How to Wear: Long Socks

The legs, a sensual part of the female body, for many centuries could not be shown in public. That’s why the women wore dresses and skirts that dragged the floor. It was not until the twentieth century, more or less in the 1920s, that the legs were discovered . The stockings, then, no longer hid under long skirts. And with this valorization of the legs, the socks that cover them, were more worked and beautiful, just to be showns. Continue reading →

Versatile No-show Socks for Men

As soon as the temperatures rise, it is everywhere in a man’s world: inside the shorts and out to the fresh air! And then wearing socks is too much but barefoot is too little. The no-show socks are a good compromise. Learn from their official site how you best wear these socks and what shoes can they be worn with.


What are no-show socks for men and what shoes are they worn with?

What colors and patterns are announced when it comes to no-show socks?

What materials are there?

What are the alternatives to men’s no-show socks?

Conclusion: how to find the perfect no-show socks?


What are no-show socks for men and what shoes are they worn with?

Booties are the perfect replacement for the socks in the summer. The highlight of no-show socks is that they have no socks shaft as a brilliant and comfortable all-rounder. If you would have like to free ankle, but won’t renounce the comforting feeling of fabric between your foot and the boot, the no-show sock is the ideal compromise. In principle, men’s no-show socks fit to any kind of shoe, no matter whether slipper, leather lace-up shoes, sneaker, mid-height trekking boots or running shoes. When wearing the upper part of the booties from best should not or hardly because the feet can be seen, a piece of clothing, like to stay hidden. Important: Ensure that the foot section of the no-show socks is greater than that of the shoes.

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Knee Highs Socks Tights from

Would you like to protect your legs and feet during exercise? So you might want to consider purchasing a pair of knee highs. This collection of offers practical sport socks that are meant to withstand the load at the practice of sport. If you play basketball, football or running long trips, a few practical sport socks can be good support for you. They have long stockings that particularly suitable for sports since the legs are very vulnerable. Stockings are made of durable materials with compression, which keeps the muscles in place and ensures a good blood circulation, so you can perform better and avoid overloading from both legs and feet. The upper part of the sock is equipped with an elastic band, which helps keep the stocking, so you don’t have to be afraid that the sock will slide down while you are in the process of training.

Women's Fishnet Stockings

Get dressed well for your sports activities with a pair of knee highs

When you are playing sports, it is important to do your preparatory work with the training outfit, or your body will be loaded unnecessarily. It comes from blouse, training pants, shoes and stockings. With the right equipment on the body it becomes much easier for you to keep the spirit up and you can get better training results. The stockings on are made of sweat-absorbing and heat-regulating materials, giving you a maximum comfort. In this category, you can find many different color variations. If you are into the classic sport look, you can find more in the toned stocking models. If you prefer a more vibrant sport appearance, you can also find several playful pang colors. Take a look at the great range of stockings and see how you can take good care of your feet.

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Knee Highs Socks Tights