Demillus Lingerie

A real friend is one who shares must-have tips, does not she? So today we will introduce you to DeMillus, a brand with more than 65 years of history, which has several beautiful products available in Le Lingerie. They are pieces that add comfort, satisfaction, modernity and beauty, all in line with the main fashion trends. Know now a little more about what the brand has to offer for you:


Basic pieces for the day to day, as the name itself says, are simple structure models in classic colors like white and beige. However, DeMillus also has room for more vivid tones like navy blue in its color chart.


Those who do not like to miss an opportunity to seduce their partner or partner in bed find everything they need on DeMillus sexy lingerie. Just to mention some of the models that have in Le Lingerie: corselete and body, both in the basic black, that of basic has nothing by the way. Whatever your choice, have no mistake, with any of them your love will go crazy for you!


To soften the fats and prevent them from becoming apparent in the day’s look, nothing better than a modeler. Items such as high waist panties, bodies and modeling belts further enhance the curves of your body.

Special Bras

DeMillus has bras for each body type and occasion: to support and model the breasts, to use at the time of breastfeeding, reducers or even increase the volume of breasts in up to 2 sizes.

In addition to all this versatility, DeMillus produces 95% of the components needed to manufacture its products. This ensures a more affordable price and control over the quality of products.