Asymmetry of Frames Is Trend in DÉCor

Each Frame In Its Proper Place (Or Not)

Frames are welcome everywhere in the house because they give life and personality to the environments. However, care in the choice of art and arrangement of objects are differential for a more contemporary decoration, leaving aside any traces of conservatism. The turn of the time is the use ofunusual compositions, with different sizes, motifs and positions. Continue reading →

Wall Stickers That Mimic Objects Photos

The stickers are being increasingly used in decoration and can innovate the visual of the walls. They allow several compositions and fit into every room in the House. To a bandage on the vertical space with different figures, it is possible to work with creativity and good taste to ensure the best results.

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Wall Stickers for Offices Models and Prices

In our times it is very common for someone to spend more time at the Office than at home. This in itself is reason enough that your workplace is cozy, providing a pleasant space where play their professional roles.

Many times that white wall facing you is so clean that it does. Or so the relaxed atmosphere that you want is not hit with paint and brush. For these cases, there are the wall stickers for offices, in the most varied ways, options and prices.

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10 Ideas with Motivational Phrases on Vinyl

Sometimes in life, it is necessary to keep in mind certain ideas with which to confront daily aspects. Not every day is the same and it is not always possible to show a huge smile with which to leave the house. What is possible is to do everything in our power to find stimuli of happiness in small gestures, things etc. Continue reading →

Discover The New Vinyls

Attention attention! We have the great honor of extending our family vinyls by the hand of a few women loaded with energy, wisdom, optimism… come on, they do not lack na! They will ring you, since they are part of the agenda 2017 #peleacomounachica.

To the vinyls, several of them directed to children, are now added 5 that for the moment complete the collection. They are:

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How to Apply Wallpaper Correctly

Vinyl wallpaper are used primarily where durable surfaces are required. Especially in kitchen and bathroom, the wallpaper are popular. But even in the hallway you can find her application. The advantage of wallpaper: they are washable and abrasion. Dirt can easily be removed with a cloth or a soft brush.But vinyl wallpaper among the heavy wallpaper and are therefore often not easy to work with.Getting the wallpaper still on the wall, can be found here.

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Home and Garden Ideas for Decorating

Each piece in the frame, which is the fence in case it needs refreshment over a period of time and because beauty lies in small details, we decided to show you some ideas for decorating the garden.

For some of them, maybe you know, not for others. Choose the right idea for your magical place, take a moment and you will be surprised with the results. Each subject will fall into place and create a feast for the eyes and soul of painting flowers and plants.

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Butterflies Wall Stickers

Theme butterflies attracts mostly people with an eye for beauty, tenderness and fragility. I therefore among the most popular girls’ motives. Additionally, the butterfly is a symbol of transformation – from a small ugly larvae are born beautiful butterfly. It’s a promise that when the time is right, it will be better.

Let’s be honest, bow to all the rooms fit. It is particularly suitable for girls children’s rooms or small rooms teenage girls – as Japan’s butterfly symbol young immature girl who evolves into a woman, showing the world its growing appeal and can attract exterior.

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Wall Stickers with Exciting Designs

Music DJ Headphones Wall Stickers For Living Room Home Art For Home Decoration PVC Waterproof Decal The Most Exciting Surfing Wall Stickers Home Decor Water Sports Art Design Removable Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker

The site has not only wall stickers and there is also an incredible number of exciting designs in the form of decorative window film stickers for Windows. The decorations are available in two variants: the private window film as one cannot see through, and the second variant consists of beautiful and colorful images.

The private window film as one cannot see through, comes with many beautiful patterns of flowers and other stylish designs.

Explore the section with wall decoration with! Find something that falls in your particular taste, and that fits into your home! The window stickers looks in particular flashy out when the sun skinder through and clarify the high quality of the print.


3D Letters Wall Stickers

LOVE HOME English letters decoration Personalized Wooden Name Plaques Word Letters 3D Wall sticker Door Art Wedding Photo Props New Creative Silver Color Acrylic Mirror Effect LOVE Letter Decal Wall Sticker Clock Mechanism Decoration

Here we cover already composed words, but also simple letters that you can easily put together to names or other creative thought. The white 3D letters will surely fit snuggly in the office, on a bookshelf or in the bedroom!

