniROM Announces Its Plans for The Future and The First Nightlies with Lollipop

Although the ROMs for Android market takes years being led by CyanogenMod and does not seem that this will change in the short term, that It doesn’t mean there are no other projects which, being even more humble and have fewer resources and personnel, are also noteworthy.

It is the case of OmniROM, whose team has just announced that will be their next steps, passing through the abandonment of new nightlies for Android 4.4 KitKat to focus their efforts on the launch of its first versions using Android 5.0 Lollipop. Continue reading →

OnePlus Reveals Oxygen OS, Its New Android-Based Operating System

Yesterday we told you about the periodic table OnePlus had shown to refer to their upcoming new features. True to his style, the Chinese manufacturer was ambiguous so we eat us coconut, busquesemos possible meanings and, ultimately, we ayudásemos them to feed the hype.

And in the new or mobile end or metal casing, the chosen table element has been oxygen, because this is how you will call its new Android-based ROM: Oxygen OS. In this way, OnePlus next devices will have a new ROM designed and controlled by them, and the promise that we find just bloatware, but a clean and customizable design. Continue reading →

It Could Compete a Cyanogen with Microsoft against Android and Its Google Play?

The Declaration of intent of Cyanogen a few days dropping in a few years they could get an Android that depended not Google, and Microsoft’s recent investment in the company of the ROM have made the rumor mill fire, and have been many who have wanted to see a possible joint project in this succession of news.

And with this, the most important question would not be if a CyanogenMod Lumia is possible or a new range of mobile that close Microsoft users of Android, the key question would be whether an operating system based on Android, but Google applications I could get to run as a real alternative. Continue reading →

The Creator of CyanogenMod Leaves Samsung, But What Makes Praising The S4 Galaxy

Steve Kondik It is one of the celebrities of the Android world. The creator of ROM CyanogenMod It was signed in August 2011 by Samsung to work on their Android devices, but in an article in your account from Google + Kondik has indicated that He left his work in the company.

In this farewell Kondik focuses on praising the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S4, and it does not give details about what will be in the future, explaining that he simply decided to “do something new”. Continue reading →

ROMs Cooks Turn Their Backs on The Samsung Galaxy S4

Every time you a flagship, the community usually makes an effort by rootearlo, play with the code and create ROMs to get more out. A story that is repeated and it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will change slightly.

After its presentation in New York last week, many were hoping that developers would like to sink his tooth to tinker with it and create new versions. However, the reality is different and CyanogenMod has championed the message: We went from the Samsung Galaxy S4. Continue reading →

CyanogenMod Is Preparing The Integration of a Tool for Super Users

The developer of the system of terminals Android ClockworkMod Recovery recovery has released a beta version of a new application to manage a super user permissions, and according to his statements, this solution will be integrated in the next major version of the CyanogenMod ROM.

Tool programmed by Koushik Dutta is Open Source, It supports the Jelly Bean multi-user functionality and makes use of the management of permissions and privileges of Android model for applications that need it at certain times give super user permissions to access certain restricted areas of the software and hardware of our mobile devices. Continue reading →

CyanogenMod Already Offers Android 4.2.2

Long offering CyanogenMod Android 4.2 several of its terminals supported, and this group continues to offer the latest in Android terms. A few days ago Android 4.2.2 files became AOSP, and the guys have taken advantage to hurry up and offer it to users.

These developments are beginning to be in some nightlies and will be secured in CyanogenMod M2, its monthly version with more stability than the nightlies, but without being as stable as final versions. Between the terminals supported by far are the latest Nexus and several high-end temrinales. We leave you with the complete list. Continue reading →

12.1 CyanogenMod Is Already Just around The Corner, and These Are Just Some of The Novelties

In the last few weeks Cyanogen is on everyone’s lips by such diverse issues as statements by its CEO in which ever that may attack major brands, its successful rounds of investment or the news that already are preparing to launch the much vaunted first Mobile Android without trace of Google.

