Different Types of Mens Jackets

Accessories and style

When it comes to Accessories and men’s jacket style you can consider many aspects and all will be used to confer a particular allure to this garment which may contain several variations than the basic model.

The pockets, for example, are an important accessory in a jacket but they must be chosen carefully. In fact, must be carefully attuned to the fit of the jacket and, in some cases, may be safely hidden inside the lining. Formal evening jackets and should never have flaps to supplement the pockets: welts are permitted only for informal leaders or sportsmen.

The pockets of the jacket should be used for documents and wallets, while the outer in the bottom left is for cigarettes. Men’s sports jackets can have a double external pocket, and the smaller one is for small change, English tradition.

Very interesting speech about the slits. The jackets without slits are the nicest from an aesthetic point of view but are not very comfortable; those with two side vents are the most functional and tend to slim the figure; those with a single central vent are elegant but should never be worn with his hands in his pockets. The slits should never be higher than the upper limit of the external pocket.

Finally, among the accessories of the jacket is good to consider also the Pocket for the classic silk or linen handkerchief. The pocket is on the top left and must not be filled with pens or, worse, glasses. Only in the case of a wedding ceremony is planned, for the groom, insert a boutonnière for the flagships of the jacket, thus eliminating the handkerchief so as not to burden the collection. A special touch of elegance is coordinating the handkerchief with shirt and tie, to make the collection particularly harmonious.

Types of jackets

As JacketPanel said, there are many types of jackets on the market. Let’s take a look at the most common to orient ourselves better in the choice.

Single breasted jacket with one button is typically used for the tuxedo. Recall that a Tux can be worn only at night, after 18 hours. Etiquette considers a grave mistake wearing it at ceremonies, especially if carried out during the day. If the jacket includes waistcoat, then unbutton it is allowed to sit or, possibly, to watch the pocket Watch. Remember that you must always be silk satin lapels.

We then two button single breasted jackets, in which should be connected only the higher, and those three-button placket, which fastens the central or the two superiors. The double-breasted jacket with four buttons provide the connection only the lower one, while in the case of six buttons you will fasten or the central one or the short one or both.

A jacket that is never buttoned is one that makes up the famous white tie: this jacket is double-breasted, very short waist and button closure that must always be left unbuttoned.

More sporty jackets are for three or four buttons, with two slits and very often of patch pockets or with flaps. The Sub-Saharan Africa involves four bellows pockets and a belt at the waist and is an extremely informal.

Slightly disused but very refined is the chamber jacket that classically was satin lapel and velvet a belt or buttons for closure.

It is preferable to always opt for the soft colors and a little garish for jackets, unless it is a plaid or herringbone patterns. Very nice corduroy jackets that can be worn with casual pants or even jeans.