Summer Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags for the summer are essential outdoor pieces within the team for practice trekking, mountaineering and camping on the beach, these sleeping bags should be practical to facilitate its transport and storage and at the same time comfortable, warm and lightweight to carry it wherever you go. Continue reading →

Four Smart Apps For Winter Running!

Winter doesn’t have to mean treadmill running. With these four apps let you run both a little more fun, safe and challenging.

All of these apps are available on the appstore, for both IOS and Android, and vary in price. New this year are Allone, a larmapp for the runner and Sprinter, the app that helps you find love in the running track.

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The Music, Your New Training Partner

While it is true that run to the rhythm of our favorite music has some detractors, most runners have accompanied in any, or many times, our training with music. There are pedestrians and drivers who have complaints of those runners that go with such loud music in your headphones and that are not pending what happens to your around. Those runners who trained with speaker of their phones activated for the entire city are not very accepted in the society. Continue reading →

Cycling, Its Modalities and Some Trivia

Do you by any chance know what cycling is? Have you ever practiced this type of sport? If you have no idea what this word is, continue reading this article that will clarify your doubts and talk about cycling, its modalities and some curiosities.

Cycling for those who do not yet know is a bicycle racing sport that the goal of the participants is to reach a certain goal first or to fulfill a certain course in the shortest possible time.

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Biking, Indoor, Spinning Cycle… Different Names, A Single Exercise

Hello everyone!

In our first post we will try a sports practice that most of fashion have been in recent years.

‘Biking’,’indoor cycle’,’fitbike’,’spin bike’,’body bike’,’spinning’… We know it by different names and it is one of physical exercise that most have sprung up in the gyms.

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Hook, An Essential Tool in the Fishing

The brush hook, commonly known in most of the countries of Latin America, is a fundamental tool for every fisherman in sites of fishing with a height determined and very used in fishing boats. It is of vital importance that if don’t know this attachment you start to relate with, as I can assure you my friend that you’ll get several predicament to draw water to a specimen of good size. In the article of will talk a little bit about the hook, which is actually the same, types of hook, thus its optimal use in hooking the fish. Continue reading →

Fishing with Good Rod

Fishing with a poorly filled reel or a tired line is a rookie mistake. To control emergency!

Check the wire goes through two stages: (wear, twist, strength) quality control, then the good filling of the coil.

First check the aspect (bleached, shoddy, braid nylon scratchy, rough, too twisted, etc.). Questionable parts are deleted.

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How to Choose Your Sleeping Bag

Choosing the right sleeping bag

When you have to choose your sleeping bag, think about you. Consider your requirements for comfort, warmth, space, etc. You will enjoy many relaxing nights.

Points of attention to choosing the right sleeping bag


Do you go hiking or are you staying with friends? A sleeping bag is chosen according to the activity you want to perform, the season and your preferences.

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New Safety Standard for Helmets

By the end of 2014 safety standard for Helmets was. The new standard has implications for existing rijhelmen since 2015 and have an impact on the sale of horse helmets with specialized tack shops. What are the consequences for riders, driving schools and organizations competitions?Since a long time, wearing a helmet when riding required.Official competitions and ride this obligation usually do, so that both the Organization and the rider is to intervene if the insurance in an accident.

The first half by 2015, however, was a gray area when it comes to the safety standards for helmets. Every five years the security certificates are reviewed and adjusted as necessary. A new standard was delayed, and in the meantime, no helmets were with the old standard will be produced anymore.
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What Bait to Use for Trout Fishing

The trout fishing is one of the most ancient types of fishing, which are essential technique and the presence of bait to get success. The use of the methodology is quite important: the rotation and the movement stimulates the bite alarms bait fish, and must be parameterized in a different way, according to the depth and the water temperature. But what is the best bait you need to employ to be able to fish for trout ?? The following practical and detailed guide on display in the next steps, you’ll find out which bait to use to not go home with an empty basket!