The decorative letters a created by a lightweight foam-matieral which has a nice white surface, as it easily can further paint or decorate. The 3D letters can also easily be hung up on the wall (we suggest the use of Tesa Tack adhesive tape).

Please notes: the letters F and P, as well as the numbers 4 and 7 cannot stand by itself.

Removable Blackboard Wall Sticker

Chalkboard Themed Wall Decal Removable Design PVC Material Wall DecorWeek Arrangement Blackboard Wall Sticker Wall Decal Wall Tattoo PVC

Boards have become very popular to have hanging in the home, because they can be used to quickly and easily provide messages to all the residents. It may be small messages as if you are taken somewhere or do lists, where all residents can write different things to be remembered in the household. It may also be meal planning or weekly schedules, so you are constantly at the forefront of what is happening in the household.

Among our many different boards you will find for example a to do blackboard where you can easily and quickly write different things on that you just need to remember or want to remember each other. The board can of course also be used as a checklist or as a tablet of writing where you are taken to.

Do you want a large panel, we have this large blackboard. This wall sticker is a clean table with no text at all, so you can easily and seamlessly make it as you like. Is there some weeks where a meal plan is important, you can type it in, the weekly plan more current erase out and writes the weekly plan up, and so on. All in all a super versatile tablet that you absolutely can decorate with chalk and you can choose from four sizes, so you get the size that best fits your home.

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How To Decorate Your Room With Wallpaper

Are you like me, and dreaming about getting a little decorations on the walls? Then you should look in here! For I have found a website that offers just that, without requiring the large craftsman skills! I myself live in rental apartment. I do not put wallpaper up, actually, I do not have to paint over the white color, as there is now, and it can, in itself, very quickly become boring to look at. You can hardly open a housing magazine these days without encountering a sea of decorative wall decorations and wall stickers are often among these. I am quite crazy about especially this world map, which gives a modern twist to the wall and clean.

World Map Wallpaper

Bridgat offers a large selection of unique and modern wall stickers in great quality for both the bedroom nursery, bathroom, living room and kitchen! so. .. for your entire home! There are both texts, shapes, images, and much more to choose from, there is also any of the various wall stickers where that you can choose which color you want.

And as something special, they currently offer on wall stickers for kids room, where it is possible to design with the child’s own name, such as hanging over the bed, or a changing table.

4 Factors To Consider When Buying A Vintage Wall Clock

To buy a vintage wall clock is a sensitive approach, since you will find plenty of fraud ones that may arise throughout such a method. You can find some variables, which you simply require to maintain your considerations when you are finding such a form of old watches. Before beginning, you should know that the appeal of an antique clock is established according to several factors.

The first component is how age is that clock, clocks from the old historical epochs and specifically those who remember specific situations have greater value than other common or much newer watches. If you intend to buy 1 of the antique wall clocks so you must be prepared to pay a monetary appeal equals the historical value of the clock.

Vintage Wall Clock

Note: the above image is referred from

The second would be maker clockwise. Vintage wall clocks always signature or identify clock maker. For those who examines antique timepieces make assurances regarding the name or signature engraved on it really is true, simply because it may very well be forged easily. Make confidence to compare the signature to another real clock in your very same maker in order to achieve a superior judgement. If the seller asks for a great value, so it is best to get a professional to assess it for you.

The third component is where you are to achieve your antique wall clocks. Constantly decide on these men and women, you can rely on, and individuals who have, and maintain a good reputation in the market to clear. If you might be dealing with a salesperson then run a quick search on him on the net, or if you might be coping with auction home so it is best to ask some specialists to know if they sell real elements or not. Also assures that the seller is something you have to investigate thoroughly. If you do not want to accept verbal guarantees, but set everything on a piece of paper, especially if you pay a whole whole lot of dollars for this vintage watch.

The fourth component is the condition from the clock. You’ll discover more vintage wall clocks, which has a modified system or break glass and these can be sold for much less value, so don’t be fooled by the exterior surface of the watch, make sure that all the things are original or make a cost discount. Occasionally, scam sellers take the system of an old clock and put it in an enclosure with yet another watch, so make sure you are buying genuine antique wall clocks.