But this exhibition does not prevent that they continue working on your ROM, and your development team is already immersed in the task of keeping pace with Google and implement in the minimum possible time the news of Android 5.1 in a new version to be called CyanogenMod 12.1, and which is already being tested internally and soon so it will begin to see the light with their first nightlies. Continue reading →

Lollipop Continues to Grow and Kit Kat Becomes The Majority Version of Android

This time Google has taken a little more than normal to update statistics with percentages of use which has each version of Android. Few innovations to the view but with a pleasant surprise: Lollipop continues to grow while the older ones are losing ground. No hurry, because month-to-month growth has been small.

Lollipop It has gone from a 3.3% 5.4% According to the data published in April. Probably to some little but must take into account that in one month they have grown a lot. Good because it have manufacturers who have released updates throughout this month and the release of this version of series phones. Continue reading →

Are New Operating Systems a Threat to Android?

With 81.5% of market share, Android continues to dominate in indisputable way the sector’s operating systems for phones and tablets. The domain is such that large systems of competition seem to stagnate hopelessly far to aim if you want to reach them, while new choices are forced to fight among them or the few miajas share remaining free.

But the history of the technological world is littered with fallen giants and lost thrones, reason why on Google they should be very attentive to new proposals that carry appearing since the year past, because you never know which of them could be that put the hard things in the future. Continue reading →

Approaching The Android without Google: Blu and Cyanogen Will Bet by Opera, Bing and Cortana

Kirt McMaster a man who is saved is not what you think, and in recent weeks has left us some pearls as his forecast that Apple and Samsung will fall in 5 years as already happened other leaders such as RIM and Nokia, or that the aspirations of your company spend by getting that Android will become independent of Google.

But if the CEO of Cyanogen is an optimistic person of itself, how are going to shut up now that his company has achieved a funding round of $ 80 million with the participation of companies of the likes of Twitter, Telefónica or Rupert Murdoch? In an interview yesterday with Forbes McMaster not only ratified his words, but it ensures that they will end up with Google, which go to put a bullet in the head with a new phone. Continue reading →

Cyanogen Receives a Round of 80 Million Dollars from Twitter, TelefóNica and Rupert Murdoch

If we met that day to Cyanogen as a team that sought to create for different mobile Android ROMs tell us at the time they were going to receive a multi-million dollar investment from companies like Telefonica probably would say that it is a lie. Well Yes, that small group that evolved into a startup in Android has received a funding round.

Companies such as Twitter, Telefónica and Qualcomm have invested in total 80 million of dollars on Cyanogen. It is not the first time that capture the interest of large investors, already at the time Microsoft was interested in them but now receive an amount that will allow them to continue growing and evolving as an alternative to Google on its own platform, Android road. Continue reading →

Hugo Barra Talks about Windows Phone and Xiaomi: Is a Timely Project

One of the protagonists of Android today is Microsoft. The Redmond announced yesterday that Windows 10 would reach the Xiaomi Mi4 in the form of ROM. Without giving many details, some began to launch campaigns on the fly and say that Microsoft wanted to steal users to Google’s operating system with this movement. Things are sometimes exaggerated and taken out of mother. For this reason, Hugo Barra has had to put some order. Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy SIII Receive Their Ration of Unofficial Lollipop

Samsung Galaxy S, there where you can see him, is a terminal that came out in 2010. Two years later, we met the third generation of this family. Neither is supported by the Koreans and long ago ceased to receive updates. It will not do so in the future, but fortunately the community does not forget them.

Last week we saw how Google launched version 5.1 of Lollipop. While we hope to start to deploy (first go with 5.0) the cooks already released their ROMs with the latest Android and two of the first beneficiaries are somewhat atypical: the original Samsung Galaxy S and the SIII. Continue reading →

7 Sense and Android 5.0 Lollipop Give HTC Hop One M9 to The M8 with This ROM

Soon he has made failure so the HTC One M9 software innovations reach other terminals. With the device just around the corner, it will be one of the first stop of this year range, the chefs are already moving and working with the ROM to see what they can do with it.