Of course, the best bait that you can find in circulation is the silkworm, which is a small larva selected by many fishermen and for its liveliness (even water) for both its attractiveness and appeal of the trout, as well as for its low purchase cost. In certain fisheries contexts, however, it was banned because, if ingested, could cause the death puncturing the stomach of the trout. Alternatively, then, you can successfully use salmon eggs red, sold in specialty stores in convenient cans similar to those traceable in supermarkets for use in the kitchen. Some anglers use as bait also the same trout eggs present inside the fish, always with interesting results. Continue reading →

The Best Lights for Bikes

The bicycle is a means of economical transport, ecological and allows us to stay in close contact with the environment long outings. But often use this medium even in cities increasingly busy and not always equipped everywhere functional bike paths. For all these reasons safety comes first: in addition to the classic option of which equip your bicycle and maintenance to be carried out periodically, we must also think about the system of illumination, as essential as the helmet and the right tire pressure. Along this guide will teach you to pan to figure out what are the best lights for bikes. Continue reading →

Comfort Rating for Sleeping Bags

Can you sleep with a tight hood, from which a small hole only be submitted nose and your mouth? If the answer is “no” correct down by 3-5 degrees expected at very low ambient temperatures. Moisture. Camping there in an atmosphere where despite your efforts are likely to dampen the sack? If so, adjust down by 2-4 degrees for synthetic heard by 4-5 degrees feather. Movements of the body. Rotation and turning into the sack act as a pump that pushes warm air out. If you sleep restlessly adjust down by about 2-4 degrees. Wind protection. Four-sleeping in a tent, correct up to 3 degrees; in trisezonna tent – without correction; under the stars – down by about 3-4 degrees.

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Drinking 3 Liters of Water a Day for Weight Loss

An incredible transformation: a cure for Sarah Smith was forced to drink 3 liters of water a day. The results are amazing, as you can see in the picture.

They say all the doctors, all dieters, all beauty guru.

Drink at least 2 liters of water a day is essential to be beautiful inside and out.

The story of Sara Smith , and the photograph above, will make you really believe in all that we have always been taught. Continue reading →

How to Wear a Bicycle Helmet

Go in bicycle is a healthy activity for the well being of body and mind, as well as being a means of transport that respects the environment. Remember, however, to be careful and to always wear a safety helmet. It must be said that today, in Italy, for cyclists does not apply no obligation to wear a helmet, but it is appropriate to do so, using properly this safety device that could save your life. Just follow the simple rules that ensure the absolute protection of the head during accidental falls or in the event of collision or impact against things or people.

Make sure you have at hand:

A little bit of common sense. Continue reading →

Bicycle Hat and Test 2016

The bike hat enjoys in recent years become increasingly popular. Long ago the head warmers are no longer considered pure helmet accessories for winter. Even in summer, wear ever more German cycling caps. Thus, the bicycle cap has various features that go beyond the insulating properties too. Because they can also serve as protection against sunshine popping or even as a mere fashion accessories.

Nevertheless, the usefulness of bicycle cap comes naturally mainly in winter to wear. For die-hard bikers ride even in frost and freezing cold to work. Here the protective helmet can often be a burden, because usually have the head guards holes on the side or above, which can be the annoying wind through. Our compact guide tells you why you so definitely need a bicycle cap however, telling you all more important around material, design and fit:

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Places to Fish in Araucanía

Lake Caburgua

This lake is 24 km from Pucon. At the southern end is Playa Negra, where you can rent a boat with a boatman to go fishing with best guides.

Calafquén lake
This lake is 124 km from Temuco. The water is warm, and on the coast the village of Lican Ray, where you can rent a boat with a boatman to go fishing is.

Colico Lake
This lake is 134 km from Temuco. There is access to the beaches from which you can launch a boat.

Quillelhue lake
This lake is 30 km from Curarrehue, inside the Villarrica National Park, before the Cristo Redentor and after customs post Puesco. It is an ideal place for fishing.

Lake Villarrica
This lake is 86 km from Temuco. You can rent a boat with a boatman to go fishing both in the lake itself and on the Toltén River, which flows out of the lake.

Laguna Tinquilco
This lake is 30 km from Pucon, east of Lake Caburgua and at the entrance to Huerquehue National Park. You can rent a boat and offers excellent fishing.

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