Course of Madrid Carried out

Let’s see, I make a chronicle of the course of the MacCounter girls, Saturday 19 September in Madrid.
The first thing primerisimo, give the thanks especially e Rosesilence that without knowing me practically, opened me his home and his arms. A girl, really sky. It would like a lot. Super retailer with a taste… Oh… now I will put photos and you will understand it better. It was gorgeous are a makeup in White Pearl, silver, dark grey and fuchsia canerisimo and precious argggggggggg eyelashes! A very bold and beautiful look
We did two courses, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The morning group, all super majas.
Zhinnia a girl Super, invited us all to breakfast a few croissancitos that were delicious.We were even joking that prerequisite for next courses, is that there is croissancitos of the Patisserie who knows Zhinia. Hangar one ahumadito club, humid and very dark green glitter. She wanted to go green and Green was
Mayka already knew it’s a meetup that we did this spring at the Cosmo beauty. A woman from head to head, with a melenon of infarction. That Yes, I was concerned because he spoke less than me Hahahahahaha. Mayka did you a semiahumado with < and < reversed with the signed sealed and pigment brown of Kryolan. He wore a medium false eyelashes of glitter that made him a look to guauuuuuuuu.
Ana-Estrella very nice and gorgeous, with a cinnamon skin worthy of envy, I wanted to see with a smoky, who said that it was to make. An ahumadito with a beautiful mac paint and a shadow nothing Garnet gold from urban decay. Gorgeous. He wore a kryolan shadow as a Rouge and was precious in his tanned face.
Calypso, good, that good feeling with it. He was thrilled to meet her. I have always seen an interesting woman, and yesterday I could see that it is true. All a professional and share many tricks. It brought a supermaleton to riete you mine. We made it look sophisticated with the nylon, the reef and the charcoal. Gorgeous gorgeous gupaisima.

Nyx, with that special acentillo. OIA and very nice. That he repeated over and over again that she not the Blues were going… and a surprise… If we maquillamos it blue! Tee went home prontito because he had been dining with another girl from the Forum and knew I just your company.

By the way his Orange blanket is beautiful! MOM of Nyx, tiny trotters
Dark-Princess… jo, after the years that makes us see through the forums, we have finally been able to meet us! It castiza and authentic as her own. A red-haired earthquake with an overwhelming energy. We share many professional tricks and had scared her. He wore a cane super makeup with Pink Pearl base and a double < in fuchsia and black. Princess, you need the Azalea of Ben Nye ji ji ji
At noon, Gildita was passed to give us a hug and greet us. I appreciate it is wholeheartedly since their current circumstances were complicated. Gildita thank you, thank you and a hug. The next time we will give you more time.
Picard, as always, with the cospirando against flights, arrived late, but as perky as ever.And we are going with the group in the afternoon.

And became the course of the afternoon. To begin with, as we were of mumbo jumbo, we started pretty after-hours jajajajajajaja. ANDA that I didn’t tell them times to be silent… my mother… that parrots! With the calladitas and applied were those of the morning… and they were not silent nor asking for it please S.Queen. jajajajajajajajajaja…

S.Queen…. nice to rage! But both inside and out. In serious, a woman of flag a great body remove the hiccups and precious. Another that it was to do with blue and from that learned to use them, looks OIA with them. I did a gradient with a pigment of kryolan Blue Metallic with black pre-basic until half of the mobile eyelid and a few touches of silver. We will, of heart attack.

Lolita… Go woman earthquake! That great guy, that sympathy and character. Is pas throughout the afternoon cascando even by the elbows! That outrage as he likes this girl talk… jajajajajajaja. Your cane look butt in white, purple and fuchsia (this pigment triumphed, as you can see) jajajajajajaja then a few touches of glitter silver eyelashes and was ground-breaking.
Maktub another adorable girl, with a lengthy mane and a headband that I was wanting to remove jajajajajajajaja. Super nice and beautiful. Night so fast, that when we wanted to realize, it was almost time for the closure of the metro passed us and had to leave ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

That Yes, gorgeous gorgeous with a semiahumado in tones bronzes and golds that sat you great! Oh, well
Picard wore multicolored eyelashes of Shu, which was more than beautiful… requetebonitas! And I, who was with mustia face and hard by the madrugon, the trip and the day’s work, I did what I could in order to release some of the tabs that Rosesilence gave me. I am enamoradita of them.
And that’s all friends! Repeat went it great!