Quilted Vests for Transitional Period

Quilted jackets are the perfect companion for the transitional period. How you wear and combined, we tell you here.

When you wear quilted vest?

If it is a little cooler outside, winter still a ways off, have quilted West season. The sleeveless overcoats are ideal garments for the transitional period. Warm back and kidney area, the arms can be but free. This makes them dizzy as a long-sleeved jacket. Depending on how thick they fail, you wear quilted West outside the town or for walking gear as well as indoors in closed rooms.

How to combine quilted vest?

With its sporty appearance Stepp West match well with casual outfits. The best one carries including simple, tight-fitting tops, for example, a long sleeve or a thin knit sweater. On warmer days, wear a tight T-shirt to make good under the vest. Something Chic is the outfit with a figure-hugging blouse. Since there is the layered look more fullness on the upper body, you should balance the proportions with skinny pants. For example, skinny jeans or straight leg pants fit well with this style.

Quilted Vests for Transitional Period

What length is the right one?

Quilted vests for maternity of bestaah are available in different lengths. Short models enable the waist upwards slightly and let your legs look longer characterized. This is advantageous especially for little ladies. Long cuts beyond the Po disguise for small spare tires in the hip area. As a basic rule: Select the length so that the vest does not end with your strongest part of the body, but always above or below it. Otherwise, you draw attention unnecessarily to your little problem areas.

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Buying Trendy Men’s Vests from Germany

A vest can be the perfect companion at a gala dinner as well as a cozy autumn walk and it’s just the right version. Sets a fashion highlight and convinces by its diversity, because a vest is there for almost any occasion. Learn everything on this page so you can find the right vest for yourself:


What types of men’s vests are there? How are they combined?

What materials are vests produced? How are they maintained?

With a trendy vest you can be eye-catching

Conclusion: the right vest for any occasion


Slim Fit Blazer for Men Single Breasted Closure False Two-piece Design


What types of men’s vests are there? How are they combined?

West are coats and jackets in terms of versatility in nothing. Because, just like in the garments with long sleeves, there is a huge range of models, materials and designs at men’s vests.

Suit vest: this vest is ideal if a jacket is too warm or even slightly serious effect a business outfit. The suit vest makes an elegant outfit, which look at the office as well as at a dinner party can allow a simple shirt. Of course the suit vest can be combined also classic as a three-piece with a suit. The three-piece replaced the tuxedo and is the ideal outfit for particularly festive occasions such as wedding or opera.
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