Classic Tiffany Solitaire Ring

The name Tiffany & co. might be a term to many by the classic movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in 1961. Audrey Hepburn is the party girl Holly Golightly, that plays after danced through his breakfast jeweler business Tiffany nights regularly before the window displays of the New York & co. takes up – hence the title of the film. Fame reached however much earlier – the precious jewelry through his unique jewelry creations, among which also the design of the Solitaire ring in 1886.

The Solitaire Is the Classic Among the Engagement Rings

The Solitaire ring was designed by Tiffany & co. nearly 130 years ago. But what is the peculiarity of this ring, through which he was promoted to the classic? To fathom the popularity of the ring, worth a look back into the past. Already the original Solitaire ring was a Diamond in the middle. This brilliant cut Diamond was used by a sandblasted in scene visible and therefore excellent. The version is called also Tiffany mount or Tiffany mounting – after its inventor, Charles Lewis Tiffany. In this type of the version six narrow rods, which are also called prongs, ensure a secure hold of the stone. This new type of ring-mount led to an incidence of light from all sides, so that the stone evoked wonderful reflections.

Unique and Timeless Beauty

Because the ring puts a single diamond in the Center, including its name, which is derived from the French term for solitary arose: “Solitaire”. It is all the more understandable that the ring has become the classic engagement ring – Finally, it symbolizes the uniqueness of so to speak, that has a chosen bride for her bridegroom. Also today, the narrow ring with the single diamond in the rich and beautiful is still often the first choice if they stop their loved one’s hand. Since the first draft of the ring at the end of the 19th century still more variations have emerged, for example, with three or four instead of six prong setting. Also, further cuts are applied in addition to the brilliant cut. Yet the characteristics of the Solitaire have been preserved until today, and the ring is therefore unmistakable.