How To Use The Espeques Of Your Camping Tent

Already published here on the site an article about the types of espeques, and now we left a bit of theory to practice. How to use the espeques? How to put, how to take? How to straighten?And how to clean? Let’s talk about it in this article. Some things are pretty basic, but it’s always useful content for those just starting out camping! Continue reading →

Tools Not to Hurt

What we can use to avoid damage to the fish when it comes to remove them from the water.

For years, Tong were not fishing gear. As it was necessary to solve problems (cut a line, put up a triple folded, removing a Fishhook from the depths of a mouth with teeth…) were incorporated. And today the fisherman can choose different formats and measures for different uses. Continue reading →

3 Suggested Species in Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is without a doubt one of the most jovial and exciting pleasures to practice. As such, sport fishing is defined as the one practiced with the sole purpose of fishing only for the emotion of competing, of trying to capture the largest piece, but then in this mode the fish is returned to the water; Ie it has no commercial character. Continue reading →

Keys to the Coast in Mar Del Plata

How to make a lot of copies fishing in that mode in “La Feliz”. Image gallery.

The city of Mar del Plata stands not only for being a great tourist destination for vacations in family, but also by having a variety of centrally located places in which you can practice our favorite sport. There are many very suitable for fishing, areas in which you can capture a wide variety of species between the lighthouse and the roundabout of Constitution. At this time which most abundant are the silver side and the kingcroakers. In the lines that follow we will describe the best downtown areas, characteristics and equipment to use. Continue reading →

Exped – Scout Hammock Combi Ul

I’ve been able to gather some experience with my Hennessy Hammock over the last few months . But other mothers also have beautiful daughters. So I wanted to take a look outside the box and got me the Exped Scout Hammock Combi UL concerned. This is a similar complete package, as with Hennessy.


The Scout Hammock Combi Ul

The system consists essentially of the hammock including Bugnet and a Tarp, as well as the necessary accessories for hanging the hammock. The Bugnet (mosquito net) is firmly sewn with the hammock and can not be completely removed. In contrast to my Hennessy model, the Scout Hammock has a zipper, which runs on one side of the hammock almost from the head to the foot end. This allows you to quickly and easily make yourself comfortable in the hammock. The mat is also easy to use as a seat.

The design of this hammock is largely symmetrical. This has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand it is with a symmetrical system no matter in which direction one wants to lie. On the other hand, however, you are not quite as flat and stable as with an asymmetric system (at least I am so). I myself prefer an asymmetrical hammock, but this is always due to their own sleeping habits. Here you have to try as a novice simply times both.

The Tarp

The included Tarp is actually a relatively unspectacular. There are some special features. The cords can all be stowed in small bags sewn to the tarp, so they do not spin around uselessly and can not knot themselves. This makes it extremely easy to set up in bad weather.

The Material

The material of Hammock is in itself much thinner and smoother than that of my Hennessy Hammock. However, it is also much more sensitive and sticks more strongly to sweaty skin. Until now, I am quite carefree with the hammock. However, with the thin fabric you should be careful to always leave enough distance to thorns or sharp edges. The double floor between which you can clamp the mattresses should, however, ensure adequate safety.

Sleep Comfort

Now we come to a more subjective point. The comfort of sleeping is, of course, difficult to measure and is very individual in every person. I have only the direct comparison to my Hennessy system, in which I personally feel better to sleep. This may look different in other people. Nevertheless it can be well for my conditions also in the Exped Scout Hammock well. It is important to ensure that you lie as far as possible into the hammock in order to obtain a stable and straight lying position. A lot of practice is not necessary.

If possible I would extend the Scout Hammock to an underquilt, since this is a lot more comfortabler than the solution with the inserted Isomatte. If you take a camping mat, you should also protect the arms from the cold, where the loft of the sleeping bag may be compressed.

Suspension System And Construction

The suspension of the Exped hammock is relatively simple. There is no need to know about knots or hammock-specific equipment. The included belt is wrapped around the tree and the end of the belt is looped through the loop of the webbing (you can also attach the slit cable later).Afterwards hang the hammock simply by carabiner one of the slots of the rope. The same procedure on the other hand and the hammock hangs. The mosquito net is also attached to these slotted cables by means of rubber and thus remains remote from the face. If you need more space, you will also find 3 channels, which can be used to add trekking sticks, but also flexible branches to give the hammock more interior space.

Now, if necessary, the tarp can be stretched over the hammock. The tarp can also be hung on the first in the supporting system of the hanging mats. The four further, necessary anchor points can either be fixed with herring in the ground or simply bind to trees or shrubs.

The Missing Ridgeline

What also stands in the eye in the eye, is the lack of a ridgeline. This helps to achieve the correct lying position.Because this is missing, you have to experiment again with each construction to reach the optimal sleep position.Fortunately, this deficiency can be remedied with a small piece of Dyneema cord. Simply knot the carabiner in the desired length and you have retrofitted the Ridgeline.

Technical Details

Weight of hammock: 575g

Weight Tarp: 335g

Weight Packsack: 14g

Weight suspension: 159g

Material of the hammock:

15 D No-Sea To Mosquito Net Polyester, 1500 mesh / square inch

15 D Taffeta Polyester

Material Tarp: 15 D Ripstop nylon, silicone / PU coated, 1500 mm water column

Total weight: 1083g


The Exped Scout Hammock Combi UL makes a solid impression and offers a complete Hammock set for the beginner. The whole system is well thought-out and also brings in the application a lot of fun through the uncomplicated set-up and the many extras. Nevertheless it is with hammocks probably as similar as with shoes.You have to try a few to find the right one. The Scout Hammock of Exped is it with me unfortunately not, because I lack the asymmetrical cut. Nevertheless, I can recommend the mat. Perhaps she’ll fit you!

As For The Bicycle Saddle On The Correct Height

On many occasions we are faced with the problem of being uncomfortable on top of the bike, for the saddle not being in the correct height. Sometimes too low and we can’t stretch your legs and pedal so easily, sometimes too high and we didn’t get the pedals comfortably. These are examples of which in the saddle of the bike at the correct height may not be that easy, then some practical advice.

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Get on the bike and sit on the saddle. If someone help so that this is completely stiff, the better.

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Kayak Bass Fishing Mexico

We went from Morelia headed Calderon dam, close to Zapotlanejo, Jalisco. Went to Don José, Saenz (SAENZ in the Forte of Michoacán), Juan José Mora (its name as such in Michoacán Forum), Leo Pantoja (LPANTOJA on the Forum) and a server.There we would find with Ricardo Ibarra (in Jalisco RIBARRA Forum), who fish in the boat with Leo and Juan Jose. Don José and Saenz would practice fishing fly from shore, debuting their new tied and complying with an output that had promised to Don Jose for two years… and yo mero as the kayak, you know some who I’m Kayak’s heart and when I can always I took it, made while not using it and then wanted to desestresarme and live with the guys.

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Summer Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags for the summer are essential outdoor pieces within the team for practice trekking, mountaineering and camping on the beach, these sleeping bags should be practical to facilitate its transport and storage and at the same time comfortable, warm and lightweight to carry it wherever you go. Continue reading →