Tips for Using Pieces of Knitting in Winter

How To Use Knitting Autumn/Winter 2012

If there’s one thing that characterizes winter, of course, is the knitting. The various parts that can be made with the multiple types of knitting stitches are every day coming back a little bit more for fashion. There was a time to use those articles it was Grandma, the knitting is modernizing and attracting younger consumers. Continue reading →

Pitti Immagine Bimbo (Winter)

Florence, 7-10 January 2014: Pitti Immagine W 13. Previews, limited edition and capsules to find the woman of next autumn-winter.

First big event of the year for all fashion fans, 7 to 10 January 2014 in Florence will be the scene Pitti Immagine. Previews, limited edition and capsules fashion woman for the 2014-2015 autumn-winter protagonists for three days Fortezza Da Basso for Pitti Immagine W 13, held concomitantly with Pitti Immagine Uomo 85.

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Maska – the Swedish Way to Experience Naturalness

It can be a little bit more, because light cotton and a thin knit cool much better at high temperatures than you think.

Ein times in the gentle breeze stand and look into the expanse. Does very well. The prerequisite is, of course, that you can also look into the vastness, which is in a big city like Berlin, unfortunately seldom the case. Continue reading →

Women’s Fashion for Ladies

Stylish and experienced mature women are increasingly concerned with the beauty and tuned with what is happening in fashion. Vain and well cared for, the contemporary ladies are safe and housewives themselves, in addition to having good purchasing power and wish to always walk in style, with pieces that Excel elegance, quality and comfort. Continue reading →

Who’s Who: Martin Margiela?

Maison Martin Margiela was born 1957 in Belgian Leuven. His design skills were acquired at the Academy in Antwerp in the mid-seventies.
School friends was called, among other things, Ann Demeulemeester, Dries van Noten, Josephus Thimister, Dirk Bikkembergs, Walter Beirendonck some of which were part of the legendary group”Antwerp six” . Like a rebellious punk did the revolt against the fashion industry. Continue reading →

How to Wear: Sweater

The sweater is an entire garment that protects the trunk and arms from the cold. It is usually made of wool or knitting, but we also find other synthetic materials. Sweater is always that piece that reminds us of a time in childhood that we did not have the autonomy to choose our own clothes. I remember using some of these and dying of shame these days of some photos … Glad that the way to use this piece evolved!As an example, I can cite D & G’s 2010 winter parade. Continue reading →

Autumn Fashion for Plus Size

Even with a few extra kilos you can become autumn fashion Queen. Don’t you believe? We’ve picked a few pieces in which easily hide each špíček and trends!

Are you trying to cover up the bigger and wider thighs? Suit up in the airy blouses with Ruffles, harémových pants with low crotch and don’t worry or knitted dresses. The taste is also a furry cabin vacushape Olga sleeping Max fall in love with sweaters, oversized coats and have fun with stylish ponči.

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Plus Size Mens Sweater Pattern

It is not always easy to find men’s sweaters from plus size and many times, for those who are overweight, research results in economic hardship, but mostly psychological practices. Trends always seem to prefer the thin to “chubby,” which they cannot find in any store size they need.Fortunately, in the world of fashion, there are brands who think them too.

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Cuddly, Casual Or Exclusive – This Is Your Favorite Sweater About You

The sweater is simply part of the transitional period, because although it can be pleasant during the day, the temperature drops rapidly as soon as the sun is gone.But in no case is sweaters in this case sweaters – while some still prefer the thick woolen sweater, others decide long ago for the summer variant from airy fine knit.However, the choice depends not only on the individual feeling of warmth, but also on the character of the wearer as you think.We have taken a closer look at a few types of pullovers and have come to some insight. Continue reading →

How to Style Oversized Sweater

Women with fashion tips: How and what to wear sweater in oversized style?

Soft, warm and cozy sweater – those things that we all really love to wear during the winter months. Who is the height of fashion oversized sweater. There are many interesting ways to wear this versatile and warm garment, which is one of the most stylish and fashionable winter wardrobe. Especially look stylish sweaters are combined with jeans and different styles of pants, skirts and even dresses. Almost every piece of clothing can make a perfect pair of oversized sweater.

