Designer Women’s Umbrellas 2016

Umbrella – it’s not just a tool that saves you from the rain, but also elegant accessory. If the male version of the most often seem boring and women designers have tried and have created an incredibly wide variety of umbrellas. This allows even in bad weather women to look attractive, elegant and tasteful.

Transparent Umbrellas

Women transparent umbrellas are most often made in the style birdcage – looks like a bird cage. Model-shaped dome will easily protect you from rain, much better than models of other brands, as this umbrella shape allows not only covers the head and shoulders. But this feature can be seen as a disadvantage as transparent umbrella can protect just one person, but under him will not walk in the rain together.

As regards the design of the dome transparent umbrella, and then almost none. Sometimes designers decorate it simple model that gives character, but it does not overshadow its beginning zest – transparency.

Small Umbrellas

Small female umbrellas are very comfortable for active women or the residents of the city, often changing time. In a folded umbrella species has a small size can put it in your bag and safe for him to forget before the rain. And among the small female umbrellas common practical models that not only have the smallest size, but less weight.

But hussy umbrella maker due to specific design has a disadvantage – it is healthier than walking-stick. Although this does not mean that this model will come in useless after the first weatherproof.

Original Ladies’ Umbrellas

Creating their collections, designers do not forget about the necessary umbrella, so original umbrellas today are not uncommon. Creative and unusual patterns most often can be seen in the collections of Chantal Thomas, Pasotti and Guy de Jean. Accessory can be decorated with bows, consists of several layers to have broken form, but in fact he is not losing its practicality and is always ready to protect you from the rain.