Did You Know That LED also Need Certification?

The LED lamp your need to have quality certificate. For this, the Inmetro (National Institute of metrology, quality and technology) has established conduct and standards for manufacturers and importers. The regulation of LED bulbs is in effect since the day 17 March 2015, with the publication of administrative rule 389 , which establishes the obligation of following norms and standards defined by Inmetro. The purpose is to ensure more safety and reliability of the products.

The PD consolidated company LED in the lighting market, has as a priority the quality of its products. So, offers more than 20000 pieces in your portfolio, all with the due certificate established by Inmetro. The obligation of the seal is very positive, because it ensures minimum elements as: guarantee lower energy consumption, longer life lamps and lower noise generation. So the consumer knows he can rely on the brand, and you’re not taking a pig in a poke according to incredibleflashlight.

Deadlines, models and specifications

Since the day October 17 2016 is no longer allowed, by manufacturers and importers, the marketing of products without the certificate of Inmetro. Resellers or large and medium-sized companies have until 17 June 2017 for marketing of products without seal, and micro and small businesses, until 01 January 2018.

Are covered by the new regulations LED bulbs with built-in drive to the base or body constituting a unique piece, non-detachable, for rated voltages of 127V and 220V and rated power up to 60W, including tubular LED light bulbs, PAR, 111 AIR, GU 10 and more. The certification does not cover LED lamps that emit colored light (RGB), the decorative, like the LED strips, and also does not apply to lamps and pendants with integrated LED.

Quality lighting is with the PD LED

In addition to working with certified products, the PD LED also offers its customers exclusive products. Do your LED lighting project and stay years without worrying, because we guarantee smooth operation of our products. We work with the best national and imported brands. Our consultants are experts and are ready to develop custom designs, as well as assist in the work of architects, engineers and gesseiros. Schedule a lighting consultancy, is free!