Clothes for Young Fatties

Clothing tips for fatties young and modern

Hello girls, how are you doing?

I have received requests to speak of a plus size fashion younger, alternative, less “mature woman” (expression used in a comment on our fanpage), as there are many girls who enjoy this style but find it difficult to find clothes for younger fatties.

Actually, the plus size fashion market is still weak, as naturegnosis says. In fact, the very concept of plus size clothing is brand new and still no answer to all styles and tastes. It lacks mature. And this we must require of manufacturers and retailers plus size, reach different concepts.

It’s not just the younger line we found difficulties, also face limitations when it comes to plus size lingerie, plus size swimwear, plus size party dress and fitness, among others.

However, the reality is changing rapidly for the better and, looking for (still), we find plus size clothes for younger girls. This is what I am going to show you.

I separated some parts that I found in a few shops and also on some blogs that can help those looking for plus size fashion with this guy more alternative.

To start, let’s talk about Marisa. Yes, the good old store Marisa, one of the largest retail chains in the country. She works with large sizes for a long time and, last year, launched a collection directed to plus size women young, called “special for you.”

The pieces are beautiful, don’t you think? And the good thing is that Marisa offers several options of pieces, has a great price and makes the payment.

Another good option is the virtual shop Chica Cracked. The pieces are sensational! The designs are creative, original, stylish and of extreme good taste. Who wants a different outfit, with attitude, you must know the Chica cookie. Look at that beautiful pieces!

Girls, I hope I have helped you in the search for a plus size fashion more relaxed, modern and young. There’s still so many options, however, is as I said earlier, there’s room for a lot of things appear in this segment.

Oh! I almost forgot. For girls who live in São Paulo, it happened in the month of December 2016 the 8th Bazar Pop Plus Size, on Rua Oscar Freire. The Bazaar brings together several brands that work with this younger alternative style. As I understand it, are two editions of Bazaar a year. Let’s keep an eye to let you know when it’s going to happen again, okay?

Many kisses for you!