Now they have taken the most logical step: bring all that to the previous model. In other words, the M8. Team Skydragon, created by an Argentine Cook, has already created a ROM that brings all the benefits we have seen in the M9 flagship launched in 2014 and, of course, that includes Lollipop as OS version. Continue reading →

How Can I Have 5.1 Lollipop without Waiting for That My Manufacturer I The Say

More than one month ago is sighting by the India, in Android One devices, a new flavor of the Android lollipop. However, we have had to wait until yesterday before Google officially announced Android 5.1 Lollipop, a new version of which has already been published including the source code, and which will progressively reaching the most important devices of the platform.

Is a major update with many updates in your changelog, and although there are no major changes, its improvements become Yes the experience of doing user-centric mature Android 5.0. Continue reading →

Moto E Receives Their Ration of Lollipop with The First 12 CyanogenMod Nightlies

For the smallest of the family Moto users have reasons to be in luck, because if last week we already did echo that Motorola was beginning to bike E to upgrade to the latest version of Android, today are the developers of the Forum XDA which give them a joy presenting an adapted version of CyanogenMod 12.

This way, users of the E bike you have two options to give your devices the flavor of Lollipop carrying both waiting, the official version of the manufacturer and the unofficial a ROM that aspires to be able to release Android and stop the operating system from relying on Google. Continue reading →

EMUI 3.0, The New Personalization on Android Device from Huawei and Honor

The Chinese firm Huawei continues taking steps on their way to conquer our markets, and it is that Europe still had failed to remove the unfounded stigma of being a Chinese manufacturer.

Yesterday we knew that Huawei would leave the mark Ascend to initiate a new strategy when it comes to naming their new devices, and today we present EMUI 3.0, the new personalization on Android It will use the future terminal of Huawei and also Honor. Continue reading →

Leaked Beta 4 FlymeOS of Meizu to The 5 Google Nexus

We are used to that when a manufacturer launches its own UI for Android, this end in disappointment and being criticized by everyone, either by a have an unfortunate design or not finish convince with their functions or its stability. But this is not always the case, and some occasionally comes to us than another exception.

Some of these last exceptions have come us from China, with Xiaomi MIUI or a Flyme Meizu OS that already last summer I warned that I would start to get to other devices, and whose Nexus 5 beta has been leaked a few hours by a Chinese forum, and is now going through other specialized as the XDA. Continue reading →

Cyanogen Announces The Nightlies of CM12 to Carry Multiple Devices Android 5.0.1

The waiting has come to an end, Cyanogen promised that they would start the year with a surprise and this has come in the form of CyanogenMod 12 nigthlies for a good collection of devices. They have also announced that works with your ROM M versions, which are more stable than the nightly but even with failures, are already 85% be completed.

With this launch, one of the most popular ROMs on the scene will offer mobile Galaxy Nexus or Moto G, Galaxy S2 owners can obtain for your devices all the benefits of Android 5.0.2. Continue reading →

12 CyanogenMod Already Shows Its New Face with Material Design

Already a few weeks ago that we know the roadmap of Cyanogen Inc. after leaving the development of its 11 CyanogenMod ROM based Android KitKat.

The development team most famous scene Android, now grown into a company with all of the law, is already working around the clock for the first stable build of CyanogenMod 12 is ready by the announced date, that there is not another that next January 2. Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy S4, a Video with Your Upgrade to 5.0 Android Lollipop

If this Monday I took the news that Samsung Galaxy S4 would receive an official upgrade to Android 5.0 in early 2015, today finally We can see that official rom operation Thanks to a video uploaded by the guys at Sammobile, the same as a final of last month they showed another video version of the S5 Galaxy.

In this video, we will not only see that the interface of TouchWiz receives several benefits of Android L, but that we can also see how some of Samsung apps such as calls, SMS or clock benefit from Material Design design lines. Continue reading →

OnePlus One Receives Update OTA KitKat 4.4.4 with Many New Features

Although many users continue to have problems accessing a OnePlus One purchase code, there is no doubt that it is a great phone.

And more importantly, the company is committed in developing and implementing software resulting in great support of the same. So much so that they just released the update based on Android 4.4.4 (last available official before the arrival of Android L) with lots of fixes and optimizations software. Continue reading →