Discover The New Vinyls

Attention attention! We have the great honor of extending our family vinyls by the hand of a few women loaded with energy, wisdom, optimism… come on, they do not lack na! They will ring you, since they are part of the agenda 2017 #peleacomounachica.

To the vinyls, several of them directed to children, are now added 5 that for the moment complete the collection. They are:

Wall Vinyl By Khaleesi

The Khaleesi (AKA Daenerys of the Storm) and its dragons. Woman, as you know, points very high (nothing more and nothing less than the iron throne) and to which few things are put ahead. Aguerrida and wise, we are informed that it is crossing the Narrow Sea (somewhat wider than the Straits of Gibraltar) and we predict that when it reaches the coast it will make things very clear. In TeleAdhesivo we declare ourselves unconditional fans of Khaleesi and we support without fissures his candidacy to the throne of iron. We have said!

Hermione Wall Decal

We also have Hermione. This woman has been a bitch at Hogwarts. Daughter of muggles, some despicable members of the house Slytherin referred to her like “dirty blood”, nickname that did not take anything well. She is an inveterate reader and enjoys extraordinary memory and wisdom. Together with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley they had great adventures, romances, sayings and misfortunes fighting the dark magic of The-Who-Must-Be-Named (yes, Voldemort, who does not give us fear) and his followers.

Girls Wall Sticker Star Wars (Pedrita Parker)

We present below the galactic trio of women Star Wars. They are: Leia Organa Solo, Padmé (Amidala) and King. They form a very heterogeneous group.So much so that Padmé (Leia’s mother) was Naboo’s queen, senator … and Leia is a princess and commands the rebel forces. On the other hand, Rey is a scammer peeper … he knows how to use force! Reporting your adventures can be quite complicated, so if you fail some data, you only have to see the top 7 movies that there are (so far) of the saga to catch up. Ale, popcorn, sofa and blanket!

Wonder Woman Wall Decal

We have also incorporated Wonder Woman . Born in 1941, the truth is that this Amazon remains phenomenal. Some will know her as Diana and others as “Marvelous Woman “. It is a woman of arms to take (literally) and as a curiosity, we will tell you that it does not have slopes as they are quite annoying when it comes to distributing firewood to villains and villains with whom it is faced. A good woman and “friend of her friends” who nevertheless injustices get you out of their squares.It has superpowers to give and take.

Sleeping Girl Wall Decal

And lastly, we added to the collection this girl, who … just sleeps. And he sleeps a lot. We do it to compensate, since not every day you are in “warrior mode”. It is the ideal counterpoint to these heroines and is able to stay fried in the most unusual situations, forms and surfaces. Best of all is that in the morning is still sleepy and until you do not take 2 or 3 coffees is not a person. The typical one to which Netflix asks if it continues watching the series after 3 hours asleep in front of the TV.

For now, this is it! We hope you enjoy decorating your homes, cars… or whatever you want with our wall decals from a2zWallStickers. And stay tuned to this Pinterest board, where we will be adding new features when we have them. Stay tuned!