Cylinder Table Lamp Shades

OffBeat and unusual, the lamp cylinder offers an amazing look. The antithesis of the classic lamp, this luminaire design certain aesthetics seduced at the first glance. And it’s our best of the week.

Why we need the lamp cylinder?

Because its looking design challenges. At first glance, this object does not instantly reveal its function of luminaire. Its sleek and fluid look evokes an avant-garde object. While clear glass, its cylinder shape-where his name – actually hides a light bulb and welcomes a yellow, red and white heart.

With what we use?

With its height of 25 cm, she is perfect on a console design glass or metal, or to wake up a coffee table or a bedside table as extra lighting and decorative. She likes also on contemporary allure in echo lacquered furniture to its original style.

For what style of play?

In the white version, in a living room design and minimalist avant-garde trend. In yellow or red color, it is ideal as a decorative lighting for a current teen room. It comes in an entry to bring some pep’s and a touch of color dynamic in the House.

Its ‘more’ practice?

His hidden bulb which gives it a very elegant but also and especially distills a soft lighting without dazzle.

Its ‘more’ deco?

His colorful is the trendy detail! In harmony with the color of the diffuser, yellow or red wire gives a very modern look and finish sewing. In the color version, the scattered light is colored for an original decorative lamp. This cylinder shaped table lamp is available at DEALLEDLIGHTS.COM.