Chicco Lamp Magic Projection

Main advantage

Chicco-00002427100000 offers a large selection of melodies that will only appeal to the child.

Main drawback

Some users find that the melodies are curtailed, and their change is suddenly. In addition, it is mandatory to place the unit in height for proper images.

Verdict: 9.2/10

This musical night light offers a range of melody accompanied by different images that will be projected on the ceiling. However, it must be a certain height to produce more visible images. It is a very handy device because it can be taken anywhere and more it works using the batteries.

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Key Features Explained

A selection of melodies

Parents are perpetually looking for ways that allow to reassure a child during his sleep. Next to the mattress and cribs, this musical Nightlight can be very useful. As stated through its name, this unit to light stand on the baby during the night by providing some assurance. Indeed, the majority of babies are afraid of the dark and silence. Thanks to this article, these various fears will soon disappear. This device will give him beautiful images that will be projected on the ceiling, but also of the selected songs. These last were sorted and selected from the great compositions of Rossini, Bach and contemporary music. Listening to these songs will certainly shape the musical taste of the child.


Although this product is in the radius of puericultures accessories, it is both used to make the easiest nights for babies and parents. This device is an important element for a baby to sleep. The latter will be cradled by the different melodies embedded in the device, but also by images that are propelled on the ceiling. It is easy to install because you can put it on a bedside table or fix it on the cradle. Subsequently, it is a removable device that works with batteries LR06. Therefore, it can accompany the baby to any room in the House and even during any travel as a family vacation. For parents, this is a very convenient feature because they do not need to turn on the lights to check baby’s sleep thanks to the projections provided by the device. Finally, this is a very economical article.

Projection of images and accessories

This musical night light is the best way to relax the child and help him to fall asleep in no time. It is mainly intended for children over 36 months. In addition to the melodies that are going to rock him throughout the night, the images are something that distracts them. This device offers a variety of images with a different light color. This projection also lets light up the room, while the available brightness is not important. This product fully plastic is also accompanied by a small dog that will not only satisfy the baby. The unit can be placed anywhere on a piece of furniture in the room or on a cradle.