CFL vs LED Technology

CFL led

Today, there are various technologies in lighting. Bulbs evolve and become less and less energy consuming.

Available bulbs are halogen, CFL and led bulbs.

Halogen Bulbs

A halogen bulb consists of a filament of tungsten and halogen such as iodine and bromine gas. They were an alternative to conventional incandescent bulbs. However starting in 2016, they will be prohibited from marketing. Much too intensive energy, they contribute not to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. So we will have two possible choices: the CFL and the led bulb.

Light Bulb Low Consumption, CFL

The CFL: a CFL has the same as fluorescent lighting technology. They have fluocompacteete actually miniaturized and modulated in U or spiral bulb. The base of the bulb, in the electronic ballast and the nerve. Fluorescent bulbs are still more efficient than halogen bulbs and their life expectancy is between 8000 and 12000 hours for the most efficient (about 1000 hours for halogens).

The heat emitted is lower than a halogen. However these bulbs should be subject to a specific recycling of mercury they contain. Some are between 10 and 30 seconds to provide maximum lighting. This is not at all practical for passageways!

A repetitive ignition increases your power consumption. The start of the lamp is very greedy.

and finally, outdoor use is not recommended because they support quite negative temperatures.

The Most Economical of the Moment, the Led

The led: new generation of lighting, the led is a fully electronic technology. No gas is used or powder CFL. It pollutes so not the air in the House or the environment. Very economical, the led is still more economical than the CFLs!

For example: a 580 lumens bulb consume 10W CFL technology and 7W led technology (led bulb GU10 COB, 7W, 580 lm, 38 °, white hot). 230 lumens is a bulb 6W in CFL and 3W led (led candle 5W, 180 ° e27 bulb, 230 lm, warm white).

According to the models, the power consumption is reduced between 30 and 50%. Imagine the savings for various light bulbs!

Other big advantages: there are different shades of light that are much more accurate than the fluorescent. The light is stable and bright comfort is much better!

The products have a minimum life of 20,000 hours to 50,000 hours for best!

Different Technologies and Qualities

Attention to the quality of the bulbs, like any product you will find various qualities. On our site, know that we choose all our items carefully. Quality is the most important of our criteria prior to the price! We do not wish to offer you impressive prices providing very poor quality products. The light could be a color too yellow, greenish, the duration in time largely reduced, very dirty finishes, light bulbs could literally melt…

All shapes, all sizes, as well as all units exist. They adapt perfectly to your fixtures.

In the led, there also different led like led chip SMD and COB, the led (COG technology) filaments. Here, their aesthetic comes into play. Led filaments are appreciated for the retro looks to the bulbs.

Among the mountains of information, the site try to direct you to the best in your search for bulb with led technology. Each product contains technical information and pictures in order to detail the products to the maximum. Registered equivalences are halogen or some fluorescent. So you can direct you to a smaller product choice and fit the most to your old lights. Using the led, you are sure of real energy savings and benefit from high-quality lighting.