Cycling, Its Modalities and Some Trivia

Do you by any chance know what cycling is? Have you ever practiced this type of sport? If you have no idea what this word is, continue reading this article that will clarify your doubts and talk about cycling, its modalities and some curiosities.

Cycling, Its Modalities and Some Trivia

Cycling for those who do not yet know is a bicycle racing sport that the goal of the participants is to reach a certain goal first or to fulfill a certain course in the shortest possible time.

But if your definition for cycling comes down to just that stretch described above, then, that means you’re not sure what that sport is all about, is it?

However, as a good professional or even amateur cyclist, it is more than important that you understand a little more about this subject and have a more concrete notion about cycling, its modalities and some curiosities.

For these and others that when thinking a little more about the great importance of this subject, we decided to talk about cycling, thus, you will be fully sure of what this sport is, in addition to many other things important to those who practice it.

Cycling, its modalities and some curiosities that all people should know

Cycling for the better we understand is a type of sport that involves an athlete and the bicycle. Therefore, not all activities involving people and bicycles are called cycling.

The history of cycling began in England in the mid- nineteenth century , when the improvement of the vehicle made it possible to reach higher speeds.

Nowadays, cycling is governed by several rules and generally falls into four categories: road races, track races, mountain bike races and BMX races that can be practiced with different types and models of the races. More varied bikes and for you to know a little more of each category continue reading this article until the end.

In Mountain Bike there are several categories that are divided in more or less radical that they are: cross country, in all type of terrain, preferably in hills; The Free Ride, with a more extreme tempo in which jumps and descents are preferred; The down hill, which is the most extreme and dangerous version of the MTB that consists only of descending, usually with high speeds and can be practiced in both hills and cities.

In Lisbon, the most famous event in this category is the Lisbon Down Town which is held annually in May and consists of the descent of the slope of the Castle of St. George to the arch of Red Bull , this event is spread on televisions around the world.

Mountain biking is also known as adventure biking. They are contests in open spaces, with very rough terrain, and involving many climbs and descents.

The BMX category is a modality that uses wheels of twenty inches in diameter, that is, that presents a small size when considered for an adult. There are two different types of evidence: one is a race played on rough terrain that is BMX Racing and the other is characterized by maneuvers with and on the bike that is known as BMX Freestyle.

Among cycling, its modalities and some curiosities , the world also invented static cycling, ie cycling on stationary bicycles indoors, home, gym , club , etc.

This type of cycling is indicated for people who have knee, hips and spine injuries that are not suitable for walking, it is also indicated for pregnant, elderly and mainly obese people.

However, the most traditional mode ends up being the well-known road cycling. That’s because the Tour de France, or the Tour de France, is the most anticipated cycling competition in the world.

As it may not seem, track cycling is one of the most beautiful ways to be seen in Olympic games. They are disputed in a generally closed track, denominated velodrome.

The most common evidence is evidence of persecution, in which an athlete or a team of athletes needs to be less than one meter away from the other and the tests against the clock, in which athletes must pedal as fast as possible and the winner Is what finishes the course in the least amount of time.

Although cycling is considered a sport, characterized by competition, it is worth noting that bicycles also act as means of transport and not just as objects for sport.

After all, in many cities the bicycle is used for day to  day locomotion and is also used as a means of leisure and tourism by families.

In addition, bicycles are a very important point in the environment, because if there were real investment in bike building, we might have improved air quality.

Curiosities About Cycling

Twenty races that involved cycling were held at the 2012 London Olympics, see the categories: Track, Mountain Bike, Road and BMX. The United Kingdom was the most outstanding country, winning 12 medals (8 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze).

Official international cycling competitions are organized by the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) based in the city of Aigle in Switzerland.

In Brazil, the official competitions are organized by the CBC (Brazilian Cycling Confederation).

The first world championship of track clipping occurred in the year 1895.

Currently, the major world powers of cycling are: United Kingdom, Australia and Germany.

The last World Track Cycling Championships took place in February 2015. France came first in the medal table and had 5 golds and 2 bronzes. The next championship is scheduled for 2016, where it will be held in London.

In addition to the whole subject of cycling, its modalities and some curiosities, we still point out among the curiosities the fact that cycling like any other sport is very important for people’s health. See below the reason for this statement.

When we talk about health and cycling, we can say that cycling is a rhythmic and cyclic activity, ideal for the development of aerobic and anaerobic energy systems , this of course depends on the type of training you do.

With the practice of cycling, it has a better development of the cardiovascular system of the practitioners, and is indicated by medical experts as great exercise for burning of body fat and development of muscular strength of legs in training.

Therefore, here are the main benefits that cycling offers to health:

Fighting stress and depression

During pedaling the heart contractions pump the blood faster, causing the brain to receive more oxygen, which reduces anxiety, depression and anxiety.

Lose weight

Decreases cholesterol and triglycerides

Helps improve sleep

It stimulates the release of endorphins, making the individual more happy.

Helps lower cholesterol levels (LDL), so that the fat lodged in your veins and arteries are also eliminated

During an hour of pedaling you eliminate 500 to 600 calories

Lowers blood pressure

Increases immunity

Did you see how many benefits cycling can offer for your health? It is noteworthy that these are just some of the many benefits that this sport can provide for your life and if you already practice it, surely you should already be more than aware of improving your well-being, right?

All these benefits that cycling offers health, are crucial points for the human being and it is worth to bet on a good activity to have better living conditions.

So, to carry out long rides you need the minimum of preparation and knowledge of the category that will do. Ask for directions and be sure to keep up with your diet before practicing any kind of activity and sport, because if you are weak, you may feel bad and be harmed in competitions.

These little details that we mention throughout the article, make all the difference for those who love the world of cycling. So follow them and perform well.

Undoubtedly, these tips will make all the difference for you, who are in the middle of this incredible sport, which with each passing day has been winning even more fans and fans in love.

But, if you do not already participate in this sport, maybe this is a good opportunity to start, what do you think? You will not regret it and you will probably become a great fan!

So, now that you have had a little idea of what is cycling, its modalities and some curiosities, be sure to follow us through our site and still, always be aware of all the indications quoted above so you do not miss out on Their competitions. Cycling is a very valued sport in recent times, so take advantage of this appreciation and be part of this story.