DIY Earrings with Pendants

The easiest way is to make earrings with an Pendants. You need only ear hooks and Pendants. Then can you best use Pendants decorated on both sides. Then you can attach the earring as a mirror image. This is pretty. A small turtledove was just passing by and inspired me.

DIY Earrings with Pendants

The trick is that you can simply open the eyelet of the ear hook with flat-nosed pliers. It should be opened only to the page. See also crafting tip 23. Then hook up the trailer and turn the ring again. Get ready!

The crafting of the earrings is a bit more expensive. These drops are sold very cheap per pair and are easy to decorate. A page of the drop is open, lets beads on thread. But, since I have to say that not all gemstone beads would fit. Just try out. All metal beads, glass beads and our site Crystal beads by stone beads world will fit.

For these earrings, you need the following:

  • 1 pair silver plated earrings
  • 1 pair silver plated drop chandeliers
  • 1 bag of our site beads Caribean Blue
  • 1 bag star beads
  • 2 Pendants star

They open the drop and stringing the beads as you would have them. If you are satisfied with your design, you close the drop. If you are sure in their design, you pinch once vigorously and the earring is finished. Thus, the drop is locked. It can then also no longer be changed. As a second step, attach the star in the middle. For this you need a bending ring. In the crafting tip 23, you can see how to correctly open the and can close. To attach the bending ring on the eye is a bit fiddly, but you get it.
Finally, attach the drops into the ear hook. Also open the eyelet of the ear hook, attach the drop an and finished!