Cyanogen OS 12 Is Updated in The OnePlus One Solving Its Persistent Bugs More

If you are users of OnePlus One It is possible that you have had more than one problem on occasion with the sensitivity of the touch screen of your device with the Bluetooth to connect you with the musical equipment of your car or when you send MMS messages with applications by default.

If so you’re in luck, because you will be glad to know that as we reported in Android Police, Cyanogen has finally launched a new update of its Cyanogen OS for this device, which promises to put an end once and for all these annoying and persistent bugs.

The Cyanogen OS 12.0 YNG1TAS2I3 Incremental build is based even on 5.0 Android Lollipop (Lollipop will have to wait), a new update whose files have been published in the official forums of OnePlus, where besides It shows us a changelog in which we can read that offers a solution for the following three problems:

  • Sensitivity of the touch screen
  • Bluetooth connectivity with various cars audio systems
  • Sending MMS in several mobile operators

In the last hours OnePlus has also been news by having started to reveal some of the specifications of your next device, and that you will use version 2.1 without overheating 810 Snapdragon Qualcomm processor. It is expected that over the coming weeks and as I did the year past go shelling the rest of specifications.