3 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Fish Podeerosas

I never tire of repeating that the art of angling is one of the healthier perform jointly with the family… activities, and not because it is my passion to mention it, no no no, but because in reality this sport air free, full of concentration, knowledge, study, perseverance and love of nature; I am completely confident that you will become a better person. With this article I’m going to appoint 3 powerful reasons why you should learn to fish.

Above all it is important to emphasize to you that don’t need to be exclusively male to become a fisherman; today women much attention them all related to fishing, which is why it becomes a family practice, a sport undoubtedly join the family. Continue reading →

Fishing with the Bibi Fleet Fleet in Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico


Last July I was on vacation with my family in the beautiful port of Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico and had the opportunity to remember old times, when I left for the first you see a deep-sea fishing with my grandfather and my father that God is in his glory, date was the summer of 1974, the BIBI Fleet fleet service provider Our site on that occasion were 6 captured candles which were released 3 more a Black Marlin that my father fought for 4 hours but it was evening and the long return so short the piola.

My grandfather, a server was 6 years old and my father.

New account returned to Mazatlan the summer of 77 there was my second fishing trip with the BIBI fleet, the quiet morning we get a couple of golds more two kegs, saw a bollado blue marlin that didn’t chop more candle failed attack and returned to port.

Back to port after a good fishing.

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How to Organize a Slumber Party

If there is a party that all children will remember forever is a slumber party! Spend the night having fun with a group of friends and then sleep and waking up together is the best way to celebrate a birthday or simply promoting a convivial atmosphere for children. Nothin’ to it and the end result is pure joy and a different night, for kids and grown-ups. Continue reading →

How to Use: Sports Shoes

Do you know the sneakers you use to go to the gym and walk? Well, it will also suit your day-to-day looks! Well, at least that’s what Vogue says. Among the trends that will rock next spring/summer in the Northern Hemisphere, sneakers, kicks or trainers will be present, as well as cropped length, pastel shades, neon colors and pencil skirts. Continue reading →

5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Backpack

The backpack is a very democratic accessory, used by the most different types of people. From professionals to students, from adventurers to sportsmen, having at least one backpack at home is essential for when you need to, not having to rush out to buy one or improvise carrying your things in an improper bag or suitcase. Continue reading →

Fitbit: Germany Start for Fitness Tracker Surge and Charge Hr

Update from the 28.10.2014
Fitbit has confirmed now also the United Kingdom launch for the three new Tracker batch, batch HR and surge. Fitbit will charge from 17 November for around 130 euros in the Fitbit shop be available. The color variations hot black, Slate Grey, blue and Burgundy, where the latter two probably unrelated to the start are available.
The models charge HR and surge cost in Germany 150 or 250 euros and in spring 2015 in appear black, blue and orange-red. Continue reading →

Check out What are the Four Most Fish Found in Brazil

If you are one of those people who is always in search of bigger fish and more beautiful, read this post until the end and meet the main sports fish species that you will find at Brazil.

Don’t forget to go preparing your rod and reel, you won’t hold stay home for long without leaving to catch them!

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The 5 Most Wanted in Brazil for Beach Fishing

Fishing has different modes, such as fly, trolling, fishing for construction, ocean fishing and Beach fishing. The Beach fishing is widely practiced in Brazil, both in shallow beaches as on beaches of tombo, whose depth increases rapidly. In the country, there are many beaches sought for fishing in States such as Bahia, Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

Meet famous beaches in five different States to practice this sport.

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How to Design a Stamp for Plug Water Bottles

Water bottles come in handy when you’re on the run, literally or figuratively, and needs a fresh water to keep it going. It is convenient to be able to carry around a water container that is not as fragile as a glass that you can use at home. You can create exactly the type of chart that you want for your bottled water with a couple of basic measuring tools.

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Why Do F-1 Pilots Wear a Hood under the Helmet?

Do not burn yourself in case of an accident. Like the overalls, this hood is made of a special fabric that does not catch fire and withstands a heat of up to 427 ° C. The correct name of this treco is balaclava, a reference to the old hoods made of small braided rings, used by the medieval knights. “The idea of ​​anti-shrapnel protection under the helmet came after the Austrian Niki Lauda crash at the German GP in 1976. He crashed his Ferrari, got stuck in the hardware and took off his helmet to breathe. But the car exploded and the fire took over the pilot. Lauda has big scars on his face to this day, “says journalist Livio Oricchio, a Formula 1 specialist. Balaclava left a good deal of his face uncovered until the next few years (the photo on the side, with Finnish rider Mika Hakkinen, brings this model old). Today, to increase protection, the balaclava have openings only for the eyes and mouth, where a tube attached to a bottle with water or isotonic enters. The first balaclavas were made of asbestos, a fiber also fire-resistant but less reliable. Currently, they are made with Nomex and Kevlar yarns, two super-resistant synthetic compounds. Another news is that the mechanics who make the pit stop also began to use the balaclava under the helmet to reduce the risk of someone catching fire in the refueling. (I.e.

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Learn How to Prepare to Make a Climb

The climb requires a big physical effort, challenging the practitioner to go beyond their limits. Is a complex activity which involves a series of techniques and methods relevant to your practice.

This has made mountaineering come being practiced beyond leisure, making it a complete activity physical improvements of the practitioner. However, it is important to know how to practice climbing, dosing the effort and avoid crossing the line of the body, so that it can be an activity beneficial to the athlete.

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Havens: The 7 Best Places to Surf in South America

Travel always brings outstanding experiences, with amazing places to explore and have fun. And it may get even better when you can join the pleasure of journey to a sport that you love practice, such as surfing. For that, South America presents several beaches where a surfer can find amazing waves!

So, if you fancy venturing for the beaches and find the best places to surf, here’s our list of the best beaches of this subcontinent and schedule your next travel now!

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How to Assemble a Checklist for the Practice of Sport Fishing

Has now the chance to make good on your next fishing! We have compiled a number of tips for you to be able to put together a perfect check-list to ensure a good job at sea or on the river.

Now we each item listed in this check list to sport fishing must be hand-picked according to your need, desire and vision with fishing. Continue reading expand your knowledge and learn how to plan and ensure amazing fisheries!

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