Dates Summer 2012 Sales: Swimsuit Woman And Held Beach At 50% Off

Balances, you expect with impatience. In less than three weeks, you can enjoy tons of reductions in all stores and on your favorite sites. Unfortunately for the tourists, the sales will begin later this year, on Wednesday, June 27. And you are not unaware that the summer sales start later still in the South of the France. Continue reading →

Let’s See Your Nipples! Tata Top Bikini As A New Eye-Catcher On The Beach

From a distance are the new TaTa tops hard to see. Bikini tops in 3 different skin tones withimprinted nipple can hang ever the jaw down many holidaymakers on the beach or bathers in the pool. When taking a closer look or falls from nearest distance to the viewer that the women are not topless, but textile covered are quite good. Exactly encounters but bitter tops the creators of TaTa. Continue reading →

Modern Swimwear Fashion

Swimwear is essential in the summer, in every wardrobe. But you must wear always the daily bikini or swimsuit. Also at the swimwear, individual fashion preferences can be made to the expression E.g. in the form of real unique. The two ladies Eva Swoboda and Anna Berger show that swimwear can be a lot more. Already since the year 2007, the fashion-loving women working on a whole new type of swimwear that will certainly soon large waves.

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Verdissima Mare Swimwear

The collection of swimwear Verdissima for the ‘Summer 2015 rewards a decisive and modern mood, focusing particularly juveniles plan can not miss. The fashion brand specializing in the field of underwear and beachwear offers a selection of bikinis, trikini, swimsuits and heads of swimwear in the coolest of the season and in very interesting colors printed versions. Continue reading →

My Jemma Swimsuit

My Jemma presents his new collection of swimwear for summer 2012, seductive and trendy garments are perfect for all women that even under the umbrella want the best for your own look. My Jemma is a brand of luxury swimwear designed by Emma Jarach Herin, a brilliant designer who lives and works in the Principality of Monaco. The Jemma My costumes are really interesting, original bikinis and swimsuits that enhance the feminine curves with class and elegance. Continue reading →

La Perla Swimwear Size Chart

The collection of costumes The 2014 summer Pearl has every intention to make its mark this year, a unique line where you will find bikinis, whole and trikini costumes in the most beautiful fantasies and most glamorous of the moment.Space swimsuits with multicolor patterns in pastel colors, models with character animal prints and chic new with sparkly Swarovski applications for those who like a more sophisticated style. Let’s find out what’s new in the catalog La Perla swimwear for summer 2014. Continue reading →

100 Years of Women’s Swimwear

The evolution of swimwear in the last 100 years has been marked by very important milestones that have seen the models change in very interesting ways.The early costumes completely opaque to micro bikini so much in vogue in recent years a lot of water has passed under the bridge, we revisit together all stages the highlights of the history of the two-piece swimsuits and up to the present day. Continue reading →

Tezenis Swimwear Rita Ora

Today let us see the collection of swimwear Bombebikini for summer 2010, the Italian brand is beloved by the girls for two reasons, the first is the fresh, young and colorful that characterizes all the heads of the label, the second are the prices as always Tezenis is the promoter of the low cost fashion, lingerie, underwear, pajamas and swimwear at the most competitive prices on the market. Today we present the swimsuits nicer and glam that you find in stores and that, at this point, they will also be on sale. Continue reading →

French Swimwear Brand 2016

French brand offers a variety of elegant models swimwear for the new season. The collection includes bathing purposes and different types of swimwear in two parts.

  1. Elegant swimwear

The new swimsuits Etam feature clean cuts and simple designs. Dominated by sophisticated models classic swimsuit and so modern retro swimsuit with deep bottoms to the waist, which hit in beach fashion 2013

2. Retro swimwear

You will not find highly cut swimsuit ,  sexy bikini or ultra- modern topless nor cords, beads and shiny dzhidzhavki as it does in other collections. (Pictures in the links). For this you will find so beautiful swimwear in two parts that radiate class and style.