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Celebrities Wearing Sweaters

Another interesting mass advertising campaign to mark the top of the top, the former enfant terrible Kate Moss, who, on display in recent days in his London with an exhibition by Mario Testino dedicated to her, in its extreme simplicity It dominates the cardigan sweater campaign of CosyDardigan. Kate Moss takes the place, including the glossy pages of fashion magazines, the beautiful supermodel Daria Werbowy, star of the summer of the brand advertising campaign. The new advertising campaign designed to promote the collection autumn-winter 2010/2011 Isabel Marant seems a click stolen during a break at an ordinary woman. Continue reading →

How to Find the Right Sweater

Here, it is now autumn and rainy days knocking on the door. The temperatures are low enough to be able to deliver the cozy embrace of knitwear and bet on the most beautiful and at the same time warm sweater and. Here’s what trends they in this type of garment and what you need to get your hands in your wardrobe coming months.

Dose tenderness
beige between hit colors this season. Therefore bet on a sweater in a similar shade, which however has a higher neck (Healthvv) than normal.

bluish hues and large resembling like a chessboard also rank in the top trends you for autumn.

Back to the past
board color that will not get rid during the autumn season there. For this better necessarily procure beautiful sweater in this tempting color of the wine, and if you have the garment accents like tassels and fringe even better, because the breath of the 70s definitely back on fashion.

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Style Tips for Cardigans

Sleeveless and refined: cardigans are fashionable overcoat, which can be combined versatile. With our styling tips you can quickly find the perfect model.


What season do cardigans fit for ?

Depending on the material from which they are made, to cardigans are throughout the year as a fashionable companion. For thin, fine cotton or wide-meshed knitted they are airy Overcoat for summer days. For thick, coarse-mesh wool keep you cozy and warm on cold winter evenings. Perfect fit cardigans but in the transition period, when a long-sleeved jacket is too warm, the back but already has an extra layer would be material.

Style Tips for Cardigans


How to combine cardigans?

Cardigans can be both sporty and elegant combination. For a stylish appearance you can put them for example over a white blouse or dress. In return, models are made of fine, noble materials. Sits vest figure-fitted, the blouse should be close fitting, so they do not hyping ugly. Far West tolerate the other hand, even with generous tops. Therefore we choose the best one tight trousers or a pencil skirt. In casual style cardigans to be perfect for t-shirts, combine long sleeves and jeans.

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Vintage Fleece Pullovers Sweaters in 1970s Style

If you are an active woman who enjoys walking or running outdoors, it may be worth taking a look at the delicious fleece pullovers in vintage style. A fleece sweater is an ideal choice for the transition period from autumn to winter, due to its insulating and breathable material. The fleece is close to the body and holds back small pockets of air. So you can keep warm and at the same time keep the moisture away. It is a fast drying material that keeps you fit temperedly when you exercise. The artificial micro fibers also repel dirt and grime, so you don’t have to think about a lot of hand washing. Use a fleece sweater for a cool evening on the terrace or a jogging in the autumn. You can use a fleece shirt as the protective middle layer underneath a winter coat.

Women’s Vintage Knit Sweater

Women's Vintage Knit Sweater


Get warm and fashionable clothing for outdoor activities

Although fleece sweater is a practical piece of clothing for outdoor use, it should not be boring to look at. With internetages, you can find a wide range of sweaters in various colors, ranging from classical, subdued shades to fresh summery tones. Several of the jerseys have a convenient zipper, which are equipped with a couple of side pockets and a high collar, as protection for the neck. For running, you can choose to have a fleece shirt in addition with a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers and take some training pants on. In late summer, it might be nice to wear a fleece sweater over the summer dress, in order to avoid feeling cold. Dive into the wide range of fleece pullovers sweaters online, where you can get lots of new inspirations for your attire.


Jumper Sweater for Women Vintage

Jumper Sweater for Women Vintage