Consumer Research Online But Buy in Physical Store, Says Research

According to a survey organized by the company Lightspeed Research, the Internet will have a decisive role in shopping this Christmas. But the vast majority of US consumers will not buy products over the network, but will use the data collected online just to close the deal in old and good physical stores.

The figures show that 85% of Americans have done web searches on pricing, technical data and characteristics of products they wish to buy the so-called black friday, a kind of holiday where stores make unimaginable discounts. Of these, 64% will make ultram their purchases in physical stores, since municiados with the information taken from the network.


“No matter how convenient it is to shop online during the holidays, it seems that most consumers simply still like to go shopping,” says Chris Urinyi, president of research firm.”We can not make assumptions to explain this behavior, but we believe that people like the ritual of year-end shopping, and can see the live product,” he adds.

The company claims that the survey was conducted last November and 2001 people were interviewed.

And you, dear reader? Where do your Christmas shopping?