Color Trend 2014

Every year new color trends emerge that influence the decor. Colors we can use for renovation of walls, carpets, furniture, lighting, cushions and many other decorative details.

Know below the main color trends for your home decor.


Coral bets on launching the color ” Lagoa Particular 90GG 19/151″ – this is a blue-green that reflects the natural harmony of the green with the tranquility of the blue. Sophisticated and versatile, it easily combines with different nuances and can be used in any environment, from large surfaces to a main wall or used in detail.

Particular Lagoon is the main color 2014 launched by Coral. Image: Coral

Along with the main trend, she released 5 color palettes that perfectly complement the “Private Pond”. Are they:

Silent Revolution: itis based on the change of society in the way of communicating. Its colors are extremely subtle making use of slight changes in nuances to achieve delicate combinations with differentiated whites and medium neutrals.

Environments feature the color Silent Revolution – Coral. Image: Coral

Substantial Proof: Itshows a requirement for people to be better, healthier, and have a perfect balance between work and home life. The palette brings masculine neutral with architectural appearance. Gypsum, brick and dough will be full-bodied with stronger colors such as emerald green and red-blooded oxen.

Substantial Proof represents the balance between work and home life. Image: Coral

Urban Ethnic:People want to reconnect with the roots that remind them of where they came from. Sturdy tones give an innovative look and familiar feel. Russian dolls, cross-stitch patterns, Scandinavian design and fabrics from India, South America and China inspire the environments in a contemporary way.

Urban Ethnic color tones create an innovative yet familiar look. Image: Coral

Secret Garden:approaches the indefinite, the transitory and the ephemeral. The soft colors are almost neutral, lilac and gray. Greens, from dark to almost pastel mint, appear alongside pink and lavender.

The color Secret Garden approaches the indefinite, the transitory and the ephemeral. Image: Coral

Do Now:Indicates that people do not want stagnation anymore, they are looking for quick changes. The color palette creates a purposeful disorder. Lime-green, blue-green, lime, violet, orange-fiery complete the use of blues: from naval to sky blue.

Perfect for those who like to churn, the color Make Now Coral is a stimulus for the senses.Image: Coral


Pantone opted for “Radiant Orchid” PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid) ie:Radiant Orchid. A variation between purple and lilac. In an expressive and comprehensive way it becomes even more captivating when in harmony with fuchsia, purple and pink tones.

Colors that are trend according to Patone.Image: Pantone


Curacao-Blue is the color of the year for Suvinil.It conveys a sense of tranquility and a sense of trust and understanding.

These color combinations are part of Suvinil’s “Plural” trend. They have, especially, the color Curaçau Blue, Quindim (yellow wall and small table) and Pau Brasil (the green of the wall, next to the blue). Pictures: Pinterest Suvinil

In addition to Curacao-Blue, Suvinil also released the following color palettes:

Pulsante:- It is the power of transformation, the need for change, the freedom to dare. The Pulsating theme’s color selection involves both the dense, closed tones of the blues and greens’ families, and the vibrant nuances of violets, reds, oranges, and yellows.

Elementary:It has everything to do with a simple way of living. A relaxed way that each one has to disconnect from the rest of the world. The tones are soft and sometimes more alive and refer to nature: yellow, orange, red and brown and neutral. To complete the compositions are included the clear and closed tones of violets, blues and greens.

Plural: itis the individuality giving space to the collective. They are green, yellow and blue mixed with brown and neutral pinches. The coexistence of these tones is “plural” and harmonious.


For 2014, Iquine chose the color CANJICA (2216), calling it optimistic and attractive.

This is Iquine’s 2014 color: optimistic and attractive.

Complement with the following color palettes:

Primitive:the palette is inspired by organic materials extracted from nature.

Pop Mix:intense and vibrant colors blend together and blend with lighter pastel tones in a high-impact color spectrum.

Natural:Inspired by the green of the rainforest, it inspired dynamic greens, which we would not normally see together.

Unidunitê: sophisticatedpastels and naive, albeit in a sober style.

These are the colors of Iquine: Primitivo, Pop Mix, Natural, Unidunitê.Images: Iquine


Sherwin Williams soughta neutral and versatile color for 2014: the Exclusive Plum (SW 6263). It is a grayish purple that can be used in any environment. It matches everything, giving a touch of class and a certain mystery.

These are the colors of the Curiosity category, which includes Exclusive Plum.Image: Sherwin-Williams

This color is in thecategory Curiosity or Curiosity, which explores everything that is extravagant and eccentric in nature, staying in the fine line between fantasy and real science, with more intense and at the same time sober colors that combine in a harmonious way, with The neutral gray Exclusive Plum.

The colors of theIntrinsic or Intrinsic category are based on the return of cultural traditions and craftsmanship by recovering techniques from our ancestors, such as handmade lace, embroidery and wood carving.

This is the 2014 color chart of Sherwin-Williams.