Engadget Android Question: What You Missing a Android Market?

As each week (and that will only two) are back with our question Xataka Android, This time about the shortcomings of the Android Market. There has been much criticism in the past, but with the latest updates of Google thing has calmed somewhat. However want to know your opinion, what is missing to the Android Market? Continue reading →

Engadget Android Question: Android Is Only for Geeks or Anyone Can Use It?

Once again we are back with our question Xataka Android, This time about if Android is only for Geeks. Many people think that is the case, that Android is an operating system for people who knows a lot about mobile and computers and that for a user without much knowledge is not valid. Do you think so? Is Android only for Geeks or anyone can use it? Continue reading →

Engadget Android Question: How to Avoid Malware on Android?

As each week (and that will only two) are back with our question Xataka Android, This time about the malware on Android. We have had weeks torchy on this issue, with extraordinary actions by Google, so we want to know what you think the readers on this topic. How to avoid malware on Android? We want to know so much individual Google’s solutions. Continue reading →

Engadget Android Question: If You Had to Choose, What You Comprarias, a Tablet or an Android Mobile?

Once again we return with our question Xataka Android, this time about what to buy, if a mobile or an Android tablet. In the hypothetical case that had to choose, what you would prefer? Of course we are talking about tablets with Honeycomb. What you compraríais, a phone or a tablet? Continue reading →

Genbeta Dev, New Blog for Developers (Also of Android)

Today we are at Weblogs SL, editor of Xataka Android release. On this occasion we launched Genbeta Dev, a publication created by and for developers. We want to offer every day articles with the relevance of the sector, focusing on the main novelties of all platforms and languages (including Android). But, above all, we want to explain what each new implications for developers, with an analysis of each one of us. Continue reading →

Acne Men, Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 in The Paris Fashion Week

To who his uncles or grandparents not have given once a seedy and tacky t-shirt with the name of any city you have visited? I think all any time we’ve had to hide in our closets these tourist t-shirts made for guiris eagerly purchase (I myself have one of Tenerife with two parrots that gives me enough laugh). Continue reading →

Rag & Bone Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 in New York Fashion Week

The House, founded in 2002 by David Neville y Marcus Wainwright, who by the way do not have formal training in design is concerned (or lack it makes them), it have very clear, fashion that they make is that would like to see on their own friends, and seen in the N.Y. Fashion Week, friends have and many. Continue reading →

Calvin Klein Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 in New York Fashion Week

Not to speak of Calvin Klein in the New York fashion week It is almost a sin, and for Americans it’s a signature that could be considered sacred, here in Europe we see things in a different way, and although it hurts to say it still to this day is the home of the underwear. Although we must recognize that the ultimate collection Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 presented last week in the city of the skyscrapers he deserves all the respect. Continue reading →

Primark, Collection Spring-Summer 2011 with Some Opportunities

We continue with one of the most controversial collections where them their season Spring/summer 2011. Either by the quality of finish, by their cheap imitations (that is all about to the end and at the end) or good for the bad reputation that haunts the firm, Primark It has both admirers and detractors in all fields. While it is true that it is not a signature that we can blindly trust to fill our wardrobe, accessories at affordable prices Fund or the possibility of making us with some basic such as t-shirts and jerseys of peak stripes or the borsalinos for this new season and at a price more than reasonable, is sometimes tempting. Continue reading →

79 Dolphin Says Goodbye to The Zoo from Orange

Mobile phone users and in particular those who have smartphones tend increasingly to use your data connection at the expense of calls or the short message of rates with a large amount of minutes.

Seems to be that operators are aware of this, with the launch of rates that each call is paid but includes a high traffic Internet or the new Orange whale rates, with just a few minutes but many megabytes, and for this reason that this latter company has decided get out of your particular zoo a rate. Continue reading →

Accessories HTC Desire X, Samsung Galaxy 2 Mini and Sony Xperia Type with Orange

Reach October updates the catalog of Orange smartphones After already meeting those of Movistar and Vodafone, a mobile range average at affordable prices and qualities that until not long ago, they were a thing of the best and two low ranges for many of the most common uses. It is the case of HTC Desire X, Samsung 2 Mini Galaxi and Sony Xperia type. Continue reading →

Orange Launches a Bonus Weekly Prepayment of 50 SMS for One Euro

The short messages are still in decline, mostly by the rise of the Internet connections on mobile and instant messaging applications, and is now when finally the traditional operators lower their prices.

Years had gone with SMS to 15 cents in the traditional operators, that only they have dared to lower its price in specific tariffs or bonds, and now it is Orange which dares with a bonus for its prepaid customers. Continue reading →

Orange Extends Stay of 24 Months to Terminals Outside The High-End

The main news of August as operators is not more than the momentary return of subsidies to new customers at Vodafone but Orange He has also made a small negative change in this aspect.

A from today the range of terminals that fall into the high end, not with a new very wide Orange mobile if not with others that were already in catalog, causing the extension of the commitment to stay on your purchase. Continue reading →

Countries with Wide Orange Calls to a Penny Per Minute with The SIM World Card

Seems to be that Orange don’t want to miss at the clients that perform often calls abroad and after announcements of MVNOs like Lebara or LlamaYa the French operator lowers the price of international calls.

Starting time will be 20 countries that the SIM world customers can call Since a penny per minute: Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, France, Germany, Romania, Morocco, India, Pakistan, China, Portugal, Austria, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Russia and United States. Continue reading →

BlackBerry Back to What Best Can Do: Smartphones with Physical Keyboard for The Enterprise

BlackBerry, John Chen, CEO is trying to turn the complicated situation that is going through the manufacturer, in a recent interview with Reuters unveiled one of the keys to its commitment for the next 18 months: “the approach will be very focused on the keyboard”.

Or what is the same: BlackBerry will again try to shine with mobile devices that the physical keyboard is one of the differential characteristics. A singular idea in a market that seems to have forgotten the success that had these solutions, especially in the enterprise market. Continue reading →

BlackBerry Is Willing to Put an End to Leaks: «The Responsible Will Be Punished»

John Chen, the Chief Executive of BlackBerry, has been very forceful in his company blog to ensure today that is not prepared to tolerate more leaks. Something «fat» should be in the oven this company when its Chief decides to give face so emphatically.

The funny thing is that this has happened just two days after that they began to bloom the rumors that predict how will be BlackBerry OS 10.3. Although, in reality, they are more to rumors. If you take a look at the post we published yesterday find that it is of a full-fledged filtration, that, moreover, it is illustrated with abundant screenshots. Continue reading →

The Fleeting Passage of Blackberry by MWC 2014

BlackBerry It is present at the Mobile World Congress, but their presence has passed fairly unnoticed. They have lost potential, and it shows in this fairs: they have not presented any new smartphone key in your catalog of products for the remainder of the year, although they have given information about a couple of new models. In a very timid way, everything is said. Continue reading →