Green Building: a Step Forward in the Environment Protection

This is a global trend that is anchored in the building, because it generates and regulates the resources employed. Wood is one of the materials protagonists of the building as a natural, renewable, sustainable and insulating thermal resource, which generates huge energy savings and harmony with the environment. Continue reading →

How to Reuse Toys for Decoration

Children grow up, their tastes change, but what seems to chase us and take up space are toys. The bigger the child, the more things accumulate and the parents get crazy without knowing what to do.
Those who are in good condition can be donated, but those who have broken or have small defects? They also have those toys that the person does not want to undo, for having an emotional meaning.
To solve all this, there are tips to learn how to renovate toys to help with the decoration and organization of your home. Check out some very interesting and inspiring ideas.
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Encourage Your Child with Sustainable Toys

What about stimulating the creativity and environmental awareness of your children by providing them with sustainable toys? In addition to having fun while they learn, they become aware of how important it is to preserve the environment. Some stores have specialized in this field and offer a plethora of educational and ecologically correct toys. Continue reading →

How to Reuse Lego in Your Decor

A toy that gained a lot of fame during the 1990s was Lego. With colorful blocks and puppets, children could unleash their imaginations and build all that was possible within their play.
Today, this toy has become something more adult-oriented, with special kits to put together a whole city and even objects from movies like Star Wars and Batman. But of course there are those who are already sick of playing and do not know what to do with the pieces that have been forgotten inside the closet.
So here are some tips on how to use these little things in the home decor and even the office.
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Tips for 5 Toys for Children from 1 to 3 Years Old

Empre wonder which toys are holding the attention of my daughters, 1 and 3 years at the time. Impressive as children change interest easily and quickly experience new play and new toys. From time to time, the repertoire here at home changes. Favorites are left aside to make room for further discoveries and challenges. Continue reading →

Understand the Importance of Toys in the Formation

Every child likes to play and that’s not just fun. There is much more behind a game and a recreational activity than you think. Is through the toys that many jokes happen, so what is the importance of them for the training of children? Vary with respect to age group or function? We brought answers to these and other questions about the matter. Check out!

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The Toy Stores and Children’s Clothing Brands Miss

When you think of Paris to spend the holiday, not the shopping that comes first to mind. We’re not talking about Miami or New York, but with the prices that the Brazil comes practicing and, mainly, with the time of promotions in Europe, it is worth remembering that, in addition to the tours, you can also do a little shopping! Even more at the time of the balancesof summer (July/August) with models that adapt well to our climate.

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Air Hogs RC Defender Plane

Air Hogs are widely known for their radio-controlled (RC) friendly aircraft. Made from durable materials, these machines of quality toys are a great way to make you discover the world of high-flying RC without emptying your wallet after each accident. To relieve you of the stress of the error and to sharpen your driving skills, it is important to understand how to use your Air Hogs properly before Defender never take the sky.

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Zoomer Dino Interactive Robot Dinosaur

Welcome to my assessment of the new interactive robotic dinosaur Dino Zoom Jester. If you like dinosaurs or smart toys and robots, you’ll find it here. The Jester is nothing like the  Zoom Dino Rex Indominus I described the end of last week (in English).While Rex was rather nasty and scary, the Jester has everything a life and soul train. Depending on your temperament, you’ll find friendly or annoying. Up to you!

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