Denim Fashion Trends

Copenhagen Fashion Weeek had it on the podium, New York Fashion Week had it and also to London and Milan Fashion Week have not been able to get around it. It’s all about denim!

It is not to get around denim in the fashion world, either at home or internationally is denim out of fashion – and will probably never do it!

Denim is available in a myriad of types, ranging from the classic Virgin denim, to the shabby and worn. Also colour variations, ranging from the typical blue demin, the gray and black which is also often seen in fashion. Similarly, white denim, the big wild card this year, and fit perfectly with spring as we go into the meeting.

But what is it that is so great about denim? Denim can give you a sexy and cool look without it looks like you have used the oceans of time to achieve this look. Conversely, public property and can thereby provide you with denim a casualt and unimpressed look.

Denim can give you a fantastic fashionable look, but it can be hard to find the perfect jeans for your body type. Each style gives you even a different look, so which should you choose? Our site has selected three different editions of denim-the pants that fit perfectly to your look.

Skinny jeans

The tight-fitting model, skinny jeans are good for you with the hourglass figure, but also for you who have a somewhat square body shape. The model highlights the round shapes as you with the hourglass figure has, and provides more round shapes for you with a square shape. It is also not completely no matter what color you choose for your skinny jeans. The black jeans will get your legs to appear thinner, and choose a model with wear on the center of the leg can also give the illusion of thinner legs. Also has pockets of your pants is also something to be said for your figure – a thing you should be aware of when choosing your skinny jeans.

Loose fit

Loose fit covers models boyfriendjeans and momjeans despite many similarities which differ slightly from each other. Boyfriendjeans will often have a low waist, while the classical momjeans is more narrow in the legs and have a high waist. Momjeans is good for you who have a boyish figure, because it highlights the hips and gives you a fuller backside. Boyfriendjeans is good for you as is tall and lanky, a bit since the wide leg gives an illusion of multiple forms.

Flare jeans

Flarejeans we know best from the ‘ 70s, but style is starting to come forward in fashion again. The model is tight down to the knee and will be away vigere down against trouser leg end. The model is suitable for all body types, since the width of the gauge at the ankles gives an illusion of narrower hips, waist and shoulders. At the same time give more shape to a straight pants and boyish body shape.

Not only denim jeans characterizes fashion image. We see right now the denim in all its forms – Denim dresses, shirts, overalls, buksedragte, down parts and denim jackets and vests. Only your imagination sets the limits. Also with regard to how styling your denims, you have a free hand, you can do like Miranda Kerr (pictured above), who has styled himself in denim from head to toe. You can also choose to style yourself with only a single item in denim and use other materials to create contrast to your denim. Colour gives you also a free hand when denim denim goes to all colors.

There is a large selection of denim jeans for any occasion in LOOKATTHEJEANS, so go explore in the Jeans section.