Orange Extends Stay of 24 Months to Terminals Outside The High-End

The main news of August as operators is not more than the momentary return of subsidies to new customers at Vodafone but Orange He has also made a small negative change in this aspect.

A from today the range of terminals that fall into the high end, not with a new very wide Orange mobile if not with others that were already in catalog, causing the extension of the commitment to stay on your purchase. Continue reading →

Countries with Wide Orange Calls to a Penny Per Minute with The SIM World Card

Seems to be that Orange don’t want to miss at the clients that perform often calls abroad and after announcements of MVNOs like Lebara or LlamaYa the French operator lowers the price of international calls.

Starting time will be 20 countries that the SIM world customers can call Since a penny per minute: Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, France, Germany, Romania, Morocco, India, Pakistan, China, Portugal, Austria, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Russia and United States. Continue reading →

BlackBerry Back to What Best Can Do: Smartphones with Physical Keyboard for The Enterprise

BlackBerry, John Chen, CEO is trying to turn the complicated situation that is going through the manufacturer, in a recent interview with Reuters unveiled one of the keys to its commitment for the next 18 months: “the approach will be very focused on the keyboard”.

Or what is the same: BlackBerry will again try to shine with mobile devices that the physical keyboard is one of the differential characteristics. A singular idea in a market that seems to have forgotten the success that had these solutions, especially in the enterprise market. Continue reading →

BlackBerry Is Willing to Put an End to Leaks: «The Responsible Will Be Punished»

John Chen, the Chief Executive of BlackBerry, has been very forceful in his company blog to ensure today that is not prepared to tolerate more leaks. Something «fat» should be in the oven this company when its Chief decides to give face so emphatically.

The funny thing is that this has happened just two days after that they began to bloom the rumors that predict how will be BlackBerry OS 10.3. Although, in reality, they are more to rumors. If you take a look at the post we published yesterday find that it is of a full-fledged filtration, that, moreover, it is illustrated with abundant screenshots. Continue reading →

The Fleeting Passage of Blackberry by MWC 2014

BlackBerry It is present at the Mobile World Congress, but their presence has passed fairly unnoticed. They have lost potential, and it shows in this fairs: they have not presented any new smartphone key in your catalog of products for the remainder of the year, although they have given information about a couple of new models. In a very timid way, everything is said. Continue reading →

BlackBerry Ontario, New Developing High-End Smartphone

A device with the internal name”Ontario”it has been discovered in the benchmark database Geekbench. It’s a phone, and is signed by the Canadian BlackBerry, that as he had planned, will continue brewing terminals.

Interesting thing is not know their existence, but some of the features that can be removed from the database, which would tell her story with a next-generation hardware, and could be the model that BlackBerry prepare for the North American market. Continue reading →

BlackBerry Z3 “Jakarta”, a First Recreation and Specifications

Until we know, there are a couple of BlackBerry devices in the oven: one with specifications of last generation, to try to return with guarantees to the North American market, and affordable one – called Jakarta – designed for emerging markets.

A recreation of BlackBerry Jakarta, accompanied by specifications, it has appeared in the specialized media of the Canadian company. Synchronize information, this terminal is which would be brewing in Foxconn factories. Continue reading →

The US Department of Defense Will Not Save BlackBerry [Updated]

UPDATE: Contrary to what you said the first reports, the DoD has clarified that the 80,000 terminals BlackBerry will not be new acquisition but that these terminals that already had in stock.

After months adrift, the arrival of John Chen to the position of CEO of BlackBerry (first as interim acting head and now only as “Chief”) seems a bit stabilized the situation of this Canadian manufacturer. Chen, precisely, has stated on several occasions that the future of BlackBerry goes back to its roots, i.e., focusing on software, business and security. Continue reading →

John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, Will Keep His Post “Until The Company Will Recover”

After the attempted sale of BlackBerry, Thorsten Heins, was then CEO of the company, was dismissed from his post. To replace him temporarily, BlackBerry chose John S. Chen as “Interim CEO” and began a process to find a new CEO. Currently, the search has been suspended and John Chen is already listed as CEO, without the “interim” accompanying dependents. Continue reading →

BlackBerry Will Return to Its Origins with The QWERTY Keyboard

Quite logically, but against the philosophy of the company, the former CEO of BlackBerry – Thorsten Heins – tried that physical keyboards were less important. In fact, BlackBerry 10 was released with a full touch Z10, which was a statement of intent.

