Children’s Day: Transform Children’s Space

A stimulating environment and in the right measure for the kids’ daily routine. Who does not want to have one like that at home? The Oppa  – Brazilian brand of furniture and design accessories – can give you some tips décor with mobile solutions and accessories that will make all the difference and turn their corner into something more playful, practical, colorful and comfortable.

Comfort Above All
Pillows 40X40 Mascot With Cat, Lion And Fox Drawings

R $ 159,00 Each
They are perfect for decorating children’s rooms, as they relax and customize any environment. The cushion is filled with taffeta and silicone fiber. The cover is removable, made from raw cotton and handmade embroidery.

To Encourage Reading
Aranda CipÓ – Off White – R $ 399,00

The Cipó washer will transform the lighting of any space. Even because she looks beautiful in different environments, either in the room of the little ones to a corner of the reading or near the armchair of breastfeeding. As for the structure, it has the stem produced in pinus and the dome lining made with raw cotton fabric. Ah, the wire is colored and measures three meters.

To Unleash The Imagination 
Mesa Giz 50X90 – R $ 499,00

The Chalk table stimulates creativity because your table top is a slate too! Little, it was made for your children to play without worries. It has a central niche for chalk storage and is super beautiful in the environment.

Banco An Infantil Azul – R $ 149,00

The Children’s Umbrella belongs to the same line as an Oppa classic: the One chair.Lightweight but very sturdy, it is produced in MDF, material that is well known for being environmentally friendly. Oh, the finish is lacquered and has a smooth surface, which leaves the piece even more stable. The cool thing of all is that in addition to the original function which is sit down, you can also use as an organizer or decorative backing for any home environment.

To Get The Hang Of That Mess
Luppi Clothespin 3 – R $ 129,00

If you have a special place in the house, it’s the children’s room. That’s where they spend most of the day playing and making that mess! Of course Oppa Studio was not going to forget that, so it launched the Lupi Coathanger. The design is very creative, bringing ludic images of animals to bring the child closer to the play, so it will be easier to teach your child not to leave clothes and objects scattered around. The structure of it is made in varnished pine and the animals in lacquered MDF.

Sure it will give a touch all cute in the decoration. Besides, apart from the bedroom, he also looks super good in the toy room or even in the lobby, to put the school backpack or scarf on cold days.

Created Mute Yellow Mouth – R $ 499,00

Good humor is always welcome and if you agree with this you will definitely fall in love with the nightstand. He is so, charismatic that alone. I practically smile at you. The drawer is great for storing various objects and the shelf is great for organizing magazines.

Cuca Rack – 40 – Blue – R $ 499,00

If there’s one thing missing from the Cuca shelf, it’s space. It was specially designed for the kids room, to put toys, shoes, or whatever else you prefer. Resistance has it to spare, because it is made of lacquered MDF. Besides being a good space to keep the mess that was scattered around the house, no doubt, it will still add a touch to the decor.

About Oppa
More than just a home and furniture brand, Oppa is a lifestyle brand, young, high-spirited and affordable for those who enjoy design and personality. Since its launch in 2011, founder Max Reichel has had one goal: to revolutionize the way people buy furniture in Brazil. Oppa works with young talents to offer its customers a genuinely Brazilian design at an affordable price for all. The company operates with an omni-channel business model, with expanded stores and an extensive portfolio online. Today, it has stores in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, Brasília and Ribeirão Preto, Belo Horizonte, Vitória, Goiânia and Porto Alegre.Soon, it will open stores in Curitiba, Salvador and Fortaleza.