Cutlery for 4 People from Bridgat

Cutlery with 16 parts in series Twist. This series was launched by Revisit Studio in 1988 and are today regarded as one of the most trendy cutlery series.

The cutlery is made of 18/0 stainless steel of highest quality. In addition, the cutlery 100% nickel-free.

The Nice twist on aluminum being manufactured, hence the name, gives the cutlery a simple and stylish appearance.


  1. 4 knives-22 cm
  2. 4 forks-19.5 cm
  3. 4 spoons-19 cm
  4. 4 spoons-13.5 cm

Cutlery 2

Cutlery for 4 people from Jamie Oliver

Quality cutlery in stainless steel that can be used for everyday and special occasions. The set is designed with a modern finish, excellent balance and clean lines.


Cutlery for 4 People


  1. 4 knives
  2. 4 forks
  3. 4 eating spoons
  4. 4 teaspoons

Cutlery 1

Cutlery for 4 people from Bridgat

Fuga cutlery with glossy finish from Revisit is suitable for both everyday and more festive table settings. The set is characterized by soft rounded lines and it rests comfortably in your hand.

Fugue is a classic design of Tias Eckhoff from the year 1962. See company history.


  1. 4 knives-21.3 cm
  2. 4 forks-19 cm
  3. 4 eating spoons-17 cm
  4. 4 coffee spoons-12.2 cm

Cutlery 3