Different Types of Winter Hats

Fashion hats 2014: hats, berets, hats, beanies, bowlers. The collection has a wide range of models in different shapes and colors, so you can pick up a hat for all images. But at the top of the popularity-a hat. Particularly welcome a hat with a wide brim. you will surely look stylish, if it is chosen according to your type of figure and face.

Wide-Brimmed Hat-Trend in 2014

Trends back in the 70s thanks to a hat with a wide brim, made in the spirit of the time.

Does not lose its relevance, wide-brimmed hats to cowboy style. Strict.

Fedora hat-represented in many collections, should be worn pulled down over the eyebrows. This hat is made of Suede, felt, flannel, and her soft fields can be raised and lowered.

Fedor stylish and classic trouser suit coat.

2014 Vintage hats

Fan of extravagant style, it is recommended to wear vintage hats. These are “hunting” hats and bowler hat a la 60s.

Interesting look pills and Cloche hats. In these hats women look graceful and elegant.

Caps fur 2014

In winter it is recommended to wear fashionable fur hats: hats, caps, berets. Combine them with a fur or coat with fur trim very appropriate.

Fur hats that coat with fur is quite expensive and not everyone can afford. But there is a solution-is to organize common purchases and buy wholesale women’s clothing.

Knitted hats 2014

Not lost its popularity, hats, socks, berets and common knitted hats. Latest and hats with pom-poms that elegant look with a classic style trench coat.

knitted hat with a visor-a different version of winter headgear.

It completes the picture, if it is to dress with a short jacket, parka with fur and big boots and in bad weather a dense canopy to protect against snow and wind. These caps can be worn by both men and women.

Hat With Plaits 2014

At the top of popularity in 2014-knitted hat with a pattern of braids.

They will be a great addition to sweaters, performs the same viscous. Very beautiful knitted hats with big braids milk or coffee color.

Caps Drawings

Figure FIR branches or deer will add a header image of originality.