Dior “Nail Glow” Instant French Manicure Effect Whitening Nail Care

In the currently available “Chérie bow” by Dior Spring collection can be found in addition to pallets, lipsticks, abstractions and co. even two “glow”-products. To the one the “Lip Glow”, a gloss, the pink toned is (so like at this Nail Polish here), but only gently stresses the lips and it leaves a slight stain. I’ve linked you already in the last outfit post the great review from → Nani , it would like to mentioned but here, because I can sign their review in all points and pass this on its own, again. So check back with her! For me, the “Lip Glow” in any case is already one of the best products of the year – and that already end of January!

On the other hand, you can the “Nail Glow” erwerbemn, which is also a good character in addition to the three colour coatings. I stood awhile in front of the shelf and thought about whether I buy “Tutu”, the sugar baby-pink paint, or reach for that particular part. Decided I have, as you can see on the “Nail Glow”, in addition to a French Manicure Effect even a who – at least when you’re wearing it – brings whitening effect (in relation to the nail tips). Frankly this has interested me less, also for me, that was no reason to buy. Even the French effect was not relevant for me at the time of purchase. Actually interested me simply, how this light pink tint on nails makes and whether he might even a alternative to my favorite “looks like I’d nix on it”-“Sugar Daddy” by essie lacquer, is. Admitted: not quite. But I think he’s still very pretty and especially in the spring I can well imagine him for the rather bare “nail days”…

Dior “Nail Glow” instant French manicure effect whitening nail care
Chérie bow Spring collection 2013

  • 1 coat “Nail Foundation” (Butter London)
    • 2 coats “Nail Glow” (Dior)
    • 1 coat “good to go” (essie)

Order & opacity:To order and opacity there is really not much to say, after all this is a transparent varnish – an opaque result is so anyway you want (and if you do, you should buy an other paint rather). However, there is a small difference in one or two layers – the latter is but not really striking, yet a bit pinker. I have applied two layers out of habit because I feel never quite splittersicher with only one..It could but some pink to be which is why I would recommend to try out just one layer according to VINTAGEMATTERS.

Dry season:As usual fast with “good to go’, I waited about 20 minutes for a total of 4 layers.

Color:As already mentioned, the varnish is transparent with a distinct pink tinge. It will be visible on the nails. In fact, even something more than in the photos. The result is definitely very natural, because the French Effect, which is promised, actually implemented: the tips seem brighter, slightly more intense the pink part of the nail. The finish is already high gloss and beautiful even without topcoat.

Overall:For those who are not big fans of color paints, but want to get yet a little color in the game or on the nails, I find the “Nail Glow” a nice solution. Also color paint friends always have a tag or a small phase, during which it can of course look a//should/must. Since this paint well fit. For me, it is a nice alternative to my favorite nude paint (and nude should be taken here literally and interpreted not as beige or skin colors), so I can choose between a pink tinge and a rather beige tinge times – depending on just how I feel like have.

Purchase recommendation:the thing has a small sticking point – you must overcome is a bit, a very simple paint for 20,-€ to buy. Therefore would I not recommend him to all, but such natural nails especially like to wear actually only those. Here, the purchase also worthwhile I think. Otherwise, it is of course – as always – a matter of taste and budget.