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Retro Swimwear: Vintage Style Is Back In

The new vintage swimwear summer 2016 carries the sun in her Monokinis, tankinis and dashing accessories in bright colors make the visit to the beach is a real highlight. If you do not want to be “out” this summer, then you should consider a few tips when choosing your swimwear.

Vintage fashion for a great bathing experience

The main feature of the vintage swimwear 2012 is that the one-piece swimsuit can also be worn by women of the younger generation now without being ridiculed in any way for it. For the vintage beach fashion this summer returns to its roots in the 50s and 60s. With the classic one-piece swimsuits you can hide your small and slightly larger flab very well and make additionally an extremely trendy figure. Tip: bikinis with attached skirt can help you to conceal hips and thighs. So Both old young women benefit from the retro swimwear. Designer Karl Lagerfeld has this vintage style incidentally also picked up and presents its one-piece “Tuxedo Suit” – swimwear on the catwalks of the metropolis.

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Choose Swimwear according to Their Physical

Have you already thought of that swimsuit buy for this summer? You have to know that there is a perfect swimsuit for every body type, able to diminish little flaws and highlight strengths. Find out which is a perfect swimsuit for your body!

Swimsuit for those who have small breasts
The costumes come with impressive padding out there, but unless you want to spend the day sweating like never before and every three seconds to adjust the bra, the perfect solution are models that enrich the bodice with bows or ruffles. Finally this year the band patterns are a must and you are the only ones that really wear them casually indulge!

Costume for those who have physical Apple
cunning Play and choose a costume that designs your shape: a black whole model on the sides and in the center and on the breast a fantasy. The optical effect that will create will give your body a slender touch.

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Swimwear Phillip Lim Reviews

Phillip Lim presents his line of swimwear for the summer 2012, an online collection with the style and character of the brand’s creations 3.1 Phillip Lim, who chooses to promote minimal shapes and measured, without giving up to the pastel tones like that you can see, they are the great stars of this summer season. So while other economic high fashion brands and brand offering models of swimwear more often characterized by multicolor prints, floral motifs, exotic tones and colors juxtaposed in color block, Phillip Lim remains pillowcases to fashion and women an idea more refined and sophisticated, as evidenced by his latest collection. Find out together at Plus-size-tips.

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Zara Swimwear Review

The swimwear Zara, the novelty of summer 2012 fashion brand of low cost, are proposed in all their vivacity, with fabrics and colors that will appeal to young but with so many proposals that wink even the most mature women. Zara, in fact, unlike other economic fashion brands such as Pull & Bear, Stradivarius and H & M have never proposed to its customers in the collections of swimsuits but, for summer 2012, the Spanish brand has chosen to surprise us and to say its also in the field beachwear. The characteristics of this collection? Cheap prices and strictly aligned style to other industry brands.

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How to Choose Wet Suits for Swimming in Cold Water

Divers, kayakers and surfers probably know everything to wetsuits and how the suit can make the stay in the water a bit more fun. In Denmark, water temperature seldom increases much over the 20 degrees, and this will not prevent you from growing your sport, then you may want to take a look at wet suits for ladies, which help you from frostbite in the water. A wetsuit is a neoprene case, and which performs perfectly on keep the heating, especially in the cold water. There is a difference between women and men, and remember that you should get a wetsuit that sits to the right way.
One-piece Maternity Swimsuit
A water dog in wetsuit

It will never be a water dog, as long as you have the equipment in right working order. At Bestaah they have put together a selection of swimwear, so you can stay longer in the water, and still be a water dog, although the water is cold. And yes, it should be sit tightly. If you’ve ever even tried to put on a wetsuit, or you’ve seen someone do it, then it can be a fun experience to get it on, since it fits snugly to the body. Check out all the products on Bestaah and find the model that will fit you. Wetsuits are available in an array of models, colors and, above all, they come from a host of recognized brands. If you miss the whole family wetsuits, you can also find a wet suit for men and children on this site – if everyone in your family is somewhat water dogs. We wish you good luck on your quest for the right wetsuit.