Design Your Own Skirt

One of the absolute coolest by sewing his own clothes, is that one can decide how it should look.

In other words, designing his own clothes.

And it should, therefore, not be intimidated by. Although many are thinking “Yes, but I also am not designer”, now not so much before it actually is its own designer. A single change on a purchased pattern, and then you have already created your own design. So simple it is actually.

There are some things that are good to have in mind when you are designing. Firstly, it is smart to think about what you want to use the tool. Different parts of our lives down different requirements for the vehicle. You must be able to cycle to and from work every day, you need more comfort in your skirt, than if you have to use it for a cocktail party once a year. It is part of the design.

Your body type also has something to say. Vehicle will be used most, if we think it clothes us, and here comes body type into the picture. Katrine Holck has written an article for the first issue of Sysiden on body types and skirts, with a guide to the types of skirts that are good and less good for different body types.

Katrine has also written about body types here on the blog. You can read her post here .

Once you have found out which basic silhouette that fits well with your body type and personality, so there are countless ways you can vary the design, so you get different skirts which are just flattering, because they have the same basic silhouette. But they look far different because they have different details and is made of different fabrics.

You can add crossings, pockets, zippers, slits, pleat, Wrinkly and all sorts of other details to your design. You can make it asymmetrical, putting different substances together, decorate with Ribbon, beads or embroidery or whatever you have imagination (and syevner).

The Do’s and Donts When You Design

Fashion changes so fast and has so many different styles in each season that you almost always can find a cut and a look that speaks to one, and which is also modern, if that is what you want to. And are you a damn don’t care about fashion, flin has quite a free rein, and just agree with it though what you think is neat.


Find inspiration on the Web, in magazines, on the street and in stores.

Take a shopping trip where you shopper inspiration. You will find all the skirts (if you are in the process of designing a skirt) that you like, and takes them into the test room. Try them one at a time, and make a note of what they are doing for you. Remember to move you in the test room, so you get an idea of how nederdelene are in use. If you’re just standing still and looking into the mirror, then you get not much knowledge out of it.

Signs your ideas down, and write notes, so you can remember them later. Buy any. a delicious notebook where you can draw your designs into. So you can save them for later, if you don’t have time to sew it all right now. Also what type does not work for you, so you do not let yourself be tempted by a fashion craze at a later time.


According to copyright law, we must copy the clothes of a single copy for themselves, but it is strictly forbidden to copy a designer skirt and subsequent start his own little production, which it sells to friends and acquaintances. So don’t bother with it.

It’s also really bad style to go into a store and buy a piece of clothing in order to copy the pattern and return the vehicle. In particular, the small shops and small clothing brands is super dependent on selling their clothes – and it is usually those who make the exciting designs, there actually is some inspiration in. Quite often they miss a sale, while you have the skirt at home to copy it, because in those days have to say for 2-3 other interested customers to size is out of stock. When you hand off your skirt again, so is the other customers away (they think the skirt is sold out), and it ends up on sale at a loss for the store. So Don’t DO It!

Let as a whole be with that copy. Find inspiration from, and make it your own skirt, so you’ll find your own style and your own artistic expression in the clothes, you sew. It’s so much cooler than to copy something others have already created.

The Basic Pattern For the Skirt

In the first issue of Sysiden – Your online symagasin, appearing 1/8 2014, we focus on skirts (that’s why we write so much about the skirts on the blog). In the magazine you will get a basic pattern for a A-shaped skirt. It can be used as is, but it can also easily be converted to other designs. You get instructions in the magazine that teach you how to make the various changes.