DECT Cordless Phone for Home

As of today, February 10, 2016, is the new DECT phone FRITZ! FON C5 AVM in commercially available in website. This sets the manufacturer on design, HD telephony for optimal voice quality and integrated smart home functions, as well as a media player. In addition, motion and brightness sensors to provide for longer battery life.

AVM has extended its product range of DECT phones with the FRITZ! FON C5. The new black deDECT Cordless Phone for Homesign phone has a full interior. It offers all for FRITZ! FON of typical highlights such as HD telephony as well as comfort functions such as Internet radio, E-Mail reception, baby monitor, or wake-up call. In addition, also speed dialing, call forwarding and three-way conference are included. Users can FRITZ! FON assign different ringtones and music tracks in the Media Player use as ringtone. In combination with a FRITZ! Box the DECT phone offers up to five digital answering machine, a clear call list, as well as multiple phone books, including online contacts with up to 300 entries. Received calls, messages on the voice mail, E-mail, software updates etc are indicated on the display and using the message key (MWI) and are available at your fingertips. Individually adjustable favorites allow users quick access to frequently used menus and content. A total of five home screens for different events stand to the selection. The volume can be conveniently using the controls on the

Regulate side of the device.

In home network, the cordless phone controls music or smart home applications. The FRITZ! FON serves as a kind of remote control, also for many other applications in the smart FRITZ!-home network. This includes also the switching of devices using the intelligent Sockets FRITZ! DECT 200, FRITZ! Powerline 546E or the temperature with the thermostat Comet DECT. The high-resolution color display of the new FRITZ! FON can be associated with a FRITZ! Box represent a door phone or IP camera images. The opening of the door can be done over the phone. Users call with FRITZ! FON always safely through the encrypted transfer and receive regular new features via the update function.

In addition, the DECT eco fashion is here to find. This is activated, switch base station and the FRITZ! FON in standby mode the DECT radio completely. Provide longer battery life of up to 12 days in standby mode are also sensitive brightness and proximity sensors that adjust the lighting of the display and keyboard depending on the ambient light. An integrated motion sensor wakes the phone from standby, as soon as the user takes it in hand. All connections are encrypted by default like all DECT phones from AVM.