Google Will Boost The Sale of Applications for Payment

The Android Market is not yet profitable for the applications for payment and this is something that many have seen when comparing the downloads of the trial version of an application against the payment. Google hopes this will change this year, which will focus on improving its applications store.

To encourage sales, Google goes to facilitate the payment form, adding the possibility of charges to be included in the phone bill, to save the users get personal and banking data to make purchases or having to have account on Google Checkout and cia. Continue reading →

Android Studio Way to Chrome OS, Google Could Announce It on The Google I/O 2017

2017 East seems to be one of the years most important for Chrome OS, the year which finally Google will meats on the grill to demonstrate that this desktop operating system has much to say.

Now all the new Chromebooks launched from 2017 will come with Google Play so users can install more than one million applications and Android games. Chrome OS is made compatible with Android. Continue reading →

Are You Finished Download The Entire SDK, You Can Download The Binaries of ADB and Fastboot Separately

One of the things most heavy, but necessary, when it comes to rooting our device is to download the necessary elements that will allow us to carry out the process on our computer, not only the device drivers, but also the necessary binaries. For this last, so far was mandatory to download the SDK completely. Continue reading →

The Apps Android Learn to Differentiate between Day and Night to Better Adapt to The Environment

Google has opened the door to a new conception of the adaptation of the Smartphones a day and night. We are not talking about just change the brightness, from now on it will be possible to look more suitable for every moment thanks to a complete change of the theme of each app.

It is part of the latest update of libraries Android Support 23.2 Library, which also brings other changes that will appreciate the developers as more facilities to create context menus floating below, custom tabs to keep the appearance of the own app during a consultation from the same browser or the library Leanback that porting an app to Android TV with several standards already optimized. Continue reading →

The Android App Market Also Is Renewed

The recent news that has received the web version of the Android Market will also reach the native Android application. In a talk in Google I/o 2011 is has seen a new version of the Android Market.

Back to undergo a complete refurbishment, achieving a much more meticulous and colorful interface where it no longer has anything to do with the current version that you did not convince all the dead spaces had, above all if we used the phone in horizontal. Continue reading →

The Android Market Website Get Latest News

Google knows that it must improve its applications store Android Market, and today the update has reached to its web version where you have added five news it easier to know what are the best apps for Android.

The first novelty, and surely more respondent by users, is that we finally have tops downloads, where can we know which are the applications more downloads, separate payment applications and free applications. Continue reading →

The Google Paranoid Android Apps Are Once Again Available

A few weeks ago that we told you about the end of the support to the package of Paranoid Android from Google Apps, one of the most valued by the users of the major developments based on Android Open Source Project.

Perhaps the effort made by the developer TKruzze after the Paranoid Android GApps constitute one of the biggest advantages of the ROM with respect to other developments of the Android scene, although his departure from the project in principle announced the end of the support to the prized package of applications. Continue reading →

SafeSwitch, The New Functionality of Qualcomm for Its Snapdragon 810

With the arrival of the new year new processors knock at the door, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, clear candidate to give life to future high range that arise along this 2015. Taking advantage of this, the manufacturer has decided to add several utilities such as streaming video at 4K, the cancellation of noise in video or the protagonist of today, SafeSwitch. Continue reading →

Intel Launches Beacon Mountain, His Suite for Developments Android on ARM and Atom

Intel has announced the availability of Beacon Mountain, a development environment for Android applications which is oriented to devices based on the ARM architecture and Intel Atom Processors.

The suite of development promises to offer “tools, debugging, design and programming targeted to productivity for applications targeting Android devices based on ARM and Intel Atom,” including smartphones and tablets. Intel also clarified that these tools are compatible with Eclipse and they support traditional Android SDKs as the Android NDK. Continue reading →

Vulkan 1.0 Release, The SDK Android Come “Soon”

With a bit of delay with regard to the calendar marked, but the Consortium Khronos Group has managed to launch Vulkan 1.0, the first version of his Low-level graphic API. It was already known that the adaptation to Android It would not be ready with the release, Google signed a team a team specialized for this job less than six months ago. But at least we have known that the SKD will soon and some companies have created drivers for Android 6.0 Marhsmallow. Continue reading →

Imagination Released The Fluid Demo of Gnomes in Android to Practice with Vulkan

The first Android device to which develop with the newly released API Vulkan 1.0 is the console Google Nexus Player. Imagination Technologies has launched an early access program so developers start working on its PowerVR hardware platforms that support it, that there is at the moment only that.

Since mid-March, the subscribers to the program will have access to the kit PowerVR Graphics SDK v4.1, that it shall contain a Vulkan backend and several examples of what can be done. Our codes will be one improved version of the demo time to gnomes that was used last summer of 2015 to demonstrate what can be achieved on Android devices. Continue reading →

Waze to Launch Their SDK So Third Party Applications to Integrate Your GPS Navigator

Since Google bought Waze nearly three years ago many hope that full integration with Google Maps which fails, and seems that it will not come in the short term, since the popular social application of traffic and navigation has just announced the launch of its SDK for third-party applications can easily implement some of the most useful features of Waze natively. Continue reading →

So Is The New Emulator for Android Studio 2.0: Usability and Speed by Flag

The Android Studio 2.0 integrated development environment is around the corner, in its previous version ready for download we already know all the innovations that we will find in the new emulator Android.

The news of the Emulator Android Studio 2.0 focus on two main benefits, which are on the one hand the speed and performance and on the other hand the usability and user interface, improvements that will help developers to test their applications in a wide range sizes of screen and configurations of hardware beyond the physical devices. Continue reading →