Different Kinds of Headgear

All types of hats, berets, caps and wide-brimmed hats are loved by women, depending on the time of year. Choose headgear should focus mainly on their own reflection in a mirror type of look, but listen to the views of others, as well as stylists, tips will help you choose the right headgear, those who are still hesitant: what hat I go?

Need to find a better method of trial and error. It is necessary to measure several very different models to focus on anything specifically. A rare woman, also with the classic oval face, immediately find a lid from a wide area. When almost all “go to person”, it is worth thinking about the style.

Fashionable Hats Winter 2014

in came the fall-winter of 2014 are recommended to wear bright-colored hat with a high Crown and not too large fields. Slogan hats: Eye-catching bright colors and add growth (20 centimeters). The trend is called designers and plaid hat, they can be of various styles and colors.

Caps-it is always nice, m.

Womb and impressive. Just choose a style that complements the exterior, give the image a unique chic. Materials: felt and woolen cloth, velvet and even satin. The decor can be a sport caps, jockey, glamorous or classic.

Most popular hat for cold weather can be considered as a knit Cap. Thin, repeat the shape of the head, model, volume large knitted, strained to the eyebrows or asymmetrical sloping face-styles and colors of great diversity, including fluorescent shades. Knitted hats are both adults and children, men and women, young men and women. And to combine these hats can be the most different style of clothing. Very trendy knitted hats, baseball caps, stylish and modern.

Basques, tricot, of different color and texture of the material, full of colours in today’s fashion season on the catwalks. Hit of the season-leopard takes it should be used with simple accessories and precious furs. Hats with earflaps different styles and lengths of fabric, not the fur does not concede its position as the most welcoming, warm, comfortable in cold windy weather.The same can be said of the hats of real fur. They are out of the competition when it comes to Russian frost. What

Hats Are All The Rage in Spring 2014

Replaced By winter frost will spring. But not in a hurry to part with their hats are spring weather unpredictable. It is therefore better to take care of yourself version of fjäderhuvudbonad from the range offered by stylists and producers. Strict framework is not in color or in a contour or texture materials used. Fashion democratic. Fashionable IE it gives confidence and emphasizes the natural beauty.

Fashionable hats Spring 2014 Spring

Perfect with the dress for the season will be boys hats or baseball caps, berets in different colors.Trendline thing coming spring-cap-toe, comfortable fit. Wearing the need with a wide skirt. Various thin colored hats of bright colors or graphics, drawings, letters, good protection against spring weather and add the image of style and originality. Spring CAP can be a broad strip of fabric or knit, which heats only the ears and forehead, which gives great comfort and underline the beauty of the face. A turban–a very special accessory, perfect for spring, however, and for the summer as well.

Headwear-Summer 2014

The summer fashionista can carry an enormous selection of wide-brimmed hats, caps, or simply a nice bandage rich rims or pastel colors. How to protect against the Sun and a craze perform wide Beach hat. They can be straw or fabric, as well as bright colors competing with a bathing suit and ornaments.

Choose a hat, remember about fashion advice, but do not forget about their own individuality and uniqueness!