Connect a Bluetooth Printer

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that can be illustrated in varied areas, much more extensive than those of the headsets and hands-free kits to which she was confined so far. Printers, for example, can also communicate by Bluetooth with your devices, computers, tablets and Smartphones. This connection between two Bluetooth devices is called twinning.

This factsheet explains how to connect a Bluetooth printer.

Zoom on the Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a technology that allows data exchange wireless, a bit like wi-fi, but through less extended range (UHF) radio waves. If a wireless network has a scope up two or three hundred meters, the scope of the Bluetooth exceeds that rarely 10. Bluetooth is also energy-intensive: If you leave the Bluetooth mode is activated permanently on a mobile device, your battery will suffer the consequences in a clear way.

Good to know: do you know whence this name that evokes a tooth (tooth) blue (blue)? It is the Swedish company Ericsson, which is at the origin of this wireless technology. The Bluetooth name was chosen in reference to the Danish King, Harald Blåtand, who ruled in the 10th century. He is known for having conquered and unified the Norway and Denmark, but also and above all for his dentition: his name would literally translate “Harald to blue tooth. The Bluetooth logo also makes tribute to the above-named King. It is indeed composed of the initials H and B of the Runic alphabet.

Check your printer and your computer with Bluetooth compatibility

To connect a Bluetooth printer, it must of course be compatible with this technology, but that the device to be connected (computer, tablet or smartphone) is also. It is now the case of the vast majority of tablets and smartphones, but all computers are not equipped with Bluetooth. A simple Bluetooth adapter into a USB port can solve the problem according to TRAVELATIONARY.COM.

Obviously then that both devices are turned on and that the Bluetooth mode is enabled on each of them.

Option 1: connect a Bluetooth printer to a PC

  • Sous Windows, start by activating the Bluetooth connection and use the management software for Bluetooth devices to find the printer (it should be on, of course).
  • Cliquez on the name of the printer to match it to your computer.

Good to know: it is the software you may asked a Bluetooth key or a PIN code to four characters. This key is by default the round of the last four digits of the serial number of the printer, you will likely find on a sticker pasted on the casing.

Well ·Notez the name of the COM port used for the connection.

  • Rendez – you then in Control Panel, “devices and printers” section.
  • Cliquez right-click the affected printer and then click ‘printer properties ‘.
  • in the “Ports” tab, select the name of the chosen port previously (‘COM’ followed by a number).
  • Cliquez on OK. Your printer is connected by Bluetooth!

Option 2: connect a Bluetooth printer to a Mac

If you have a printer AirPrint, no software needs to be installed. As for sharing a printer, everything is done automatically between Apple machines.

If your printer is not AirPrint compatible:

  • Commencez activate the Bluetooth using the status menu: click Apple > System Preferences > Bluetooth, then turn on “Show Bluetooth” in the bar menu or via the Bluetooth preferences to display it.
  • verifiez then that your printer is turned on, and then click Apple > System Preferences > Bluetooth.
  • selectionnez the printer in the list and then click “pair”.
  • If a message displayed on the device, click on “accept”.

Your printer is connected to your Mac by Bluetooth.

Option 3: connect a Bluetooth printer to a smartphone or a Tablet

To pair your Bluetooth printer with your mobile device, simply turn the Bluetooth on this last, then tap the name of the printer in the list that appears.

Good to know: If a Bluetooth key or a PIN code to four characters you will be asked, by default, this key is the series of the last four digits of the serial number of the Bluetooth device.