Difference Between Fluorescent and LED Tube

One of the most used lamp types around the world is the tubular. Since coming to the market in fluorescent model, revolutionized the way we light offices, shops, garages, and other spaces. For a long time there was a competitor that could compete with her, until the arrival of the LED.

The new electrical component promised to turn the lighting with tubular lamps, showing improvements in efficiency, performance and even energy consumption.Today, many people are still in doubt about the operation of the LED tube and if he really is the best substitute for fluorescent lamp. Although she is the more traditional option, we believe that the lighting of the future is already here, that is the LED according to toughestflashlights.com.


Tubular lamps are commonly used in spaces where lighting is needed for long periods of time. So, one of the most important factors for the managers of these establishments, in choosing the most suitable lamp type is consumption.

The difference between LED and fluorescent tubes is significant, although it is not apparent when comparing the consumption of only one bulb. However, when doing the calculation considering the total number of them, fluorescent energy consumption can even fold.

This is directly related to the economy in electricity bill. Depending on the type of LED implemented, the economy can include the cost not only energy, but also operational. The payback for a project that uses the lamps 24 hours a day, for example, can be even better.

Environmental impact

Large spaces have the potential to produce a lot of pollution, so, today, one of the top priorities in planning any large-scale project is to have the least environmental impact. Fluorescent lamps have on your composition mercury, metal presents a great danger to people’s health and the environment. Already the LED is an electronic equipment and does not need any gas to work, just a power source.


Without doubt, the fluorescent lamps produce enough light to illuminate the desired environment, so are still currently used. However, the way they use the energy that they receive is not fully effective, because a large percentage is directed to the production of heat, while the LED provides a more linear efficiency to transform energy into light.

The amount of lumens per Watt is another differentiator in the efficiency of light bulbs. As an example, we can compare a fluorescent 1800lm/32W and offers a 1900lm LED/18W. The LED tube offers twice the efficiency.

Other benefits of LED tube

  • Connects instantly;
  • does not require ballasts, consuming less energy;
  • Unlike fluorescent lamps, does not emit ultraviolet light and infrared radiation;
  • can have up to 50,000 hours of useful life, reducing the need for maintenance;
  • is made of durable material, and can resist the blows and vibrations;
  • your intensity can be controlled;
  • Opens the possibility to deploy sensors.

In PD, we believe your business LED, shed, industry, parking lot or another, deserve to have the best LED lighting project. There is another type of lamp that offers so many benefits. Contact our consultants and try the lighting of the future.