Check out What are the Four Most Fish Found in Brazil

If you are one of those people who is always in search of bigger fish and more beautiful, read this post until the end and meet the main sports fish species that you will find at Brazil.

Don’t forget to go preparing your rod and reel, you won’t hold stay home for long without leaving to catch them!

Apaiari: a classic sport fishing

The apaiari is a beautiful fish, much sought after by aquarists, by owning exotic features. He is a Cichlid, tilapia, acarás’s family and Peacock bass. You will find this fish sport fishing in the Amazon region. Is a small fish and gentle, with about 30 cm and weighs around a kilo. Despite this, it is a brave fish and gives a good job for the fisherman according to Bestfishingessentials.

Even if he is in the region of the Amazon, this species was introduced in Dams in the Northeast and Southeast Brazil dams. Fishing for apaiari need to have patience, because he tends to analyze the bait before biting her. Often, it is necessary to relaunch it a few times until he gets.

Apapa: the famous sardinhão

The Apapa-also called sardinhão, Golden, yellow, yellow-sardinhão, fish-new and tubarana-can be found in the Amazon basin and in Tocantins-Araguaia. Enough to measure up to 70 cm long and weigh up to 7.5 pounds.

The fish feeds on insects and small fish. But you can also get them with artificial lures of surface or sub-surface. A tip for your fly fishing be more efficient is to use multifilament line and hooks well thin and sharp. If you’re going to let him go, let him go as soon as possible, because it does not take much time out of water.

Beard: the King of the barbels

This name is due to the six barbels that it owns in the corner of the mouth. This fish common in the Amazon basin, you can get to weigh up to 12 kg and measure 1, 20 m. He lives at the bottom of the riverbeds of medium and large sizes. You can also find it in Pará, Mato Grosso, in São Paulo, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul.

You can easily find it in painted fisheries and cachara, because it inhabits the same regions and you can catch him with the same equipment. But be prepared: when caught is a fish who fight a lot more than the painted and cachara, making it ideal for sport fishing.

Cachara: spotted fish

You recognize a cachara, just watch your patches in the shape of meshes that begin in the dorsal region and extending to the belly. You can reach the measure 1, 20 m and weigh up to 25 kg, has six beards in mind – what are your sensitive organs-and your body is elongated and plump.

You find the cachara in river channels, deep wells and large, beaches, rivers and flooded forests, where are their prey and hide from predators at the same time. There are regions where the cachara exceeds 20 kg, as between Pará and Mato Grosso, which is why he is so sought after in sport fishing.

These are just some of the thousands of sports fish you can find Brazil. Always remember to respect the breeding season to catch them. What’s your favorite fish on this list? Leave your comments below.

Note:do not forget to choose the equipment to catch every type of fish.