Cloud B Twilight Buddies Alligator

A year ago for the first Christmas of the Gnome Santa brought him a Twilight Turtle. A great gift he quickly adopted in his bedtime ritual and I even told you about in my article on ‘saviors toys’. One year after these events through the brand Cloud B, we had the opportunity to get acquainted with the little brother of the Turtle, the Twilight Buddies Alligator.

Room for presentations!

But what is the Twilight Buddies Alligator?

The Twilight Buddies Alligator is part of the new series of night lights fluff of the American brand Cloud b Twilight Buddies selling on Businessjust. A funny name that sticks very well to the aspect and the idea of these night lights. And to cause the “budy” means “buddy” in English, exactly as these night lights, soft stuffed animals, who can play both the role of the Don and the pilot light.

The Twilight Buddies Alligator plans the Moon and 3 real constellations on the walls and ceiling of the room of the child. We have a choice between 3 colors: blue, green and amber, each color corresponds to a button on the shell of the back burner, with the initials of the respective color. And a novelty, it is possible to set the mode ” alternating projection” different colors, when you press the button in the form of moon 2 times.

The pilot light has a Timer option that stops itself after 45 minutes of projection to allow a total darkness for the phase of deep sleep of the child. She works with 3 batteries that the box is covered with a small scratch in the same material as the plush. The button on / off (black in the photo) is also hidden in the same place.

What we liked:

Its small size and the soft touch

The pilot light is the size of a classic plush allowing it to slip easily into the bed of Gabchou to accompany him in his sleep. We have thus added a novelty in the ritual of the sunset: press as a little crazy on the hull of the Nightlight buttons to change the colors of projection (it works well enough to occupy him and put him to sleep)  ).

The Alligator Buddies also has “measurements of dream” to be caught by the small hands of babies. In addition, the touch is very sweet and reminiscent of the comforters. Look closer the GNOME enjoying himself with his new companion.

The appearance of the plush

He has a nice face that to plu in the gnome and his mother. There’s nothing I can do, it reminds me of Alf the character of the eponymous series (nod to the children of the 1980s) which I admit makes it even nicer to me!

The broad spectrum of projection

I’m also pleasantly surprised by the spectrum of projection of the stars on the walls and ceiling.Despite its hull that is smaller than that of our Twilight Turtle night light covers well the walls and the ceiling of the House of Gabchou. If you put it on the floor beside the crib you will have a maximum of starry sky will be placed on the ceiling and the walls of his room.

I let you enjoy the light show that sees my little gnome once lying in his bed.

The alternation of colors mode

A real discovery as this Automatic lights alternating mode that does not exist in our Twilight Turtle. Gabchou was able to be a magical visual experience because the gradual change of colors allows for a few seconds to have the projection of 2 different colors on the walls. So we could experience a superb Sky multi-color and multi-lunes that the camera was able to capture! Gabchou is truly a fan, this projection mode it a lot of fun!

The educational side of the pilot light

What I appreciate enormously with the pilots from Cloud B Twilight series, is this side ” discover and learn the stars while having fun’.” Note also that the 3 constellations projected are real constellations that exist, not imagined designs. Even if Gabchou is still small to understand and find the constellations on the ceiling and the walls of her room, I find this idea of learning and discovery really makes the difference with the classic night lights.

Only downside for the series of Twilight Buddies, there is no explanatory booklet to introduce the constellations, as is the case for the Twilight Turtle. Well too bad! But because we are real small curious in the Little Gabchou family we did exercise to reconstruct and name the 3 constellations on the ceiling of the House of Gabchou.

What you liked least:

The plush cannot be washed

There is really not much that you didn’t like at our alligator, out put the fact that there is no system to “undress” the plush to separate compartment batteries and put it in the machine. Little too often, in their tenderness bloodshed, tend to chew on the plush, or even her “bavouiller” above. Then right away wipe it with a wet cloth to avoid stains!

Comparison between the Twilight Buddies Alligator and the Cloud B Twilight Turtle’s

You guessed it, I am also the proud owner of a Twilight Turtle. I have therefore took the opportunity to make you a little comparison of the two night lights for you help better see. Despite that suggests the photo, this is certainly not a duel, because we love them both, huh.

In conclusion Twilight Buddies is a gift idea super original for a baby and even for adults who are afraid of the dark or who are fascinated by the sky  . The price depends on dealers, but there is overall quite reasonable compared to the quality of the pilot light! You can find the Alligatorand all of the night lights of the range Twilight BuddiesCloud b on amazon and at Oxybul.

Thanks again to the Cloud B brand for providing us the little green Beastie to test