Discover The Climbing Cliff 20 Backpack

The Climbing Cliff 20 Backpack: Your Best Backpack

A year ago I bought backpack climbing Cliff 20 Simond, was looking for a wall that was light and the size backpack just to get everything you need to spend a day hanging on the wall but also large enough to carry at least 2 strings of 60mt and protect them in the approaches that had lots of vegetation.

With their only 285 g climbing Cliff 20 backpack is one of the lighter wall packs and perfectly 2 ropes of 60mt and 8, 6 mm in diameter can be saved thanks to its 20-litre capacity and would still be a little space to carry a jacket, a water bottle or hydration bag… is as a backpack without background when you think that you are full even gets more.

In the interior of the main pocket of 20 liters has a compartment to save and hanging bag of hydration on the side has a small pocket with zipper and inside a plastic hook to hang keys, small details that are appreciated. One of advice, I do not recommend that ye should akeep the mobile in the side pocket if you want from the screen of the cell phone as I happened to me one day climbing a fireplace…

The climbing Cliff 20 backpack has two gear loops on the side of the chest and several more in the rear, which give it atechnicality and are very useful for hanging material or even with two adjustable straps to carry a jacket or fleece. The shoulder straps are ergonomic and I was pleasantly surprised with their breathability, climbing in the torrid southern summer and shoulders completely dry. Their two tapes of adjustment, one at the level of the chest (also adjustable in height) and the other at the waist (removable for those who clog them with harness) assure us the stability and optimum setting, so fear not the backpack you pull back when you do a crash. Along the entire back has one blade of malleable plastic that gives it rigidity, a great detail that allows you to not be key us nothing of have cast it into its interior.

The polyamide fabric backpack climbing Cliff 20 provides a perfect high resistance to abrasion, to pass through chimneys and drag on the offwith without fear that the backpack suffer any damage. Climbing Cliff 20 backpack design allows us to roll it up on itself to transport another backpack easily and use as a backpack of attack in any climb or cruise, so it is a backpack very versatile.

Will eventually be aware that zipper open too and everything you carry in your backpack inside out flying wall down, thanks to the Easy access System your system of opening and closing which provides fast access, while we are in a meeting and hung the backpack inside access is easy, fast and secure This system also allows us to attach a string to carry out of the backpack, personally one of the things that more I like climbing Cliff 20 backpack is this system of opening and closing.

This designed for climbers and mountaineers, although thanks to its versatility can be use for any outdoor activity.

Without a doubt the best backpack of wall that I’ve had, I’ve been a year by dragging it by hundreds of metres and this climbing Cliff 20 backpack as the first day and all this for only € 17,99 at

A good gift for this Christmas, is available in Orange, blue and white: to who are you waiting to get your backpack climbingCliff 20 ?