Choker Necklace: Check Out The Types That Value The Look

Straight from the 90’s and trend in recent times, chokers collars are in the looks of all girls.Versions range from those used in the grunge decade to the most current ones.With such a wide variety, anyone who thinks that such accessories are not versatile is deceived: they bring visuals for any occasion.

So we will tell you all about the types of chokers and how they will get into their looks! Check it!

What Are The Types Of Chokers?

1. Tribal

Also known as tattoo chokers, they were great hits in the 90’s, especially for soft gothic aesthetics. They create tribal shapes and are just around the neck.

Honoring the decade, combine with croppeds, t-shirts and bibs.For a more modern look, you can mix with leather pieces and other minimalist design.

2. Ribbons

Another success that marked presence in the necks of the girls of that time were the ribbons.They can have pendants and buckles, differences in width and are made of various materials.

The chokers most used and who are also coming back with everything, are the velvet and satin.In addition, the modern variations are made of leather, suede and fiber strips.Already the pendants vary between metals, crystals and holographic elements.

3. Metallic

The metal versions are the latest ones.His models range from delicate chains to flat minimalist shapes.

They are super versatile in any outfit and fall well when used in conjunction with other chokers.In addition, they may include stones and glitter to make them look more attractive.

4. Boho

Girls who flirt with a hippie style are already using the tribal choker, but more recent ones are drawing a lot of attention.They are strips made of suede or other woven materials, which accompany a more traditional aesthetic .

Necklaces with shells and shells have also been prominent.They are the most fitting accessories for the summer and look great with boho chic.

How To Use The Collar Choker?

1. Proportion Of Neck

Before considering the occasion, you can think of accessories that best suit your physique.

For women with rounder faces, rrrjewelry recommends the strap chokers in the lower part of the neck, with longer chains to lengthen the face.Boasting this effect even more, the neckline V follows very well this production.

Girls with thicker necks can use finer and less detailed chokers, while girls with a thin neck can fill them with thicker chokers or use several at a time to give volume.

2. Casual Looks

To use on a day-to-day basis, the ideal is to invest in discrete parts that work only as a complement.They can vary between strips, chains and more.You should think of a versatile and charming element to match several of your pieces and be widely used.

The looks can vary greatly according to the aesthetics. For those who like a sports look, the simplest strips look great. Minimalists can bet more on chains, which go well with everything. Already more alternative girls can bet strongly on looks characteristic of the 90’s, super stylish in this revival of the decade.

3. Party Productions

Weddings, graduations and events so require more sophisticated looks, whether at night or day.That’s why metal parts are the right choice.Even more striking, chokers with stones and shiny can make the look more elegant and unique, innovating with the choker.

In addition, fine fabrics are also a great bet.Velvet and satin can be combined, depending on the dress that will be worn.Darker shades are best for fabric strips since they create a darker atmosphere.

The chokers came back straight from the 90s, however, they can have numerous uses in their look.They are discreet accessories, but that will take your look from the common place.Just adopt the styling tips to create a flashy production.

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