The reality is that the new platform of Canadians has never come to work well, with or without a physical keyboard, and aside from changes in the dome and associations with other companies – Foxconn-, have to be clear what kind of terminals want to create, and that they are going to be several years more in business. Continue reading →

BBM Will Be Included in The Twelve Phones Manufacturers, Channels Come out in Beta

BlackBerry follow movements in the dome, but while we see that they bet strong on its communication service, which has had a positive reception on arrival to Android and iOS devices.

Canadians have reached an agreement with twelve manufacturers to pre-load the BBM application on their new computers, all with operating system Android. This does not mean anything about the free version which you can download. Continue reading →

The Series C of BlackBerry in New Images, Do Two Versions?

With greater or less Fortune BlackBerry goes ahead, and as such remain products and rumors. I had already anticipated the existence of the BlackBerry series C, but now we have a couple of new images to share.

After the BlackBerry Z30 which improves the range top, now it is the turn to intermediate level, or perhaps access to BlackBerry 10. Of the “c-serie” expect a screen to move between 4.2 and 4.5 inches, with resolution 720 p. Continue reading →

BlackBerry Z30, Analysis

The saga over the future of Blackberry has not caused paralysis when it comes to continue offering product. BlackBerry Z30 is the new smartphone franchise of the Canadian manufacturer, replacing the Z10 as a top of the range overlooking the Christmas campaign.

Z30 is also responsible for teaching BlackBerry 10.2, a major update of the operating system that is also coming to the rest of models equipped with it. Jump to five inches and improvements on a platform that already by itself we liked. Promises, no? Let’s see. Continue reading →

The Plan of Selling BlackBerry to Fairfax, Thorsten Heins Fails Leaves as CEO

This morning I remembered that today was the day, BlackBerry was to take a decision on the sale of the company plan to Fairfax for 4,700 million dollars. Canadians have been officially reported that the agreement is broken and there is change of strategy. A very important detail: Fairfax Financial has failed to meet the agreed figure, though neither is clear the amount, and probably not reached an agreement with the same. Continue reading →

Success of BBM in The Stores of Applications, Critical by False Estimations

Not everything was going to be bad news in BlackBerry, as you could guess by the numbers of downloads announced – 10 million in 24 hours-, the application should be located among the most sought-after of the respective app stores. When a free application with renowned appears, it is possible that quickly placed in conspicuous positions. Continue reading →

BlackBerry, to Their Clients: “You Can Continue to Count on Us”

They’re not being good times for BlackBerry. The company, on sale officially since few weeks ago, still has difficulties finding a buyer and the only offer firm, Fairfax, could not materialize. For this reason that since some sources point to the possibility of a sale by divisions, something that could end up permanently with the company as we know it. Continue reading →

The Co-Founders of BlackBerry Is Raise Repurchase The Company

To date, it is not all clear is the future that awaits you to BlackBerry. For the moment, the only offer firm which owns the Canadian company is Fairfax, but as we said yesterday, does not rule out a sale by divisions since Fairfax does not seem to have managed to put together the money offered. In this way, and to be available for fragments, they may appear new stakeholders and they are already playing some names. Continue reading →

Cisco, SAP and Google, in Negotiations with BlackBerry According to Reuters

A few days ago, Fairfax Financial confirmed an offer of 4,700 million dollars by BlackBerry, but as it is detailed in the terms of the agreement, the Canadian company had freedom to continue to negotiate with other potential buyers until November 4. If by then they did not find a better offer, the Fairfax would be final. If, on the other hand, someone improving this sum, BlackBerry could accept it and would have to pay a penalty to Fairfax. Continue reading →

BlackBerry Recognizes That It Loses Ground in Emerging Markets

At this point in the film don’t have to remember which BlackBerry It is going through the worst moment in its history, with an offer of purchase on the table, and in fall free in the different markets where it operates.

The Canadian company has a number of markets where support, especially in areas considered to be emerging. Preview of the own BlackBerry that they admit that they are losing market share in them, it sounds pretty bad. Continue reading →